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WXYC Friday, June 20, 2008 6-9pm

Happy Summer Solstice!

Solstice officially began at 19:59 EDT (i.e. 7:59pm), therefore starting at sunrise tomorrow, June 21, the sun will be above the horizon more than any other 24 hour period during the year.  Most people are more familiar with solstice as simply being the first official day of summer.  It’s a happy day, no matter how you slice it.

In honor of Summer Solstice, I allowed myself a Steve Hillage indulgence, playing the entire Solar Musick Suite from his Fish Rising LP.  

Early in the evening, I got a request for Patti Smith that really hit the spot. I love to hear Patti Smith, but I never think to play her on my own, so thanks fer that.  I went with the Horses LP.

Written record of tonight’s damages:

20/6/8 18:00-21:00

I tried to find a good write-up on Patti & Bruce, since the request brought back memories of some old CREEM magazine articles/blurbs about her and Springsteen being buddies, but all I found was this original Bangs review from 1976 for Horses, and then, a couple years later, *this* Bangs review, in which he was bemoaning her new semi-sell-out pretentious posturing. If only Lester had lived to see Lou Reed selling Honda *Scooters* in 1984! I mean, not only *Honda*, but then not *even* Honda motorcycles—it was their bleeding scooters! Here’s a photo of Mr. Walk-On-The-Wild-Side waitin’ for his man to help you experience the pathetic irony of Lou trying to strike a Take No Prisoners pose standing next to something with a top speed of slightly more than 60 mph:

If only Lester had still been around to comment on this.

No, I never have recovered from the shock of seeing Lou Reed hawking Honda scooters on TV after years of recognizing him as a demi-god.

I’ll bet Reed and Albini are friends.

As for other radio show specific remarks, sorry about missing the Girl Talk request—we have one Girl Talk CD listed in our library, but it’s not the new one, and there wasn’t enough time to run the labyrinth to get to the old one.  Also, I looked at 4 Culture Club albums, and none of them had any tune called “Time”—nor was the word, “Time”—in any title…  hope Church of the Poisoned Mind was a satisfying substitute.

Before I give you guys the transcript of the astrology report, lemme lay a general fyi re:requests on you guys, cuz the last couple weeks I’ve been getting requests after 8:30pm EDT, which is not ideal, and tonight I got 4 requests *after* 8:40pm, which usually means you don’t get to hear it. Why? Because:

On Friday nights, The Inside Track *always* happens at 9pm.  That’s when we play a new CD in its entirety, and that usually takes up the whole 9-10pm hour.  The Friday night Inside Track has been a regular part of WXYC programming for at least two years, now, maybe three, it’s not simply the dj deciding to let a whole CD play.  You generally need to call requests in before 8:30, preferably before 8pm, if you want to hear them *before* sometime after 10pm…  

…and feel free to email requests in advance:  That’s always the best way to be sure they get found and played on a Friday night, provided the CD/album in question is available in our library.



Currently listening:
Debt Dept.
By: Excepter
Release Date: March 25, 2008



The astrological “weather” report:

The first thing, at the time of the report tonight the moon was 25 degrees Capricorn, and void till 5:35 tomorrow morning (Saturday, June 21, 2008), when it enters Aquarius. For the report I relied heavily, as I often have, on the Astrolab web site, supplementing the dates the applying aspects conclude (here in italics) :

Applying Sun Sextile Saturn (June 25, 2008 01:01 EDT)
This transit brings stable transitions and beneficial delays. Patience and organization are what’s needed now.

Applying Mercury Square Uranus
(July 5, 2008 07:07 EDT)
Communications are interrupted and subject to breakdown. Transportation matters are unstable. Shocking news, attacks on authority figures, controversy, innovation, and protests may occur now.

Applying Venus Sextile Saturn
(sorry, didn’t have the date for this handy—it’s over by 22/6/8, tho’)
Interpersonal matters confront the facts now. Settlements, formalization and solutions to problems emerge.

Applying Mars Opposite Neptune (June 21, 2008 09:32 EDT)
This is a time when actions, motivations, and initiatives seem questionable and often counter-productive. People tend to be driven more by ideology or belief than by reality. There is name calling, confusion over remarks, and sometimes fires or other disasters.

