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The only thing that’s news about McClellan

“This just in… member of the Bush Administration’s inner circle reveals long-concealed conscience, common sense, and clarity of perception!”

is *not* the real story. Sorry media machine, it really isn’t any kind of “shock and awe” revelation, by any definition of the phrase. I mean, members of Nixon’s staff also revealed their consciences 35 years ago, and there actually was some “shock and awe” in some of those confessions, testimonies, and anecdotes… except for maybe Harry Truman. He never had trusted Nixon, and I don’t think he was shocked by any of it.

In Scott’s case, I guess he realized there’s going to be no impeachment—in spite of everything—no resignation, so he needed to set the record straight before January 20, 2009.

The *real* story here is that for a well-trusted cabalist, this is perhaps the most expeditious public performance of a cleansing ritual in the political history of the U.S.

Besser spät als nie, Scott, besser spät als nie.

That’s it.

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