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WXYC Friday, May 23, 2008 6-9pm

Welcome to the new blog!

Memorial Day Holiday = extremely quiet phones. Once I figured that out, I switched up the brain, and managed to get as organized as I wanted to be for once. Sooooooooooo…

23/5/8 18:00-21:00

In case you’re somehow on this page and you don’t already know it, I’ll be doing the Friday night 6-9pm slot on WXYC through August.

For those who have enjoyed the astrology report in the past, it has made a solid return. It will be taking place sometime after 8pm, as it did tonight.

Astrology prelude/disclaimer:

I’ll try each week to impart some legitimate astrological knowledge, as opposed to that horoscope stuff everyone is used to seeing in the newspaper and ’round-and-about. No, astrology is not a science. Neither is history, philosophy, nor the language arts. This doesn’t mean, for example, there’s no such thing as legitimate philosophy, as compared to pop philosophy or pseudo-philosophy. What is an example of pop philosophy? If you believe Nietzsche was a Nazi, then you, my friend, are a victim of pop philosophy. I will dare go so far as to call it pseudo-philosophy. There is no question that that bit of disinformation certainly falls into the category of pseudo-history.

In the same way that the disciplines psychology and psychiatry invite more than their fair share of quacks, astrology is also ripe for the picking to a whole host of charlatans, as well as to others perhaps with good intentions, but misleading and overly fanciful, nevertheless.

Also, in the same sense that psychology and psychiatry have many different legitimate methods of practice and philosophy has many different legitimate schools of thought, there are many different types of astrology in the world. Three quick examples are Vedic astrology, Western sidereal astrology, and Western tropical astrology. There are at least half a dozen other schools which have a legitimate methodology. The astrology I can discuss is the most popular and accessible in the U.S., i.e., Western tropical. It’s important to understand I haven’t studied other forms, so I can not comment upon them and I won’t argue over one form being more legitimate than another, with one exception.

Every form of legitimate astrology I know of relies *heavily* on math. If it is missing the math, as far as I’m concerned, it’s circus side-show fortune-telling that anyone with a modicum of imagination and an attention to the details of human behavior could fake. The stuff in the newspaper is a bad, cheap knock-off of Western tropical astrology, and I will likewise opine on that. One week I’ll talk briefly about the math, which will hopefully put it in perspective for those of you who think you can know a person’s general disposition by knowing which of the 12 signs that person’s sun was moving through when he or she was born. If you actually believe that, you are incredibly naïve and/or grossly inattentive to the complexities of the human experience. If it was that easy to type people, I assure you, all businesses in the U.S. would rely on a person’s month and day of birth as the primary factor when choosing to hire. Think about it.

I freely and openly admit I have a superstition regarding the void of course moon, but generally speaking, I don’t consider myself a “believer” of astrology. I know how it works, however, and I have noticed trends. And I have an idea about why these trends seem to exist… I think that’s what I’m gonna explain next week.

/Astrology prelude/disclaimer

Whew. That was a keyboard full. So… I need to drop a couple of links for you:

Astrological Weather aka http://www.alabe.com The people who provide this free site are simply amazing in their generosity. Enter the geographic location in the text box beneath the wheel chart to get (Western tropical) astrological positions for where ever in the world you may be at whatever time you click on it.

Astronomical Chapel Hill skyline, looking south (for whatever time of day it is when you click on it). This wonderful little free site can likewise be manipulated to display the geographic location of your choosing. You can also tailor it to show outlines of constellations, what types of heavenly bodies you’d like to see, what magnitude, etc., etc., etc. This simple website is invaluable, and IMO superior to fancier, “prettier” astronomical skyline websites because it is slender bandwidth-wise and loads in a snap no matter what type of computer or internet connection you may have. If you like to look up at the stars, definitely explore the control options available to you at http://www.fourmilab.ch ‘s “Your Sky” section. Actually, I encourage you to explore *all* of fourmilab.ch *.ch means the site is in die Schweiß (Switzerland) and fourmilab, in case you’re wondering, is derived from the French word for ant, fourmi. Some of you may remember the ingredient in ants’ stings is called formic acid.

Finally, before I sign out of here, lemme remind you guys one more time there’s a killer Memorial Day “home show” let’s call it, at Nightlight tomorrow night: Fin Fang Foom / Kerbloki / Monsonia 10PM
Maybe not as heavy as the Caltrop/Colossus/Legion of the Fallen show at Reservoir tonight, but guaranteed to be just as rocking, and at least as intense. At least.
In terms of heavy metals as applied to SAT analogies, one might say the Friday night show at Reservoir is to thallium as the Saturday night show at Nightlight is to mercury.

oh… as for what I’m “currently listening to” or watching or whatever:

Beakman!. Beakman’s World
. Episode 10: Levers & Television
. (a Josie episode)
. Syndicated to FOX network
. Saturday AMs
. Check your local listings



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