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myspace just doesn’t do it for me anymore, man…

“Now It begins” is the first official blog entry made here at wordpress, so all subsequent posts are more-or-less actual time of posting.

…It may take awhile, I’m not sure, but I’ll be transferring the relevant myspace blog entries here, preserving dates and times…

To hell with Myspace and their ridiculous refusal to allow hyperlinks to geocities!

I’ll need to come up with a good way to do the “Currently listening to:” thing. nbsp;I had already set up a table over on myspace so I could make note of when I was listening to certain radio stations, or maybe the sounds of nature.  No matter.  Writing my own code to include a “Currently listening to:” feature is way less annoying than having my readers sent to some dead-end link that is nothing more than myspace’s way of having a juvenile joust with geocities.

Till we next meet on-the-air and in cyber-space!


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