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Don’t forget about Jupiter!

If you’ve got clear skies and you’re up at say 1am, remember: Jupiter is the brightest thing just in front of the moon tonight… “just in front” means “more westerly” than the moon… if you’re in the northern hemisphere, where I am, look to the south; if you’re in the southern hemisphere look to the north. You can’t miss it.


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  1. Richard

    This blog entry keeps getting hits on Jupiter searches, so if you’re thinking of doing a bit of planetgazing, remember the moon moves *really* fast, so by now its nowhere near Jupiter anymore.

    Jupiter, however, is still easily visible, and likely the brightest thing you’ll see if you look to the south around 2am EDT this week (June 1 – 7). If you have a clear view of the eastern horizon, it rises just before 11:30pm at the moment.

    Skyline for Chapel Hill
    (you can adjust any of the parameters for your own location, different times, magnitudes, nearly ever element of the skymap!)

    Sunday, June 1, 2008 ... 10:28 at 10:28

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