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Top Ten Local Artists F-U

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OK, OK, so it took me a couple days, but here’s the results of that WXYC internal Top Ten Local Artists of 2004. I’m not sure what to think of the fact that not a single band I listed ended up on the WXYC list. Perhaps my definition of “local” expanding out to Asheville affected the disparity, but how could one not acknowledge Ahleuchatistas? A Soviet-socialist style conspiracy to qwell the anarchists, perhaps?

Subject: [wxyc] Top 10 Local Artists Of 2004


Below’re the top 10 local artists of 2004, as voted on by ~20 of y’all.
This list was submitted to the Independent Weekly, to be printed in
year end music review (not sure when this issue is coming out).

1 Shark Quest
2 Cold Sides
3 Boner Machine
4 $tinkworx
5 Jett Rink
6 Little Brother
7 Schooner
8 Bellafea
9 The Nein
10 Mowing Lawns

Conspiracy theories aside, three omissions from my list do deserve to be addressed.

I admit I totally forgot about Shark Quest. Their 2004 CD, Gods and Devils, is undeniably a fine, fine thing. Indeed–yet I’m still not sure who I woulda bumped to make room…

I did, in fact consider the Nein, but it has been awhile since I’d seen them, and not to really rag on them, but all the material on the full length CD they released this past year had been released earlier on several EPs, so none of it was new to me. This is the only reason The Nein was left off, and it made room for another deserving band

Cold Sides… they’re in a state of constant transmogrification, and I’ve missed their last couple shows, so I’m not sure what they’re doing now, or how they sound. I like their stuff regardless, but some of the slower-moving pieces, and also some of the longer pieces fail to move me in a manner that would prompt me to get excited enough to put them on a Top Ten list. Compound this with the last couple of reports I’ve had from friends which indicate Cold Sides is moving back to their original roots, which is not at all my favourite [version] of events. For what it’s worth, the much touted Battles struck me as what Cold Sides would be like if they lived somewhere else and came here and played the Cradle. And I enjoyed the Battles show. I love to see Cold Sides, too; it’s just sometimes it seems too blatantly self-indulgent, and I really don’t want to encourage that in any band. Except maybe Cardiff Giants.

I am highly disappointed Fin Fang Foom is not on this list. This area fails to give these guys credit, repeatedly.

“Explanatory” rumours for this anomaly have polluted the stream over the past couple of years, yet one can not help but notice that one band on WXYC’s top ten has a (male) member who has assaulted one of it’s own (female) djs–and this was done in a public place in the presence of several people, and on two different occasions. Said DJ now has to avoid said asshole regularly at shows, and it seems everyone concurs that she should just accept it, that’s the way he is. Some even insinuated she should be grateful for the attention. Talk about disparity. It does not add up. I guess it’s OK to sexually assault some women? Also, apparently assaults that leave real bruises that last for two weeks are more acceptable than perhaps a simple verbal remark shared during private banter amongst the boys. Yeah, maybe that’s the rule for the rest of the Chapel Hill scenester world, but not for me. Trust me, any band that I know of that has a member who has assaulted a woman–sexually or otherwise–is NOT going to make any Top Ten Local Bands list I ever make. Miscommunication between adults is something that happens–misogyny is all together different, however. It is destructive and entirely unacceptable. Do your research, people, men who leave bruises have done it before, or they’ve been working up to it. Why are you, in all your progressive, woman-supportive facade so eager to support a known abuser? Ditch that fat-ass, cokehead, misogynist bass player, and said band would again earn my interest. It’s not like he’s so great and talented he can’t be replaced. Open your eyes, people, and live by those principles to which you donate all your cash, so that you don’t have to think about it when it happens to someone you know.

So, that’s it for the heavy, but it had to said.

I stand by my list. Fin Fang Foom is definitely the best local band for 2004.

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By Unsane
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