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Ahleuchatistas has a new drummer…

Wow, I totally didn’t see this coming, but then, I haven’t been paying attention to myspace bulletins *at all* for a few months, now, and I likewise haven’t talked directly to these guys in awhile. I went to their last show at Nightlight… February, I think? but I was out of there as soon as I said hi and bye to them each after their set that night.

Whatever the reasons behind the change, I suppose so long as it doesn’t involve using a rack everything’s cool.

I am at once equal parts sad and excited. It was, indeed an outstanding 4 years. Ryan’s definitely got his work cut out for him, so I can’t wait to hear the new config up-close and live.



Date: May 29, 2008 3:05 AM
Subject: new drummer – US tour Coming Soon

We are pleased to welcome Ryan Oslance into Ahleuchatistas as our new drummer. Listen to the first two songs on our profile for a sneak peak at two of the songs we will be playing on our upcoming tour. “Shots Rang Out” from our album “The Same and the Other”, and “Of All This” from the album “Even in the Midst…” This recording was made at our fourth rehearsal in as many days on May 27th with one condenser microphone. We are extremely grateful to our friend and longtime engineer Darren Stroupe for letting us take over his studio space for such long hours this past week. Ryan responded to our myspace bulletin in search of a drummer a week and a half ago and drove down to Asheville from his home in Carbondale, Illinois to try out. We rehearsed for 25+ hours in a four day period and got prepared for our upcoming US tour with the band Planets. He is moving to Asheville after the tour and Ahleuchatistas will be moving full speed ahead with writing new material and beefing up our touring schedule, so stay tuned.

We are honored to have been able to play with Sean Dail for so many years and wish him all the best as we make this transition. His playing on our first four albums is nothing short of inspiring and we have many fond memories of traveling and playing this strange music together. He is a true phenomenon and we look forward to hearing wonderful music from him in the future.

Thanks for listening…




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