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10:27 AM –
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Don’t know if it’ll save the human race or not, but a posting to the dreaded alt.music.chapel-hill newsgroup regarding Klaus Nomi led to a global heads-up that Trixie Trash, Tree Slayer may be assaulting a virgin forest primeval near you, soon.

It appears the Bush economy has forced the nun-too-notorious drag queen to pursue career options in gardening. Trix promptly set to weeding all Bush from his residential landscape January 20, 2005, and has since reportedly replaced them with beds of impatiens and pansies. The exhilaration of eliminating Bush from his home ironically led this impatient pansy to consider bigger game, and he has decided that perhaps what he really wants to be, afterall, is a lumberjack!

Rumours of a documentary following Trash’s efforts to make Trixie Trash, Tree-Slayer an American dream realized have surfaced. He promises he won’t cut down all the trees, just the ones we don’t need.

(…and it’s off to Canada we go!)

“A tree’s a tree. How many do you need to look at?”
Ronald Reagan (as Governor of California), quoted in the Sacramento Bee, opposing expansion of Redwood National Park, March 3, 1966

Currently listening:
Open Road
By Cowboy Junkies
Release date: 01 February, 2005


2 responses

  1. Hunten Peck

    Yo, just a couple months later, looks like T got a chance to enter the garden, but unfortunately government leaders in South Carolina apparently want to protect the legislative “kudzu,” whisking the offending senatorial plants quickly away from T’s awesome herbicide. sOK, tho’. Since Trix apparently got his goat, we’ve since learned goats are one of the most effective means of eradicating the offending weed.

    Friday, August 15, 2008 ... 9:07 at 9:07

  2. From September 2011, check out the newsclip video for one of Trixie’s latest activities: http://www2.scnow.com/news/2011/sep/27/workers-rally-get-postal-service-back-track-ar-2474086/  Lookin’ good, soundin’ great, Trix!

    Monday, July 2, 2012 ... 4:53 at 4:53

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