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Has it occurred to anyone else that when I join the feller before me, as I did today, and when he hangs out into my show, as he did (last week, and again) today, that we could potentially call this “The Peter’n’Dick Show” or “The Dick’n’Peter Show”?

15/8/8 18:00-21:00

Yeah, I know, but for I’m Richard, not Dick.

Ya know, if’n we had that 7 second delay rollin’, I woulda fer sure grabbed the phone while I was ripping on the Dead, and Peter was all up in Dylan’s grill. …yeah, I was chicken shit this evening, but I felt the need to play it safe.

Whatever happened to our delay? I mean, we never had one since I’ve been here (2001), but I remember hearing Todd Morman talk about it back during old Northern Hemisphere Live talk shows. And since I’ve become an xyc dj, I heard some old djs maybe bitch about how it didn’t work that well, or something. Anyways, I wasn’t in a mood to risk it.

Hey, look, I haven’t typed up the astrology stuff yet, and I gotta get my ass outta here so I can catch The Faint, so it’s gonna be tomorrow before this is right. Sorry. The dance always trumps the data entry, and you know it.

So I’m outta here.

The important thing is the moon’s not void till Sunday morning 1am, and only for about 2 and half hours. Also, this weekend—tonight and tomorrow night—is way better than the rest of the week.

From alabe.com for tonight/this weekend:

Applying Sun Trine Pluto
This is a time when strategic proposals are likely to be met with success. It�s a good time for investigations, cleanups, purifications, renewals and renovations, and the sharing of power.

Applying Moon Conjunct Neptune
Conditions are more delicate now. People may show more sensitivity as they express their beliefs. Thoughts and conversation are on the future. Feelings, imagination, and intuition are strong.

Applying Mercury Conjunct Venus
Friendly discourse and creative expression are stimulated by this transit. It�s a time of mergers, deals, economic progress, the relaxing of controls, and progress in human relations.

Applying Venus Trine Jupiter
Confidence and feelings of prosperity move events along now. Large group celebrations and events such as meetings and weddings are successful. People like each other.

…and that’s till closin’ time at least (for the moon—all the rest are good through Sunday)…

So… THE FAINT! tonight at Cat’s Cradle!

Tomorrow night…

Don’t be a meretricious, effete, pasty, pale noise-nerd and miss this supremely truculent study of pyroclastic devastation:


The Melvins music

Big Business music

Double Negative music

Doors: 8:30PM

Show: 9:30PM


$16 Advance

$18 Day of Show

Note: this blog entry soon to be edited, in perhaps a most egregious manner of overt revisionism, tomorrow. or not.

Something tells me maybe I should go check a dictionary before I publish this sucker, but I’m already later than late, and actually, I think I got it all fucking head-to-post nailed-with-a-railroad-spike on.

Ending a sentence with a preposition is necroferal and grim.

…and now… for the end:
which is so un-The Faint-like, ’tis true, but I suppose we alll prepare in our own special ways.

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(btw, that 1994 link = a pretty damned good youtube vid, recorded live)



Oooooo! and let me not forget this Hammerhead interview from MTV! In-depth.



Holy fuck! A Hammerhead blog entry (sub AmRep) on wordpress.


OK, I’m done now. I mean, for now.

21 August 2008 Thursday 21:27pm EDT
As promised, egregious editing, aka as “just tacking the old astro thing at the end,” and horrors! not bothering to include the Astro-weather! eh, here, try this: ….as of today (Thursday August 21st, when I’m lately lately adding this), things are gonna be kinda sucky for awhile. Last weekend through till yesterday, they were pretty good. There’s yer astro-weather for the week! (I actually read the stuff from alabe.com per usual during the radio show.) Rah. Here’s the stuff I wrote myself:

Astrology — How It Works, How It Doesn’t — Week 10: Aspects
Trine To Get To The End!

So, now we’re to the part where I tell you, my dear listeners, how astrology works… and how it doesn’t work…. and we’re just about finished!

Last week we did some “back-tracking” with retrograde motion…

This week I want to try to demystify the aspects.

For example, when I say:
 "Mercury is trine Pluto,"
"trine" is a type of aspect.

Just like in all the rest of these little segments, it goes back to the math, and also to the 360° circle that is our ecliptic, which is the apparent path of the sun across the sky.  Just imagine, like, if you could impale the sun with a giant sharpie, and the sky was a surface upon which that sharpie could leave a solid mark, the ecliptic would be that mark, that line.

