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WXYC Friday, May 30, 2008 6-9pm

Alrighty, then!

Here’s the deal. I’m just gonna post the setlist link fer now, and I’m gonna come back later—maybe tonight, but sometime this weekend, no matter what—and edit this to include my explanantion of the ways that astrology doesn’t work, as well as whatever other remarks I might have about the show. I forgot to eat before I went in, so I gotta eat! So, before I link’n’go, I *will* say I had some great calls tonight and good requests, and finally an IM!!! It seems like it’s been a month since anyone IM’d…

30/5/8 18:00-21:00

OK, don’t be surprised if this whole entry gets re-written next time you see it!

I’m “currently listening” to the weather report on WRAL while I type this and damn it, I gotta get in the kitchen and make some food, already…


Monday morning, 2 June, 2008 round about 2am…

Just so you all know, we had a really good mix of listeners Friday night: there were calls for good electronica during the Inside Track (I ended up covering the 9-10pm hour) by people fed up with the acoustic guitar; people who really enjoyed the acoustic guitar; someone knowing full well after I played a cut from that Boston Underground comp I’d be happy to have an excuse to grab the Mission of Burma; a Cheap Trick request that ended up surprising me, because I had no idea that it was Cheap Trick who played “Takin’ Me Back.” I don’t know who I thought did that tune (maybe Sweet? or April Wine?), but not Cheap Trick, so that was fun.

Any bluegrass request is frequently a welcome excuse for me to introduce some claw hammer banjo to compare/contrast.

The only thing that didn’t go the way I liked was the metal request. we got no Dragon Force in the station, so that’s not on, and it was time for a rotation cut, anyways, but I was really, really disappointed with that Genghis Tron. The Menace Ruine needed a different ramp, I think, so it didn’t deliver what I’d hoped. Oh well.

Being perfectly honest, I was a tad nervous about the new astrology report, but it ended up going pretty well, and I heard from a brand new astrology fan up in New York, no less. I guess there really isn’t too much available in the way of astrology on the radio, so there’s a niche to fill.

At least over the next 4 weeks, I’m going to include supporting commentary with the astrology report. The general public rarely hears anything about legitimate astrology. A few months back there was some “astrology expert” doing the talk shows for her new book called Sexual Astrology, or something like that. Easy on the eyes, she wasn’t saying the things I relate to legitimate astrology. I’d never choose to talk to her about astrology from the things she said, because frankly, she was promoting a lot of the usual bullshit that has no substance whatsoever. If I saw her at a party, I’d honestly try to avoid talking to her at all. She’s clearly in it for the money and she’ll say whatever someone wants to hear in order to get that money. That’s what the public gets as an “astrology expert.” So, I feel the supporting commentary is necessary, because I do *not* want to be confused with people like her. Of course, if you hook me up to a polygraph and ask me if I believe in astrology, my non-deceptive answer is “no.” The little needles would start doing the twist if I said, “yes.”

Anyways, here’s that first installment:

Astrology — How It Works, How It Doesn’t — Week 1: How It Doesn’t

For me, the thing is, I know how to do astrology and in knowing this, I’ve observed uncanny coincidences. Simultaneously, I am a person of science and there’s no way you could ever get me to even hint that astrology, as I understand it, is a science. There is a lot of math involved, but just because a discipline relies upon math for realisation does not make it a science.

On the other hand, just because astrology is not science does not mean it is mysterious magic, impossible to explain or quantify; nor does it mean it can not be a legitimate study. There is legitimate study of astrology, just as there is legitimate study of psychology or economics—a little harder to find, maybe, but it’s there.

So, if I’m going to do an astrology report, I need to explain some of how it works in the process and I’ll start this week, actually by explaining how it doesn’t work.

It isn’t so much that the planets exert some mysterious force on us.

The most common astrology arguments, for whatever reasons, erroneously focus on the concept of one body exerting some force on another body.

As in classical Newtonian mechanics.

As we all know, classical Newtonian mechanics, which is apparently how the world works, fails to describe the world when we consider the sub-atomic particles that make up matter, and again when we extend our vision beyond the confines of terrestrial human existence. Enter Einstein, relativity; my buddy, Heisenberg, all those dudes, and the concept of quanta.

For all my lifetime, and probably all of yours, too, it’s been widely known that classical Newtonian mechanics has limited application in the physical world, so it’s kinda crazy that the degreed scientists who typically step forward to test astrology focus on laws of classical Newtonian mechanics, which they know can’t account for extant phenonmena like black holes.

Just to change gears and get it in perspective, let’s say that you are completely healthy and whole, with absolutely zero family history of cancer and no known environmental exposure to any mutagenic substances. You go to a doctor who examines you, finds you healthy, tells you you’re healthy, and then this doctor says to you:

“You could have surgery, though, to remove one of your testicles. If you had the surgery, you’d be reducing your likelihood of developing testicular cancer in the future! You’ve got two good functioning glands right now, you only need one, so you won’t miss it.”

Well, duh. There’s some truth in that, sure, but why would you do it? It’s really not applicable.


And anyone who wants to argue that a human walking on earth isn’t going to be directly affected by Pluto’s gravitational forces is essentially presenting an equivalent argument of a true, yet moot point.

There’s a shamanistic reason astrology and astronomy entered our ideological lexicon as conjoined twins, I won’t deny that. But they would never have been so successfully conjoined all those years ago, were there not a *practical* formula from which it grew. And that’s where I’ll pick it up next week.

/astrology report’s supporting commentary

Alrighty. What am I doing right now? Listening to McClellan on Meet the Press. Wondering where he’s gonna take it from here. Wishing they would go ahead and impeach Bush *and* Cheney, even if they do only have less than a year left. Why haven’t they been impeached? Clinton gets a blow job and they impeach him over that, it seems that we should use powers of impeachment for more serious matters of national stability …sigh…


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