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First of all:

NEXT SATURDAY, there’s This Thing We Did.
Click the fucking link already! If you don’t know, and you don’t go, you’re gonna be pissed/shattered/catatonically depressed that you missed it.

…and now on to the radio show…

1/8/8 18:00-21:00


Hey, go check out T.O.N.T.O.’s Expanding Headband, while yr clickin’ stuff.
From their site: “TONTO is also an acronym for “The Original New Timbral Orchestra”: the world’s first (and still the largest) multitimbral polyphonic analog synthesizer, designed and constructed by Malcolm Cecil.”

Thanks again for the sweet requests, and especially that M83. That really was a nice flashback to 2002-3. Hopefully I’ll remember they’re there more often from now on…

As always, you can email requests to the been-there addie (check the index page for this url), and as a couple of people have discovered, it does produce results.

Really I’m currently enjoying the new old Univers Zero reissue on Cuneiform, but as soon as I’m out of here, I’m hitting the New Brutalism…. again… it’s like the time I got all hung up on Unsane’s Lambhouse comp… almost exactly… =)

Currently listening:
058 ….yes, again… again again again!
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The astrological “weather” report:

Actually I didn’t follow this text for the report (tho’ the “how it works” part is spot on), but wtf, yeah? Just don’t buy anything important tomorrow between 3 and 5pm 😉 Here’s some of what I said:

Since some people on earth got to see a solar eclipse today, I’ll mention that, but I don’t attribute any extra special astrological meaning to it. It was visible best up near the north pole, from Canada, across northern Greenland, the Arctic, into central Russia, Mongolia, and down to China, but some of northeastern North America, and most of Europe and Asia got at least a partial eclipse. Not us here in NC, tho’. Go to my blog at eternalreturnradio.wordpress.com, and I’ll set you up with the link to NASA for the details.

And while I’m on astronomical phenomena, mark your calendars for the partial lunar eclipse coming up on the 16th. Here in NC, maybe, maybe, maybe if you’re out on Cape Hatteras, there’s only the very slight possibility you *might* be able to detect some *minor* final change at the tail end of it all, right at moon rise, around 8pm, but almost every other part of the world that’s not North America will get some eclipse action. I’ll put the link to the lunar eclipse diagram on the blog so you can check that out, too. It’s a pdf.

Now on to the astrological weather, proper…

We’re entering a period for the next couple weeks that we may find a bit challenging, so I’ll start out with the good news:

Up until the 23rd, which is a Saturday, all the lunar voids are less than 3 hours in duration, except on Thursday, the 14th, when it runs from 1pm till 7pm; so in general, all the voids are gonna be pretty easy to work around. For *this* weekend, the moon goes void a couple minutes before 3pm tomorrow, then it enters Virgo a couple minutes before 5pm, so it’s only a couple hours long, clear sailing and all, till Monday about 8:15pm, but by 10:30 it’s entered Libra. Really very easy to avoid starting new things during those times, *I* think, anyway.

Now onto the rest… this week, the applying sun opposite Neptune *is* in effect (last week astrolabe.com was kinda jumping the gun a bit):

Applying Sun Opposite Neptune Friday, August 15, 2008 03:43
This period may coincide with indecisiveness, the reaching of an impasse, resignations, scandals, and other uncertain conditions. Holding to a vision of the future may be challenging. Changes or breakdown in agreements, and also in artistic and religious circles, may occur now.
“Applying” aspect text taken from alabe.com

but the negative Neptune aspects don’t stop there:

Applying Mercury Opposite Neptune Wednesday, August 6, 2008 14:39
This transit challenges perception and complicates communications. Exiles and those removed from the mainstream, as well as examples of deception and escapism, make news now. Some situations may suffer collapse as idealistic notions mislead people. It’s a time for discussions about completion and closure.
“Applying” aspect text taken from alabe.com

After Mercury finishes adding to this Neptunian murkiness with the sun on Wednesday, it’ll team up with Venus in a trine to Pluto that’ll carry us through till next Saturday. That will perhaps help us uncover some of the covert things that are part of the sun’s opposition with Neptune. Mercury rules communication, and Pluto tends to expose obstructive secrets in a trine, so things are still on the dark side, but this will lighten the load.

Offering us a bit of a reprieve from the confusion and obfuscation of Neptune afflictions is Venus:
Applying Venus Trine Pluto Tuesday, August 5, 2008 00:52
There may be some movement under this transit as situations open up and accords are reached. Secrets are revealed, commitments are made, and sharing comes naturally, producing mutual benefits.
“Applying” aspect text taken from alabe.com

Of course anything making a major aspect to Pluto right now is in it’s final degrees, that means Venus will be entering Virgo Wednesday about 20 after midnight; think of it as late Tuesday night. The on-deck aspect that’ll carry you up to next weekend and into the following week is a conjunction with Saturn, which may not be much of a party, but it’ll offer some stability.

Applying Mars Opposite Uranus Wednesday, August 6, 2008 14:37
Individual ego needs conflict, leading to an impasse. Pressures build. Sudden, unusual, and unexpected events tend to occur now. This transit stimulates militancy and assertiveness; strikes and even explosions are possible! This transit can become unstable and often indicates the possibility of emergencies.
“Applying” aspect text taken from alabe.com

Things with Mars are just gonna get uglier, because after Wednesday it’ll be setting up with a square to Pluto that’ll last till the 17th… Mars square Pluto is typically associated with explosive anger, situations out of control in a bad way, and cruelty. It has more of a streak of vengeance and cruelty to it than the opposition to Uranus. The Venus-Saturn conjunction, that starts developing also after Wednesday, will hopefully keep that bad boy in check for most of us.

