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Hey, I had a total blast tonight! I totally meant to go to Nightlight, but I woke up 4:30 Friday morning, and I’m falling asleep. Hell. Maybe I’ll go anyways… I don’t know. It should be awesome fun. Anyways, while I mull it over, here’s the setlist:

13/6/8 18:00-21:00

…00:11… cue the Clash…

and yeah I know I still haven’t typed in last week’s astrology report… this week I winged it, for about half of what I said, so I don’t know how I’m gonna handle that… if we had some standard way of archiving our shows mp3 style, it wouldn’t be an issue… eh. before I can worry with that, I need to decide night-night or Nightlight…


ach… sleepy is winning. I’m gonna be a loser and stay home :\

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The astrological “weather” report:

Here’s what I had written, and therefore read for part of tonight’s astrology report:

“Last weekend, astrologically speaking, we had a buncha happy conjunctions with the sun, Mercury, and Venus all coming together in Gemini, just a perfect weekend for parties and stretching the social butterfly wings, and those things carried through at least through the middle of the week. This weekend, things are cycling down.

“If you did anything important for the first time today, any time between 5:16am and 4:54pm, if it went all wrong, it wasn’t because it was Friday the 13th. The moon was void of course. 4:54pm was when the moon entered Scorpio, so tonight is free and clear for pretty much anything, and in fact, it’s gonna help ease us into the more difficult aspects coming up this week.

“We’re wrapping up the retrograde Mercury this week, so the next time I talk to you about astrology, next Friday night, it’ll be over and Mercury will be moving direct, but communications will likely continue to encounter blocks and miscues as Mercury approaches the square to Uranus. Throughout this entire retrograde period, this square to Uranus has been the next major aspect, Mercury made no other aspects during this retrograde, and honestly, it seems like it’s been an easy retrograde, and I think it was because it was moving away from this square aspect.”

…and that’s all I had written…

I know I went on to reference the upcoming Venus opposition to Pluto that takes place on Wednesday, the 18th–which could lead to potentially explosive confrontations with loved ones–as something of which to take note, and I suggested trying to maintain a rational approach if it seems something outrageous is going on in your relationships. Also, the Mars opposition to Neptune that takes place next Saturday could stir the pot of any troubles associated with others, in particular arguments based on some inability to appreciate/respect another’s beliefs and ideology, one’s philosophical views of life.

I also read the Venus opposition Pluto and the Mars opposition Neptune blurbs from the Astrolab web site:

Applying Venus Opposite Pluto Relations are strained and challenging events may occur during this transit. Participation and cooperation is forced and demanded. It’s a difficult time for open talks, trust, and sharing.

Applying Mars Opposite Neptune This is a time when actions, motivations, and initiatives seem questionable and often counter-productive. People tend to be driven more by ideology or belief than by reality. There is name calling, confusion over remarks, and sometimes fires or other disasters.

/astrological”weather” report

As for the third installment of Astrology — How It Works, How It Doesn’t, here are the notes I have, but I totally shot from the hip after the 2nd paragraph:

Astrology — How It Works, How It Doesn’t — Week 3 How It Works: Part 2

(written notes):

“Last week I’m not sure that the point I was trying to make about how astrology does work–at least as I perceive it–got across. I couldn’t find the right background CD, so, I don’t know… “What I was trying to explain is that there is an inherent rhythm to the way the planets move through our solar system, and so it’s like planetary motion acts as a sort of clockwork… and I’m not talking about clockwork in the sense of Descartes.

“One thing I brought up last week was the fact it takes Jupiter approximately 12 years to make a complete revolution about the sun, and at this point in time for most humans, 12 years is when we start to hit puberty. There’s another point of maturity at 24, another at 36, and these tend to be, for whatever reasons, happy points in our lives. Saturn on the other hand takes a bit over 29 years; the Saturn return…”

and the ad-libbing included the following elaborations, but this is definitely *not* verbatim:

At 12, we realize we’re starting to grow up, but the hormones are just starting to kick in, so we still have some of the joy of childhood; we haven’t slipped into all that angsty teen-age emotional swamp yet. Likewise at 24, that’s when most of us have completed the tasks associated with growing up, so we have this tendency to be hopeful. The world as our oyster, all that. These are things that could happen regardless whether we even had a thing called Jupiter in our solar system, but because we do, we can observe certain events (and behaviors in human lives) coincide with certain points in its orbit.

Compare the Saturn return, which first takes place right around 30 years of age, and the ensuing mini-crisis that people have about becoming 30. It’s a more serious point of maturity, for everyone, and Saturn marks this event by returning to the same place in the visible sky as it was when we were born. If you do a web search for astrology and “Saturn return,” the resulting write-ups and interpretations will help illustrate my point.

…and I know I made some reference to the fact that people who observed the motions of the planets and stars—correlating natural events (including human behavior) to these movements—passed this knowledge down through the generations. Over thousands of years, it makes perfect sense that the lore of a retrograde Mercury signaling difficulties in communications and day-to-day travel is often realized. I believe it’s somehow simply a part of the natural rhythm of existence, which Mercury’s retrogrades mark in the same way the vernal equinox marks the beginning of spring.

Astrology works when we consider the planets, the sun, and moon (and some astrologers also incorporate other heavenly bodies, including fixed stars) as mechanisms in a clock that can be used to determine events on a sort of heavenly timetable.

/astrology report’s supporting commentary

I don’t remember mentioning the synergy involved… but I may eventually… Next week (Friday, June 20, 2008), I’m thinking I’m gonna spend a little bit of time talking about the math involved, but don’t worry. It’s just basic 2nd grade math, and I promise it’ll be very, very easy to follow. OK. I may up it to some of the math I learned in the fifth grade, and I admit I was in advanced classes, but I know you’ll all be able to handle it! Perhaps it’ll even demonstrate how math could be a good friend! (pencil and paper/calculators strictly optional for those who might want to keep score at home!)


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