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Well that just shows what I know…

Of all the hits that have come to this blog since I’ve moved it, the very reason I moved it—the radio show—*that* blog entry has not been read by *any*one who has come to this site. And that’s the entry that has interesting links. Maybe I’m impatient. Maybe the layout is too challenging. Who knows.

And while I’m bitching, I spent a helluva lot of time getting that old ABM blog entry from 2006 loaded up in the “Supplementary Reading” section — mainly because wordpress won’t allow direct links to *.swf files — and no one has bothered to relive that old bit of Acoustic Black Metal nostalgia. I considered trying to load up the old comments while I was working on it yesterday, but I was tired and figured I’d tackle that later. Good thing I didn’t waste my energy. You’re all ungrim, lukewarm, and gay. Necroyetis are sniffing out your locations and soon you will know the frostbitten grip of the trvest blaspheming bobsledders.

Maybe I should go to the store and pick up some tampons.

Currently listening to:
Cocky Cuties
Koonda Holaa and the Beetchees
Release date: 2001



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