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Peter hung out for about half of this, and contributed by making some fine choices for rotation cuts, as well adding to the general chaos in an entertaining way. I have no idea how you guys listening feel about it, but personally, I enjoy when another dj who’s hanging around in the station talks when the mic is on. If I’d known he was gonna stay for as much as he did, I definitely would have set up a 2nd mic, but we weren’t sure when he was gonna be done doing this other stuff.

Lots of calls, too. People called up and won the Guthrie/Irion tickets, and one of the winners *almost* taught me the right way to Irion, *but* by the time I got around to saying his name again on-air… well, at least now I know it’s like “ire” and not “ear.” I got that part right! It was a bit of a relief to get confirmation on the relationship of Guthrie and Irion, too. If you, dear ticket-winner, read this blog, thanks!!!! …in that phone call, he and I briefly acknowledged that in this union perhaps Johnny should have taken Sara Lee’s last name, aside from the fame/notoriety associated with the Guthrie name (which kinda came up, at least by inference), pretty much everyone knows how to pronounce Guthrie. I suppose it’s just an example of male pride over practicality.

Let’s see… what else… (I’m wanting to get something posted and fly out of here, if that isn’t obvious…)

Ah! The astrology report! It was comparatively brief because this week I left out the How It Works/How It Doesn’t Work segment. I’d been trying to be somewhere else tonight (not at the radio station at all), so I’d been putting my extra energy to that, instead of writing about astrology mechanics. By the time (Thursday night) I figured out it was better to do the radio show, I didn’t have time to write anything useful.

I’ll come back, maybe tomorrow, and and put up the aspects I mentioned on the report that are going to be with us this week, but for now, what I can remember (that may be most important to someone reading this Friday night through Saturday) is that the moon, now in Scorpio, goes void at 5 o’clock tomorrow, until 7:10 when it enters Sagittarius. It doesn’t go void again until … uh… Tuesday… yeah, Tuesday. Void at 5am, and then it enters Capricorn at 7:41am, so a little more than two and a half hours; early, early in the morning. Like I said last week, this month is pretty easy on the voids. Thank you, Pluto! (Pluto’s like at 28 and a half degrees Sagittarius, only 2 degrees from the end of the sign.)

Check last week’s radio show blog if you want my spin on the current prevailing aspects, b/c basically, we’re still finishing up with those.

Cleaner astrological details are, as always, at alabe.com .

alabe.com rocks it, astrologically. I really can not sing their praises too often. Check it out if you haven’t already. You can even get your own birth chart on a wheel there, 100% free, except you know, you have to type in your information. You need to know the place and time of day you were born, too, which is a challenge for some to discover. If you don’t know the time, the moon’s degrees probably won’t be correct (it moves 13-15 degrees a day), and the rising sign, the “houses,” and planet location in the houses also won’t be right–unless it turns out you were, in fact, born at the time you entered to get the chart. It could. Anyways. alabe.com for your daily astrological needs. I am still in awe that they offer all that for free. And no, this is *not* a paid endorsement. It’s merely a grateful endorsement.

Alright kiddies… I’m gone… but actually I’m gonna be back for more radio in about an hour or so…

So, yeah. Say 1am, or 1:30 am, I’m gonna come on, again, till 3. Tonight.

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The astrological “weather” report:

Remember: All times are EDT!

Applying Sun Opposite Neptune  Friday, August 15, 2008 03:43
This period may coincide with indecisiveness, the reaching of an impasse, resignations, scandals, and other uncertain conditions. Holding to a vision of the future may be challenging. Changes or breakdown in agreements, and also in artistic and religious circles, may occur now.
“Applying” aspect text taken from alabe.com

Applying Mercury Trine Pluto  Saturday, August 9, 2008 14:17
Challenging words are spoken and agendas for change are announced. It�s a good time for intelligence- gathering operations and other secret matters.
“Applying” aspect text taken from alabe.com

…also, Mercury enters Virgo Sunday morning (August 10) at 06:50, and its next aspect will be a conjunction with Saturn which lasts till next Friday afternoon just before 16:00. By the time I’m doing my regular show next Friday night, it will be applying a trine to Jupiter. Even the aspect with Saturn I consider positive, especially given the underlying Mars square Pluto we’re all dealing with. These conjunctions to Saturn are stabilizing and anchoring aspects.

Applying Venus Conjunct Saturn  Wednesday, August 13, 2008 13:02
This is a time for diplomacy and constructive efforts that may lead to settlements and solutions. Relationships and interpersonal matters face reality now and some situations may become more formalized or cool off significantly.
“Applying” aspect text taken from alabe.com

…and just like Mercury, Venus’ next aspect—after it makes the conjunction with Saturn on Wednesday—will be a trine to Jupiter (that takes place Saturday night). Mercury and Venus are providing a very real ballast to the Martian upheaval!

Applying Mars Square Pluto  Sunday, August 17, 2008 02:15
Power plays and territory takeovers make news. Intense discussions, strategy sessions, investigations, and intelligence gathering are responses. Military actions and industrial or natural disasters may also occur under this unstable and dangerous alignment. It�s a time for cleanups and for fostering decisive change.
“Applying” aspect text taken from alabe.com

/astrological “weather” report


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