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Wow, talk about neglect…

I guess we could all see it coming… more and more time between blog posts…  and now it’s 2014 and almost two years since I updated this thing.

Bloody hell.

Well, I made a mixcloud account, and I have a few radio shows upped there.  YOu can either jsut stream it or you can select from the “Playlists” menu and hear a radio show start to finish.  They’re those 30 minute block mp3s that WXYC makes and rewrites every week for our internal records, and I couldnae be arsed to paste them all thegither, man, so deal with it.  I did figure out how to upload the stuff so it’d run in a straight unbroken stream if you go to the page and simply push play.  I think it’s better to choose the “Playlists” but as you see fit, if you see fit.

I have most of the urls for the text-based flowsheets, and maybe I’ll up them, but for now it’s prolly more likely I won’t.

Without further ado, behold, the wee mixcloud account:


I really like the last two shows I’ve done; 30 July and 23 July 2014.  “I Don’t Even Understand What The People Are Saying” was a fine hour in a decent radio show back on 24 April 2014, and I do very much love the sub show I pulled during Hopscotch back in 2012… you’ll see ’em, they’re marked and such for easy identification.


Peace out!

WXYC Fridays, September 28 – November 9, 2012 (7-9pm)


…uh…  these excuses are getting old, but I kinda have one…
no, seriously, I do…  you see, the September 21 show was preempted by The Pretentious Echo Chamber of Self-Congratulation, and it kinda threw my blogging rhythm off the track, again…

Aye, I know, but I’m no deid, yet, so lemme go ahead and do the catch-up thing, and see if it resets the world to its proper order.  Heh.

Like, 7 weeks worth of Richard radio, like:

28/9/12 19:00-21:00

5/10/12 19:00-21:00

12/10/12 19:00-21:00

19/10/12 19:00-21:00

26/10/12 19:00-21:00

2/11/12 19:00-21:00

9/11/12 19:00-21:00

…and all caught up, again.  How’s about that! 

BTW, if you do come here from time-to-time for info on my show, and you think something is wrong with the 2 November show, it’s not.  I just played *long* tracks.  That really was two hours worth of music, even though it looks like an hour; everything I played is, for a fact, on the flowsheet, there, and in the order I played it.

Thanks for calling in, thanks for making requests, but thanks above all for choosing a true radio station–with actual, living human djs who broadcast a free signal through the air–to provide your temporal lobes with the stimulation they require. 








Free Visitor Maps
Free Visitor Map

WXYC Friday, September 14, 2012 7-9pm


To facilitate more punctual and singular blogging, behold! I have created this entry *before* the show begins, and scheduled it for a publish date about 10 minutes before I go on-air: 

14/9/12 19:00-21:00


If you’re checking this before 7pm Friday, September 14, 2012, the show hasn’t happened, so the link won’t work.  Let’s see if I manage to return and apply timely commentary:  
Ladies & gentlemen, place your bets! : )




…appreciate you lot turning on and tuning in your radios to our happy little 89.3 frequency modulation… or using your computers with the http://www.wxyc.org action.  Always and forever, requests and callers make the fun thing funner.
 Thanks, everyone.




Free Visitor Maps
Free Visitor Map

WXYC Fridays, August 24 (6-9pm) – September 7, 2012 (7-9pm) +1

Yes, still at it with the “group” entries…

Here we have the last summer sign-up 3-hour-tour:

24/8/12 18:00-21:00


Then the Fall semester shift (7-9pm) begins:

31/8/12 19:00-21:00

7/9/12 19:00-21:00


Finally, multi-entry wraps with a special
sub-for-a-sub-for-Hopscotch-weekend on Saturday afternoon:

8/9/12 14:00-17:00



…and perhaps now I’m all caught up?  Could be. 

As always, thanks for calling in, thanks for making requests, but most especially thanks for choosing actual radio to provide your aural entertainment. 








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Free Visitor Map

WXYC Friday, August 17, 6-9pm + Saturday, August 18, 9am-noon (2012)

“Group” entries continue:

17/8/12 18:00-21:00

18/8/12 9:00-12:00

If you heard any of Saturday’s opening hour… you might suspect I’ll be back to embellish this entry… Indeed, that *is* my intention.

As always, thanks for calling in, thanks for making requests, but most especially thanks for choosing actual radio to provide your aural entertainment. 








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Free Visitor Map

WXYC Friday, August 3 & 10, 2012 6-9pm +1

I keep forgetting I accidentally lost this blog’s “style,” let’s call it, and when I come back here, I realize the work I need to do to get it close to how I like… it seems rather daunting.  So even though I’m only a couple weeks behind–i.e., getting closer to getting this thing back up to speed–it’s still tough finding motivation to be timely.  The unfortunate thing is that there has been fun happening that is not getting reported as a result.  In spite of these two things (daunting redesign required, missing timely reporting of silly, fun stuff) I shall continue the mundane entry of flowsheet links even if they’re “group” entries:

3/8/12 18:00-21:00

10/8/12 18:00-21:00

+ an incidental sign-up of a bail-out nature, however happily convenient:
12/8/12 03:00-06:00

…so that’s it.  We’ve been getting stupid to Gay Cat Park for a couple three weeks, now, on Friday, as well as putting listeners who call in during the show on-air when the mood strikes us.  This is partly due to the excellent quality of the new djs we hired over the summer, who happen to be dropping in to explore the the station and just hang out during my shows.  With another new hire just a couple weeks away, the party atmosphere on Friday nights is likely to continue… stay tuned, call in and make your quality requests and comments, and we’ll see how it all goes.

As always, thanks for calling in, thanks for making requests, but most especially thanks for choosing actual radio to provide your aural entertainment. 








Free Visitor Maps
Free Visitor Map

Accidental “style” change

I was perusing the various themes currently available to us low-budget freebie bloggers here at WordPress—I *really* want this to look like my old blog at myspace did, 2004-2008, before they changed it to Super Suck Theme… solid black background, and those nice blues n’a’ what I was using for text—and I accidentally lost all the gazillions of manipulations I’d done with the widgets and such for the layout I’ve been using since touching down on WordPress. What this means is, if I go back to that “Chaotic Soul” WordPress theme, none of the stuff I had in the right column is there, and I really am not, as of yet, inspired to do all the work necessary to recreate that layout.

This theme at least has a truly black background, but it straps me to these damned Halloween colors. In spite of this somewhat undesirable constant, I managed to slice up that Archers of Loaf @ the Cradle pic from last summer, so it kinda matches the coloring.



The deal is, there may be more style shifts in the near future. Or I may just say fucket and leave it as is. I do like *this* font, tho’ I am annoyed with the headline choice. and the background *is* black. Still, my search for the pale cyan text color remains frustrated.

For those who noticed a style change and wondered “why?”