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Whoa! *3* fingers???





just cut to the chase at 6:15 …unless you’re really into Steve Hillage.


It’s almost like his 4th finger is paralyzed/crippled/otherwise in the “off” position.


I honestly *never* imagined that. In all these years. Never.

Yeah, I checked all the other ewetoob clips, too, and I can’t say 100% for certain (because of u2b vid quality), but it looks like he never uses his 4th finger for chording, either, except maybe for a couple barre chords. Even *those* I still wasn’t sure if maybe he wasn’t doing that double-jointed thing with the distal phalanx of his ring finger, or maybe he was skimping on the majors, catching the A and D with 2 and 3, then damping the rest…

I don’t know if it was better to discover this on youtube as compared to discovering it in a live performance, but it goes without saying I must now reassess a fuckload of suppositions regarding finger position. At least insofar as it relates to Steve Hillage.

No, I don’t plan to ditch *my* 4th finger all together, but holy fuck. He’s doing all that with *3* fingers?1!1/?!/1?!??

And it’s like, the faster he goes, the more his pinky assumes hyper-affected, upper-middle-class-English-gentleman-at-tea-time posturing.
c.f. Pete:

Pete Enjoys Tea Unaware Of Approaching Box

Pete Enjoys Tea Unaware Of Approaching Box

Wow. So this means while Hillage was learning Parker solos on his guitar, way back when he was starting, it was all *completely* self-taught. No self-respecting guitar instructor anywhere would ever let a student get away with complete elimination of the 4th finger. In scales? In solos? None I’ve ever known, anyway.


Ya know, I didn’t catch him doing a D hammered to Dsus4 anywhere… you *must* use your 4th finger to play that… no… wait… barring GBE with 1, using 2 to play the D note, and then hammering the E string with 3. Damn.

Well. Hmph.

[arms akimbo with a raised left eyebrow, punctuating head bobs, then ending with an upwards tilt of the nose]: I know some baroque pieces I’d like to see him play
                                    sans pinky placement.


Yeah, like, whatever.
At least *I* can speak German. (check the u2b vid at ~7:30)
Now to just get good enough to get my own concert
at a German high school
and thennnnnn
get it broadcast ins deutsche Fernsehen

(naja. *noch* einmal:    sif)


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