Actually that would be the *solar* ecliptic.

I know there’s someone out there thinking, "Yeah, well, what about the lunar ecliptic?  What about the Plutonian ecliptic?"  So yes, there *are* other ecliptics in our sky. 

The lunar ecliptic is close to the solar ecliptic, but there *is* some offset.  And yes there are some types of astrology which use the lunar ecliptic, but I’ve never studied them, I only know they exist.  As for how things work, I know traditional Western tropical astrology—which is the most common, the most popular in the U.S.—which means math-wise, that’s what you’re gonna get.


Alright.  Aspects.

I know some people stop listening when they hear things like "angular relationship," which is a common phrase used to define aspect, but let’s skip that math talk for a brief moment and describe an aspect as a specifically defined distance between two points on a circle.

So far as I know, all aspects are either even divisions of 360° or distances derived from those even divisions.

The only aspects I mention in this weekly astrology report are those known as the "major" aspects:

The conjunction, the opposition, the trine, the square, and the sextile.

I think the conjunction and the opposition are easy enough:
When the moon is conjunct Pluto, they’re both occupying the same degree of the solar ecliptic.  Now, because there are different ecliptics for the moon, the sun, and Pluto, they may or may not be occupying the exact same place in the sky.  Let’s say one is above the solar ecliptic, and the other below it.  A straight line, perpendicular to the ecliptic, which also passes through the center of both planets—that intersection on the ecliptic is the degree of conjunction.

If the moon were in opposition to Pluto, this means they are the farthest apart two points on a circle can possibly be:  180°.

To make it more tangible, when the moon is full, it’s in opposition to the sun.  Because it’s on the opposite side of the ecliptic, it receives the sun’s full light to reflect back to us.  When it’s a new moon, the moon is conjunct the sun; because it’s in the same degree as the sun on the ecliptic, it completely blocks the sunlight we usually see reflected.

As for the other major aspects:

The trine is 360°/3 = 120°

The square is the opposition divided in half: 180°/2 = 90°

The sextile is the trine divided in half: 120°/2 = 60°

…now if you’re wondering, "Hey, what about 360°/5?" then *you* are thinking like ol’ Johnny Kepler… he’s the one who introduced the quintile to astrology back in the 16th century, and a little fyi, traditional Western tropical astrology still considers his aspects as "new."  Of course the "major" aspects were in use at least a couple thousand years before Kepler, so relative to that, his quintile aspects are "new."

Finally, in basest terms, aspects may be considered positive, negative, or neutral.

Since we all know "3, it’s a magic number," the trine and the sextile are considered positive.  If there are three planets, each 120° from the next, this is called a "Grand Trine."  Again, in basest terms, if a trine is good, then a Grand Trine is like the best ever, but this is an oversimplification.

When we think of the natural meaning of "opposing forces," we’re not surprised to learn that oppositions are considered negative aspects.  Because the square is an opposition divided in half, it’s also negative.  If there are four planets each 90° from the next, this is called a "Grand Cross."  If the Grand Trine is the best thing ever, then the Grand Cross is like the worst… but that’s an oversimplification given to quickly give you an idea.

Traditionally the conjunction is considered neutral.  Me, personally, I tend to think of it as positive.  Some conjunctions may be more desirable than others, but generally I like conjunctions.  They are, however, taught to be neutral.

So ya see, things like "Mars square Pluto," or "Venus trine Jupiter," have real mathematical meaning, and while some people may use the jargon of astrology to obfuscate the mechanics and pave a path to con the gullible, hopefully you’re picking up enough of the terminology and method to know astrology, at its foundation, is an honest study.

Next week, I think will be the final installment for this series, and I’m gonna tell you what determines a "void of course" moon.  I’ll still do astrology reports, but it’ll just be the weather report, since I’ll have given everyone the tools to understand how astrology works and how it doesn’t work, after I complete this series….

/astrology report’s supporting

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  1. Guess what?

    I just saw Melvins and Big Biz on August 9th and they put on an awesome show!


    Saturday, August 16, 2008 ... 8:04 at 8:04

  2. Thanks for the ‘How it works’ series. Interesting stuff!!!

    Friday, August 22, 2008 ... 18:13 at 18:13

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