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WXYC Friday, July 18, 2008 6-9pm

Written testament of this evening’s peccadilloes:
18/7/8 18:00-21:00

Caltrop dropped in bright and early, ready to roll right at 6pm, so that’s what we did. This full length CD is sooooooooo overdue for these guys, I am totally psyched to see it’s here at last. I suspect we’ll be adding it to station rotation in the next week or two. I’m partly getting this entry in so quick cuz I wanna remind you all their CD release party—that’s taking place tonight at Local 506—costs FREE dollars. That is, *you* can afford to go, at least, if you live within a gallon of gas of Local 506, I suspect you can afford to go. See you there!

Currently listening:
World Class
By: Caltrop
Release Date: July 22, 2008

The astrological “weather” report:
…tonight was totally on the fly. Sorry I wasn’t able to get the next installment complete in time for the “How It Works/How It Doesn’t” segment, but seriously, you should tune in next week, or at least come back here and read it, because what I have planned next will help everyone understand something pretty much no one understands about dates and planets and astrology vs. astronomy…So, all I did was grab handy notes from last week to determine how long the current applying aspects are in effect, and read the stuff from the alabe site.
First my handy notes:

No further solar aspects till after the sun enters Leo on Tuesday, July 22 at 06:54
(Sun Conjunct Mercury Tuesday July 29 16:04)

Mercury Opposite Jupiter Saturday, July 19

Venus Opposite Neptune Thursday July 31 12:29

Mars Trine Jupiter Saturday July 26 18:03

Moon in Aquarius
NOT void till 19:30 Sunday, then enters Pisces (sometime after 9 or 9:30pm)

Then here’s the commentary that was at alabe, which I read to you, adding the dates of application, as applicable:

Applying Moon Opposite Venus  (till sometime after the bars close, so it applies for tonight!)
Social interactions are highlighted now and tend to be emotional and feeling-oriented. Relations with females present challenges. Rational choices are bypassed; feelings dictate action.

Applying Mercury Opposite Jupiter  Saturday, July 19 15:53
This is a time of important talks on issues that affect many. Opinions may clash. Moral, philosophical, or religious issues may be raised and debated. International meetings may also occur.

Applying Venus Opposite Neptune  Thursday July 31 12:29
This may be a time of complex feelings. Resignations and defeats, disappointments, and acceptance of losses make news now. People may be bonded through strong feelings, but idealism and impractical situations make real progress difficult.

Applying Mars Trine Jupiter 🙂  Saturday July 26 18:03
This is a good time for outdoor activities, taking the initiative, risky ventures, speculations, enterprise, and quick judgments. Confident thinking leads to positive results.

/alabe.com’s astro-weather report w/Richard added dates…

Yeah, so rock that Mars trine Jupiter this week! I know I intend to. Also, the moon’s not void until 7:30 Sunday night, and it’s currently in the sign Aquarius, so it’s a great time to indulge in unconventional, radical fun, even if it’s your first time, so do it. Take that risk. It’ll be good, and something you’ll be able to do again and again with equally happy results. …yeah I know I didn’t say this exactly on the air, but roughly, I sang the praises of the extended non-void period in Aquarius, in conjunction with the happy Mars Trine Jupiter, which is a transit I treasure… And I dropped a precautionary line about the potential for challenges in communication re:philosophy/beliefs/ideology, but even that’s looking like a very beneficial thing, no need to worry about nasty fights. Except that lunar opposition can make communication with females …uh… you know… you accidentally answer the “does this outfit make me look fat?” question.

/astrological “weather” report
Astrology — How It Works, How It Doesn’t — Week 8:  Oops! Tune in next week for installment 8!


The next thing we need to talk about here is too important for me to wing it and potentially add to the confusion.

Sorry I missed getting it together, but for real next Friday  even if you think I talk too damned much, you really need to tune in for this next week.

You’ll learn something to amaze all those chicks and dudes who wanna use the astrology line in pick-up situations, which you’ll be able to use to either scare them away with your intimidating erudition, or wow and amaze them into hypnotic enthrallment with your brilliance, the glow of which they’ll seek to bask in, at least till the sun rises… You can play it either way! ; )

So …next Friday… I *promise! …how traditional Western tropical astrology determines when and where the signs are!

/astrology report’s supporting commentary


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