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old February 2005 blog re-entries complete…

…so please, help yourself to these old blogs. My writing’s been on the downside for about a year, now, and my earlier stuff is way more entertaining–go and see where I started…

The very beginning:
January 2005
here’s February 2005

I gotta tell ya, tho’, a big disappointment is how my cartooning debut from February 2005 translates here at wordpress. Not good. At all. I therefore recommend you enjoy the popular favorite, “or,” from February 2005 over at my myspace blog.
In case you’re wondering, it’s a disappointment here at wordpress because the column size with this particular blog design is fixed, it forces the jpg to compress in an unattractive, nearly unreadable fashion, and I can not change that unless I pay them cash, and it’s just not worth it.

Currently listening:
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