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Top Ten Local Artists 2004

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OK, so we got this little ditty from the WXYC station manager:

The Independent Weekly is compiling radio stations’ top 10 lists of LOCAL artists in 2004 for their year end music review. WXYC will be allowed to submit one list, and I thought we could put it together based on everyone’s input. If you would like to be included, please send me a list of your top 10 of the year by THIS SUNDAY AT 5PM. A master list will be created from all e-mails received, in a similar way to how Pat does the best of the year album lists. Again, to participate, please send me a personal e-mail with your top
10 local artists of the year by this Sunday at 5.


And here’s what I posted, in reply, to our listserv—you know, for those who give a fuck:

Although they did not release a CD, I hope that people
will keep a place for Fin Fang Foom on their lists.
The first week of February, Michael Triplett, the
guitar player, was stricken with what they believe was
viral meningitis, and after quite some time in a coma
and very nearly dying, he was finally released from
the hospital (as soon as he was conscious and his
insurance had run out), then rehabbed for months with
his family in Florida, while he re-learned how to do
things like walk.

Having returned mid-summer, and still walking with a
cane, Michael slowly started practicing with the Foom
again; they did a short tour before they played their
“return” gig at Local 506 in the fall. Through it
all, they haven’t missed a beat. The show at 506 was
fantastic, and beyond sounding “the same as before,”
they were even better. They’re writing again, and
may have a new CD out before the end of 2005.

I know management requested private email, but since FFF
didn’t release a CD in 2004, people may not think of
them right off… for all FFF has been through and
showing !*no*! signs of wear, they lead my
list–hopefully they’ll figure in somewhere on yours.

Top Ten Local Artists 2004

1.) Fin Fang Foom
2.) Continent
3.) Ahleuchatistas
4.) eNtet
5.) Sentinel
6.) Amish Jihad
7.) Ruscha
8.) $2 Pistols
9.) Strange
10.)A Problem of Alarming Dimensions

Best new local band =
The Young Idea, because they’re
new across the board: none of them had played together
before this past year, the bass player just started
playing bass this year, the bass player and the guitar
player have never been in a band of any description
before this year, and in August they played the
Knitting Factory in NYC.

Second best new local band = Strange. They woulda
been *the* best new local band , but they’re all
veteran players, and I gotta adjust the curve.


Currently listening:
With the Gift Comes The Curse
By Fin Fang Foom
Release date: By 27 May, 2003


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