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Oops! …make that a “plus one”… This week’s Astrology: How It Works/How It Doesn’t Work topic is gonna be “Cusps”

I know on my radio show last week I said that this week would be the final installment of Astrology — How It Works, How It Doesn’t, but it turns out I have to do one more topic of astrological “mechanics.”  I have to delineate cusps, before I can conclude the series with the explanation of “Void Of Course.”

The 22nd is a cusp day, so it all fits, and cusps really do need to be covered before we get to voids. I believe voids will be done on the 29th—but I’m not 100% for sure, because somewhere in here, sign-ups/summer is over and the regular school year begins—I’ll know more about that tomorrow…

Hopefully it won’t throw anybody off who was really, really looking forward to learning exactly how “void of course” is determined.


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