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I have no idea if my direction from last week’s blog prompted all the early requests, but that was awesome, aaaaaand I found ’em all and played ’em all. I even got an IM request tonight. You can use AIM and IM requests directly into our control room for whoever is in there being a dj:
That’s the screen name to use.

Ye olde flowsheet:

27/6/8 18:00-21:00

So if you listened, at least early, you know I was late. I don’t know. I was in a funky mood. I’m still in a funky mood. Not a bad mood. Funky like George Clinton funky, I suppose. I really was not kidding when I said the Nordström tune sounded exactly like what was going on in my head. Short attention span theatre time or something. I don’t feel like typing up the astrology report, but I suppose I should.

Currently listening:
Virgin Dust American Lips
By: Vampire Hands
Release Date: September 15, 2007

The astrological “weather” report:

Ya know, I may as well just blame my mood on the Mercury square Uranus, ‘cuz to be honest, that really could be playing a part of this. It feels Uranian in nature. Yo, that’s what I’m gonna do! I officially declare that my funky mood is connected to the approaching Mercury square Uranus! There.

So… as I just went over to alabe to grab the Astro-Weather I read over-the-air, suddenly I realize I may have completely skipped over the Mars trine Pluto aspect we got going on, which is an aspect I truly like. Did I skip over mentioning this? Damn, I hope not. I’ll make some comments here. Next week I need to be sure I got *everything* written before I go in. d’oh.

Like last week, I’ve added the end dates for those aspects given to us by http://www.alabe.com, which I’ve pasted below. We had a quick, quick void moon this morning; quick because its last aspect was to Pluto, which is presently 29 degrees 38 minutes of Sagittarius. That means the moon only had to move through 22 minutes to get to the next sign, and that takes about 45 minutes: 2:15 Saturday morning till 2:51, and then it’s on into Taurus:

Applying Sun Opposite Jupiter (July 9, 2008 03:39 EDT)
This is a time of confrontations, debates, and decisions based on morality and law. Legal battles and important court cases may make news now, and leaders may face challenges from their opposition. Negatively, this transit inclines toward over-growth, distortions of the truth, and indulgence.

Applying Mercury Square Uranus
(July 5, 2008 07:07 EDT)
Communications are interrupted and subject to breakdown. Transportation matters are unstable. Shocking news, attacks on authority figures, controversy, innovation, and protests may occur now.

Applying Venus Opposite Jupiter
(July 3, 2008 01:18 EDT)
Social expectations may exceed actual experiences. Obligatory expressions of good feelings and demonstrations of generosity may occur now. Weddings and other excessive and expansive social events may be prominent also during this transit.

Applying Mars Trine Pluto (June 30, 2008 18:56 EDT)
Passions run high under this transit and daring actions are often a response. Situations can become intense as extremists take the field and push the limits. Takeovers are often successful under this transit.

/alabe.com’s Astro-Weather

Man, i could just kick my own ass for glossing over Mars trine Pluto, especially since it’s ending Monday. Then it starts heading for that conjunction with Saturn, which is not that much fun. Darn.

Oh well, if you’re still reading here’s the deal: The cool thing about Mars trine Pluto is that you can really get away with some daredevil stunts. Mars, the god of War, joins up with Pluto, god of the Underworld in an aspect of 120 degrees, which is considered the most powerful, benevolent aspect you can score (that is, among benevolent aspects, the trine is the strongest, no matter what planets are involved). And it isn’t just that you can get away with daredevil stunts. It’s an aspect of near-misses with happy endings. One instance that I think of, when I see the Mars trine Pluto aspect, involved a semi-accident I was in, out here on I-40 headed to Raleigh. It was raining, the traffic was bad, my friend and I were late… and *no*, fighter-pilot Richard was *not* driving, so it wasn’t me. I was just a passenger. It wasn’t even my fault that we were running late. Anyways, my friend was doing the duck and dodge, probably around 55mph, you know that thing that the passive-aggressive control-freak bunheads consider their invitation to do a “brake test.”

–and I have to drop a word here–
what is it with you passive-aggressive control-freak bunheads? You have no bloody clue why a person is driving that way, and while you and your smug ass can sit judgmentally behind the wheel saying/thinking “there’s no reason anyone should be driving that way, ever,” here’s my gift to you, by the power of three, that you will discover there really are reasons for people to drive all kinds of ways. May it come to you. And may you encounter another passive-aggressive control-freak bunhead when it does. Life. A myriad of possibilities, not all of which any given human being or group of human beings can manipulate.
–back to the topic–

So of course, there was the passive-aggressive bunhead in the left, i.e. *passing* lane who thought a “brake test” with her anti-lock brakes would “teach them a lesson.”