Applying Jupiter Trine Saturn Monday, September 8, 2008 17:18
This transit brings positive developments in political and economic matters. In general, leaders and the public move toward more traditional ways of handling problems and making decisions. Leaders are sworn in now, courts and panels give their approval, and reputations are cleared.

Applying Saturn Opposite Uranus Tuesday, November 4, 2008 09:35 EDT (08:35 EST)
This transit emphasizes inequalities in society, the conflicts between the “haves” and the “have-nots.” This may also be a time of severe socio-economic stress and even financial recession. Changes of rule and authority in many fields leave people feeling unstable and insecure. It is a time of frustration, accidents, rigid resistance to change, and attacks on authorities.

/astrological “weather” report

Astrology — How It Works, How It Doesn’t — Week 9: Retrograde Motion
Yes, Virginia, The Planets *Do* Go Backwards Sometimes
(…at least across the ecliptic…)

Last week, we learned the foundation of the mechanics behind astrology…

…that is, why, even tho’ when you walk outside, look up to the night sky and see how Jupiter currently appears to be travelling through the constellation, Sagittarius, if you ask an astrologer—who uses a traditional Western tropical method (which is the method most popular in the US)—that astrologer will tell you Jupiter is in Capricorn.

If you missed that last week and you’re curious, you’ll find the text of that astrology report at eternalreturnradio.wordpress.com (hey wow, you’re already here!)
Just click on last week’s radio show, it’s in a list over on the right, says WXYC and the date, click that, and scroll down, the astrology stuff is always at the bottom. It’s there.

Here’s just a brief recap, tho’, to tide us through tonight:
You’ll recall the reason that astrological ephemerides list planets in signs that are different from the constellations we see in the sky is keyed to the ecliptic.
It’s not even that usual thing you hear about it being “2000 years off.” The fact is, it has *never* matched the constellations that we recognize today. Never.

That was last week. This week, we’re on about the term, “retrograde.”

Ya see, a few weeks back, when Mercury was retrograde and I was talking about that, a well-meaning, friendly listener called me afterwards to tell me that Mercury never moves backwards, which I’ve known since I was in grammar school, maybe even before. Anyways, at the time, I didn’t think to ask whether that person knew that “retrograde” is a term actively used in astronomy… and mechanically, it means *exactly* the same thing in astrology as it does in astronomy.

In fact, when I say,
“Mercury is retrograde,”
if I say nothing else, no one could possibly know whether I’m talking astrology or astronomy.

Now, before we discuss retrograde—which basically means the planet’s moving backwards—first, we need to talk about going forward, and we call that “direct motion.”

Direct motion means that an object follows the direction of the path of the sun—east to west—in relation to the ecliptic.

Retrograde motion is when an object moves from *west to east* along the ecliptic.

So, when I’m talking astrology and I say a planet is retrograde, it really is moving from west to east on the ecliptic at that time.
It is a *real* astronomical fact.

Let’s take a look, again, at Jupiter. In addition to being the brightest thing in the sky right now [after astronomical twilight (except, of course for the moon)], Jupiter is currently moving retrograde.

Last week this time, Jupiter was at about 285 degrees on the ecliptic.

If Jupiter were moving direct, this week, we’d find it at 286 degrees, but because it is moving retrograde, we see it’s at about 284 degrees.

And no, Jupiter has not started moving backwards in its orbital path around the sun, but as we watch it from here on earth, instead of moving from east to west, right now it’s moving west to east, and it will continue to “move backwards” until September 8.

Finally in case it’s not obvious, the sun and moon *never* move retrograde.

The reason the sun never moves retrograde is because the earth revolves directly around it. The earth would have to literally reverse its rotation for the sun to move west to east on the ecliptic.

The reason the moon never moves retrograde is because it revolves directly around the earth. Either the earth would have to reverse its rotational direction or the moon would have to reverse its orbital direction to move west to east on earth’s ecliptic.

Which doesn’t happen—except maybe for Venus, which, like all the rest of the planets revolves counter-clockwise around the sun, *but* because its axis is *south*, it rotates clockwise–that is, the sun rises in the west for Venus.
Some people think Venus used to rotate counter-clockwise till it got clocked by some other massive astral body, and others think that it’s always had a south axis. Who knows.

Maybe I should just play it safe and say it’s highly unlikely that a planet will reverse its motion.

Anyways, there you have it, now you understand what retrograde means.

Ya might wanna go to the blog entry for this radio show at eternalreturnradio.wordpress.com, cuz I got a couple sweet links to some sites that clarify retrograde motion and also elaborate on Venus’ rotation and orbit…

Thanks fer lissnin, and now back to the tunage!

/astrology report’s supporting commentary

!!!>>>!!! Sweet links referenced in the astrology report:

Comprehensive description of retrograde motion (in all its forms) from a professor of astronomy:

Astrology link demonstrates retrograde mechanics (neat, if highly stylized, animated graphic):

An excellent, concise astronomical site about Venus that has a nice graphic (it’s the 5-pointed flower-looking thing) re: the mechanics that drive that little thing Venus does at 8 year intervals, to which I briefly alluded shortly after I began this weekly astrology stuff:

Assorted netizens chattering about planets reversing their rotation, with one especially good answer with citations!

Astronomical discussion about retrograde rotation (i.e., Venus):

And to end with the retrograde, I guess we could call it backtracking, these are not the clearest images for the Jupiter retrograde clarification, but they’re betterinnuttin! If you open each in it’s own window and toggle, the movement is easier to discern:

July 26:

From fourmilab, Jupiter at ~285.5°

From fourmilab, Jupiter at ~285.5°

August 1:

From fourmilab, Jupiter at ~284.5°

From fourmilab, Jupiter at ~284.5°


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