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WXYC Friday, June 6, 2008 6-9pm

Just like last week, I’m gonna drop the link to the setlist, and come back and add the other stuff later.

6/6/8 18:00-21:00

I deliberately played the Swervedriver at 33 when it should have been 45, because it looked like there was gonna be a *lot* of callers for the tickets to their show at the Cradle last night, so I wanted to make sure someone who really wanted to see Swervedriver would have the advantage. I know I’d recognize Steve Hillage or the Who at any speed greater than or equal to 16rpm. And then, even tho’ someone passed the test and grabbed the passes, it’s true… I started feeling guilty about it. If it had been an instrumental, I’d never have had a second thought, but when the vocals kicked in… uh… I *like* Swervedriver. I didn’t want to give the wrong impression, ya know. Happily, the only calls I got about the aberration were calls in support of the alternate speed, so my guilt is dissipating : ) By next Friday I should be over it.

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On the intro page of this blog, someone asked about a tune I played on this show… so here’s the answer, along with some detail about the tune that was played just before the (requested) Molly Hatchet (see… I really do play most requests…) :

That was “Electric Sailor” performed by Kak played from a double LP compilation called Psychedelic Dream, released by Columbia in 1982.
It looks like this:

Front coverPsychedelic Dream front Psychedelic DreambackBack cover

…and now, the very reason I moved this blog from myspace, realized!

Here’s an outstanding little page all about Kak on geocities that not only has the image of Kak’s only album, it revealed to me that Gary Yoder of Blue Cheer carried lead vocals for Kak. Check it!

Psychedelic Dream is an old favorite of mine. Jane Witten talked me into buying it back when she owned that record shop, “Always Records,” situated next to Vella’s Deli on Knox Abbott Drive in Cayce, SC. Talk about flashbacks!


…and a quick word about the astrology report before I get around to loading it up here: I don’t know where they’ve put that delightfully unobtrusive Annea Lockwood CD—I couldn’t find it, so I think its in post-rotation purgatory this week—and while I *love* Subarachnoid Space, that’s just not gonna fly on a regular basis for the astrology report. I get too distracted while I’m trying to talk because it sounds so good and I wanna listen to it. I suppose if I deliberately timed a report to it, that would be fine, but on the fly, I found that even with a very well-prepared report, I was getting drawn into the tunage. I ended up reading words without thinking at all what the meaning of those words were, soaking in the Subarachnoid Space sounds and thinking about that, instead. Subarachnoid Space is just too damned good! I love that stuff…

Besser spät als nie astrology report added Sunday June 15, 2008! Sorry I took bloody forever to get around to this.

The astrological “weather” report:

Alright. Remember I’m on the east coast of the US, so all times are EDT, which is -4 UT (Universal Time). Soooooo… the moon just entered Leo about when I began this radio show, a couple hours ago, which means we don’t have any void of course concerns till shortly after 11:30 Sunday morning, so we’re totally not worried with that. Right now, the sun is 1 degree and a few minutes of Leo.

Now, check this out:

The sun is 16:37 Gemini, Mercury (which is retrograde till the 20th of this month) is 17:36 Gemini, and Venus is 16:02 Gemini.

When we have a cluster of planets like this, we call it a “stellium” and you may have noticed the effects starting over the week, especially after Wednesday. A stellium of the sun, Mercury, and Venus is not so uncommon—most of the time, they’re within 30 degrees of each other, anyway—but when they’re all coming conjunct, that’s a little special, and that’s what’s happening this weekend. I tend to find solar conjunctions are generally beneficial, so I expect the usual complications of a retrograde Mercury are gonna lay low in the back seat, at least for the first part of the trip.

Last Friday, the moon was in the fire sign, Aries, this weekend in Leo, and that’s the next fire sign, so you can expect a similar dynamic energy. Leo has a ego and loves to be center stage, but isn’t quite so I-Me-Mine as Aries, so it’s more likely to be an outright party atmosphere this weekend, especially when we consider this sun, Mercury, Venus cluster in Gemini. It’s gonna be a good weekend to spread those social butterfly wings.

