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how to tell time

Current mood: Awake, not hallucinating… yet.


“… takes place Saturdays 10-11am…”

Oh, hey, wow—why people have time to go *today* if they want to, they’ve got almost an hour…

“What? No they can’t. That’s long past. It’s over, they’ll have to wait till next week.”

Huh?  Oh.  Wait.  What…  uh…  Ahhhh…  that’s the *long* hand on the nine…

“Yeah.”  (Pots down mic and pushes play on By the End of the Night’s “Sleeping While Driving Prevents Old Age” from their Fireworks on Ice EP.)

Oh wow, so it’s a quarter till 2, not 10 after 9!

[chuckle] “Yeah.”

Currently listening:
By Shitmat
Release date: By 13 April, 2004


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