I’m not sure, but we may have also been clipped by another car that had been following our lead. I believe we were set into the spin somehow by passing traffic, whether by the additional flow of water as they swerved to miss us, or the airflow…

Anyways, we hydroplaned and went into a spin. This was the classical zero coefficient of friction that gets employed in freshman physics word problems. And there was a lot of traffic. We moved through 3 complete revolutions and half of another. Somehow, we did not hit any other vehicle, and we ended up in the center of the grassy median. This was before airbags–there’s no doubt airbags would have gone off. Anyways, we sat there for a second, looked at each other, and couldn’t believe we weren’t hit by any other vehicle. It could have been a disaster, but it wasn’t, and I gotta tell ya, that was one of the funnest things I’ve ever been it. It was as good as any ride at the fair, as much fun as the Zipper. Equally as amazing, we didn’t even bust a tire. We set off, quite slowly, to get back on the road, there were no problems coming out of the median, and once we got back on the road, everything seemed (and was) fine. My friend chilled for the rest of the trip, it was definitely a wake-up call to drive with safety in mind, so we made it, we were less than 15 minutes late, and everything was cool.

*This* instance is forever what I think of when I see the Mars trine Pluto aspect roll around. I don’t advocate willfully, intentionally doing blatantly stupid things, so don’t take this as license to indulge in insanity, but while Mars is approaching a trine to Pluto, this is the one time when we may find ourselves most like teflon. Spiderman might even toss you a line.

Mars trine Pluto. it applies at 6:56pm Monday. Get all your sk8ing and biking done by 6:30pm. Mars next approaches the conjunction to Saturn, which is not at all forgiving for anything, especially physical feats, and *that* thing is hanging around till the 10th of July :\

/astrological “weather” report

Astrology — How It Works, How It Doesn’t — Week 5:  Enter The Math

“We’ve spent the previous 4 weeks learning how astrology can’t work—it isn’t gravitational forces of a planet affecting what we do—and we’ve also learned how astrology *can* work: by using observed planetary motion to find predictable rhythms in our lives and environment. Now it’s time for us to start incorporating math to help us get a better idea of how astrology works, or again, how it doesn’t.

“What doesn’t work is sorting people into 12 strictly defined boxes based on what day of a month they were born, and unfortunately, this is what most U.S. citizens think astrology is all about. This brings us to our first mathematical calculation.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the population of the world today is slightly greater than 6.7 billion people. For the sake of brevity, we’re going to assume an equal distribution of births for any given day of the year, although this is probably *not* true. Some recent research indicated a higher birth rate in the U.S. during summer months, and a good-sized study back in 1984 showed that between 1946 – 1981, the birth rate was significantly higher in the month of October in China. We may get into this some other time, but just for now, we’ll assume an equal distribution to simplify explanations.

“So. 6 point 7 billion. That’s a 6, a 7, and then eight 0’s. 6, 7, 0-0, 0-0-0, 0-0-0. Now divide that by 12. You know the 12 goes into 60 five times, and then it goes into 70 five times with a remainder of 10. 12 goes into 100 eight times with a remainder of 4, of course 12 goes into 40 three times, again with 4 left over, so on to infinity at that point… you should have 558,333,333.

“Now, I ask you:

“How can anyone possibly believe these 500 million+ people are going to be more or less the same in their personalities and dispositions? Not based on their experiences growing up, their culture and nationality, but based on the month and day they were born.

“More over how can these 500 million people be thought of as having some common experience which is definitely distinct from the 500 million people born in some other astrological sign?

“Remember in this set of 500 million people, let’s arbitrarily choose the sign Cancer, some of them were just born during this radio show, while others are over 100 years old. Some are living as aristocracy in castles in Europe, some are in aboriginal tribes, and to take a dark turn, some are being held captive in prisons and tortured due to their political beliefs. A 48-year-old man being held captive in Darfur born on September 4 is no less a Virgo than the 14-year-old girl texting her BFF from the back seat of a minivan en route to Timberlyne to catch a flick. Some people would have you believe 2 sentences in a daily horoscope column is supposed to be meaningful and special to both of them, but not to anyone born in the month of June or March—anyone who isn’t a Virgo.

“So I thought this when I was 12 years old and I’ll say it now: That is preposterous. To complicate the matter, popular astrology goes on to make broad sweeping statements like “Aquarius gets on with Libra, but doesn’t get along at all with Capricorn or Cancer,” which, among other things, declares if you were born January 15, you will not be able to be friends with someone born January 25. Popular astrology says, “You can get along with *this* set of 500 million people, but *not* this other set, because of the month and day you were born.”

“This is just ridiculous and wrong, and definitely not how astrology works.”

…and I wrapped it up somewhere in that idea… We’ll do some more math next week to consider how astrology *could* work.

/astrology report’s supporting commentary


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