Tonight is kind of the ramp in, no major aspects till the sun conjuncts Mercury at 11:30 Saturday morning, then Mercury conjuncts Venus tomorrow at 5pm, the moon will conjunct Mars about 7:38 tomorrow night—*that’s* a time to curb any extreme daredevil show-off temptation, but enjoy yourself—next the moon makes a sextile to Mercury at 10:58pm, then it sextiles Venus at 11:46, and at 12:19 sextile to the sun, and after that is when the fun starts to cool off. The moon begins approaching its last aspect before the void, an opposition with Neptune at 11:40am Sunday, so early Sunday morning, you may start to encounter some confusion, misunderstandings, and miscommunications; then the moon goes void and until 10 o’clock Sunday night when the moon enters a somber, practical Virgo, *that* will be when you’re most likely to collide with the reality of the retrograde Mercury. Don’t spend the night Saturday, if you weren’t already panning it!!!

/astrological “weather” report

Astrology — How It Works, How It Doesn’t — Week 2 How It Works: Part 1

As I said last week, if I’m going to do an astrology report, I need to explain how it works in the process, so last week I began by talking about how astrology *doesn’t* work, specifically denying any attempt to describe astrology using Newtonian mechanics as valid or applicable. That is, however astrology *may* work, a human living on earth *isn’t* going to be personally affected by Pluto’s gravitational forces. Anyone who wants to present a legitimate study of astrology cannot entertain arguments based on Newtonian mechanics.

Now, regarding the magical, mystical forces at play in astrology: Keep in mind that 100 years ago, it was inconceivable to imagine that the dreams one has during sleep are nothing more than cascades of electrical charges traveling along axons… and then, even once we started to get a clue in the neuroscience, a strong belief persisted *within the scientific community*, that there was some intangible, inexplicable force that was the essence of a person’s thoughts and personality. The brain *is* an amazing organ, for sure, and *all* life is a wonder, but the *real magic* is how, as we learn more, we discover there is a scientific basis to everything.

We may not have it figured it out yet, but if something is observable or capable of being experienced, someone will try—and more often than not—a rational explanation with a process that can recreate the phenomenon comes along.

I started seriously studying astrology when I was 12 or 13 because I knew the daily horoscope in the paper was bunk, and I wanted to get to the bottom of it. I mean, why is that thing even in the paper, ya know? Then, in my research I discovered trends and even startling coincidences—but also—I discovered a lot more bunk. Over time, I came to see the best astrologers, those who could best explain how Pluto transiting a first house might affect a person, coincidentally were also the ones who knew something about the orbits of the planets. They weren’t just tossing out phrases they’d memorized, like “Pluto retrograde in your first house could have a profoundly negative effect on self-perception.” They were the ones who knew that while Pluto may be in Virgo 18 years it was in another for 31 years due to its elliptical orbit…

and this is exactly how astrology ***does*** work.

If you want to truly understand astrology, you have to understand where it came from—its historical origins—or more accurately its prehistorical origins.

When most people today think of astrology, this thing we see in newspapers, magazines, maybe get in text messages, people aren’t thinking about prehistory, but that’s where *real* astrology was born. The average person today doesn’t have cause to think of this often, yet at a time in our past, we didn’t even know how women got pregnant.

So you have to allow yourself to consider *that* world when you think about what astrology is, how it works, and whether or not it has any value for you, personally.

Last week I mentioned a shamanistic reason for astrology/astronomy beginning life as the conjoined twins they were. What I mean is, long ago, someone observed how the lights in the night sky were set in fixed patterns that moved along a particular path. The people who learned this also saw about a half dozen other lights move through and across these patterns, much more quickly, but still following a predictable path. These people, who were first able to identify such patterns in existence and communicate their observations so as to improve survival for others in their group, became shamans. Their knowledge—at first helpful for the most basic predictions: the end of summer, the coming of spring—developed until they were able to use the stars as the ultimate tool to predict events that formerly seemed random. They may not have understood ovulation, for example, but they knew a female who partnered with a male after Jupiter returned and passed the place it was when she was born was certain to bear children soon.

The movement of these lights in the night sky—the planets and constellations—was connected to patterns shamans observed in human lives. More than merely recognizing cycles in plant life that led to the development of agriculture, the legacy of generations of shamans included the wisdom of seeing cycles in human behavior.

In this way, astrology worked 30,000 years ago, and in this way, astrology still works today.

I’ll give you more concrete examples next week…

/astrology report’s supporting commentary


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