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Amish Jihad rocks my birthday weekend!

Woo-hoo! Now that CWV has stirred me from my somnolence, I’m looking for fun stuff to do, and low and behold, there *is* some high quality noise happening near February 21!

Amish Jihad at Local 506 Saturday, February 19, with Kudzu Wish, Thunderlip, and Can Joanne. Checking the clips on Brass Castle’s site who are playing over at Nightlight also February 19, it may be one of those nights of the chiller circuit. Of course, I didn’t miss the fact that Strange is having their CD release party the same night, but they’re doing it at King’s in Raleigh.

As for the birthday proper, Visqueen is slated for February 21 at 506. Very polished, indie pop rock with a pretty girl voice. It reminds me lots of Shalini (a Mitch Easter project, with a pretty girl voice). Shalini and Visqueen could be identical twins with different mothers. It could be worse I suppose. I’ll never forget the year Low was playing on my birthday. Thanks, but no thanks. I’ve never been one much for the guzzling of cough syrup. (That new Low CD is amazingly hot and rocking, however, which has totally taken me by surprise. Weird.)

Just once, I wish Unsane or Lightning Bolt or Crash Worship or Voltage or Ova or Chinese Stars or Noxagt or Cobra Killer or Mission of Burma or Mastodon or Pterodactyl or Old Time Relijun or something like that was going down February 21.

Outside the AJ, at the moment it looks like it’s gonna be March 11 (Friday) before truly good stuff is slated for the area: Oxes @ Local 506.

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