Even tho’ the Mercury retrograde ended earlier today, the Mercury square Uranus will be a bit of a bugaboo from now through July 5, so keep that in mind with respect to conversations and communication. The sun sextile Saturn and the Venus sextile Saturn aspects add some needed stability to our interactions while we navigate through Mercury square Uranus, and happily the Mars opposition to Neptune ends tomorrow morning at 9:32, so that’ll be one less aggravation to deal with. Mars next makes a trine with Pluto on June 30, which is actually a pretty sweet transit. It has a lot of power, but it’s a good thing, and we’ll talk about that next week.

/astrological”weather” report

Astrology — How It Works, How It Doesn’t — Week 4 How It Works: Part 3

“The thing that you need to think about first when considering astrology is it’s *prehistoric* beginning: humans dependent upon the environment for sustenance, needing to learn how to know when to plant crops, when certain animals would be available for hunting, etc. By observing the apparent motion of the lights in the sky, we learned how to master our environment by unlocking the natural calendar. As we became more sophisticated, acquiring math and writing, we were able to make more sophisticated observations…

“One common mistake people make today is the direct result of how isolated we’ve become from the natural cycle of the seasons—this isolation has occurred largely due to the wide-spread use of clocks and watches which essentially began with the Industrial Revolution when we, as a species, decidedly, once and for all moved away from an agricultural lifestyle. The common mistake I’m talking about is the notion that new astronomical discoveries somehow change the “effect” of astrology. What new astronomical discoveries allow us to do, firstly, within astrology, is discover new, regular patterns in existence that we haven’t especially noticed before–at least we’d not been able to connect the pattern to a finite entity.

“The very first astrological predictions involved things like when a species of plant would bloom, when the Nile would flood, and later, when a girl would get her first menses. These predictions were so accurate that we now find ourselves sitting before computers. If we’d not been able to get those first things right, we’d not have been able to survive to invent written language!

The same way the earth takes 365.25 days to orbit the sun, all the other planets have more or less fixed orbits. Venus does this interesting little thing (as observed from earth) that takes place roughly every 8 years from any given point in time, but which eventually diverges as another cycle converges…     For many people, the first major crush takes place around 8 years of age… then we have “sweet 16”  …then age 24…  think of these ages in terms of love/relationships… whether Venus is directly “influencing” these events, or it just so happens that Venus has a motion that coincides with life events of people is not a question astrologers have much concerned themselves with—however, that timing exists for everyone, roughly, give or take a few weeks or months.

“There are hundreds of these planetary aspects that coincide with standard life events… probably more like thousands. This is the foundation of astrology, and a good understanding of this primitive basic is absolutely necessary for anyone who wants to be a legitimate astrologer.

“Sometimes questions come about how new technology, and the knowledge that comes with it affects astrology, whether it makes astrology more accurate or less, but if there’s any legitimacy to astrology at all, new technology shouldn’t actually change anything in its interpretations.

“Once Galileo developed a telescope, the main effect was that we were able to observe more objects that moved along regular paths, which allowed us to draw more coincidental cycles which could be quantified, so it enriched astrology… at least a few hundred years ago the introduction of the telescope enriched astrology…

“These days, new discoveries only seem to give more people who can’t even figure out how to calculate their state sales tax something to argue about that they didn’t understand at the start.

“These people who talk about cusps being a blending of two signs are an easy example. Astrology is determined by the math of the apparent zodiac–a planet can *not* be in two signs at one time. That “blending” claim is something that’s developed relatively recent, and clear proof that while a standard timepiece (a watch or wall clock) easily available to the masses may help us advance in some ways, in other ways it allows us to become so isolated from our origins, people begin to think of discreet, tangible bodies as somehow mystical and amorphous. I mean, I’m all about Heisenberg, but there *are* certainties in *some* systems that *are* easy enough to observe! 🙂

“Finally for those who imagine it’s impossible to predict specific events, I implore those people to try to think again for a moment about those prehistoric times–in the beginning it was just as “impossible” to know when a girl would begin her menses. A pattern was observed in nature, and there was no knowledge of endocrinology to explain it. The fact that a legitimate astrologer can read a chart to accurately predict certain behavior or events may not be so much “psychic” or magic, but simply an intuitive grasp of environmental synergy which we, as a species, do not yet have the understanding to intellectually grasp.”

/astrology report’s supporting commentary



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