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Kathryn Johnston and the APD, continued

Sunday, December 03, 2006 5:43 AM
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In the past 24 hours, as more information trickles in, I’m actually beginning to wonder if Kathryn Johnston *did* fire the five shots they claim struck the officers.  Last year they busted the house next door, that shares the driveway with Johnston’s house, which fortunately had the door already open when they arrived, so the APD narco-squad didn’t have the opportunity to showcase their blitz skills that time. 

With the credibility of Tesler—one of the three officers involved in the deadly raid—called into question, specifically regarding fabricating stories to make innocent people appear guilty to cover his ass, sadly it’s not beyond the pale to consider him shooting himself (and his comrades) with Johnston’s gun after they loaded her up with lead. 

I’m still personally hoping that Kathryn Johnston went 5-for-5, and damned near hit for the cycle, because any other scenario means the men who broke into her house are vile pretenders to vertebrate sentience.  It would put them on the level of  ebola.

Although it seems well-verified that there were 6 bullets in the body of Kathryn Johnston—courtesy the APD—and that two shots to the chest were responsible for her death, I am still seeking information about total number of rounds fired by the APD.  If you find it before I do, drop a line, please.

So far the Atlanta Journal Constituion seems to be doing a fantastic job and are being fair in reporting, so I’d recommend going there first for actual news releases; links above are all from the AJC, for which I had to create an account by submitting an email address and password to get access.  Some of the articles may not require an account, but it’s possible you can’t read any of them without an account.  If you can not read the articles, and you do not want to register an account, I made one just for the purpose: feel free to login to AJC using the account I created.  It is a yahoo mail account, with the log-on name, ajc4kj.  The password is justice4kj.  So when you get that page  asking you to log into your AJC account,  for the email address enter the log-on name@yahoo.com (that is, don’t just enter ajc4kj, you have to have the at yahoo dot com stuff) and enter the password justice4kj in the password textbox.  (“Jedermann” =”everyone” auf deutsch, if you’re wondering what that name is)

The Johnston case is “need-to-know” information to which *everyone* needs access, and I’m happy to oblige.

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