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…in other news… where the FUCK is that Masters of Reality album???? It’s supposed to be up here…it shows in all catalogues… it’s just not on the shelves… (do you like how I used its absence to play 2 Sabbath tunes in one 3 hour shift? *I* do =) )



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The astrological “weather” report:

Remember: All times are EDT!

Applying Sun Conjunct Saturn Wednesday, September 3, 2008 21:59
This transit is about making realistic judgments and locating responsibilities. It’s a transit of beginnings and endings, delays and obstacles, and cooling down. Patience and organization are favored.
“Applying” aspect text taken from alabe.com

Applying Moon Trine Venus Saturday, August 23, 2008 02:32
Interactions with others, especially females, feel natural and balanced now. It’s a time of warm feelings and affections, cooperation, and emotional comforts. Public events are positive..
“Applying” aspect text taken from alabe.com

The moon in Taurus means it makes a series of positive aspects with the planets in Virgo and Capricorn… it doesn’t go void till 5:19am tomorrow (Saturday), but the last aspect is a square to Neptune, so if you’re up and knocking around, parties, hanging out, that kinda thing, things might start getting a little weird after 3:30am. Honestly, I’d head for home around 3:15am and end on a high note. Then if you can sleep until 5:49pm you’ll miss the void completely and wake up with the moon in Gemini. (Next void Monday, but 17:53 – 20:20, less than 2.5 hours, enters Cancer; then another couple hours Wednesday night 20:13 till 22:50pm.)

Then, there’s this stuff:

Applying Mercury Opposite Uranus Saturday, August 23, 2008 02:13
Be open to sudden changes and awkward situations. Inflexibility in communications inhibit progress. Shocking news items, innovation, and change are correlated with this transit. Controversial or radical persons make news. Authorities are challenged.
“Applying” aspect text taken from alabe.com

Applying Mercury Square Pluto Wednesday, August 27, 2008 21:36
Challenging announcements and agendas for change are made now. Talks take place in a tense atmosphere. It’s a time of transportation upsets, disturbing events, explosions, storms, and stories of covert operations. Who’s telling the truth?
“Applying” aspect text taken from alabe.com

…also, Mercury enters Libra Thursday night (August 28 ) at 22:49. By the time I’m doing my regular show next Friday night, it will be applying a square to Jupiter, Monday, September 8 at 01:08, then conjuncts Mars at 13:44.

Applying Venus Opposite Uranus Saturday, August 23, 2008 11:48
Reversals, surprises, and sudden or unusual trends are the norm under this transit. Meetings may be canceled or postponed, or may prove awkward or uncomfortable. The limits and the rules are challenged by radical behaviors.
“Applying” aspect text taken from alabe.com

Applying Venus Square Pluto Friday, August 29, 2008 05:51
Stressful events may occur during this challenging transit. Cooperation and participation is forced and demanded. It’s a difficult time for open talks, trust, and sharing.
“Applying” aspect text taken from alabe.com

…and in Mercury’s vapor trails, Venus’ will be entering Libra, Saturday August 30, at 10:41. Its next aspect will be a square with Jupiter, on September 9th at at 16:54.

Applying Mars Square Jupiter Sunday, September 7, 2008 17:05
Ego energies need constructive areas of expression. Over-confidence in one’s beliefs and urges for action can create problems. There is a tendency now for people to impose their views on others with a high probability of conflict and disagreement.
“Applying” aspect text taken from alabe.com

We’ve entered a period—it’s gonna last for a couple weeks—that will challenge us all. There’s so much tension and so little harmony, this would be a good time to do what you must to acknowledge your feelings, *but* I’d advise against taking any actions that would have long term consequences.

Like if you’re thinking about breaking up with a partner, or quitting a job, or firing someone, starting a legal battle, if there’s any way you can put these types of things off till after September 8th—better if you you can wait till after the 11th—you may find you were either jumping the gun in your plans, or in waiting, you may acquire key information to allow the best outcome. I’m *not* telling anyone to hold back on their feelings–those are going to have to be expressed with the aspects taking place over the next couple weeks, and it’s definitely not the kind of thing you want to keep bottled up, because it could be Molotov City—just try to be aware of the source of your feelings, be aware of displacement, for yourself and for others.

The friction is coming from 2 sources:
First, situations in which personal independence conflicts with responsibilities to one’s various communities.
Second, situations involving secrets, both the sort that are legitimate need-to-know items, and the conspiracy sort.
Take the next couple weeks to assess how you’re managing your secrets: Are they necessary? or does the energy required to maintain them drain your ability to affect positive change? Alternately, if you’re in a situation where you feel *you* are being kept in the dark, that someone is holding something secret from you that you need to know, be aware now is a time when one may be more prone to these feelings. You may or may not be right–but these next couple weeks are really not a good time to take any action with long term consequences based on your emotional perception. It’s time to stop, look, and listen. Then look and listen some more. Then maybe yell about something that’s pissed you off, but avoid making decisions and taking action for a little while. When Jupiter and Pluto begin direct movement on September 8th, then forward motion with good results may begin.


/astrological “weather” report




Astrology — How It Works, How It Doesn’t — Week 11: Cusps

Last week, I thought this week would be the final installment of the Astrology: How It Works, How It Doesn’t Work series, but no sooner did I start putting together stuff to explain what “void of course” means than the term “cusp” cropped up.

I’m sure most listeners have heard of or read something, somewhere, about people who are “born on the cusp.” In fact, anyone born *today*—or yesterday or tomorrow—would be said to have been “born on the cusp of Virgo.”

So, what does that mean?

Well, probably not what you’ve heard up till now, so let’s clear up cusps once and for all.

It’s a lot simpler than many would have you believe.

A cusp is nothing more than the point of transition from one thing to another.

In spite of what you may have heard or read before, in traditional Western
tropical astrology:

A cusp is NOT a “blending” of two signs.

A cusp is NOT a condition of being two things at once.

A cusp does NOT confer the personal privilege of choosing between two sun signs.

A cusp separates an either/or condition.

To get us rolling in the right direction, one point of transition I think we all understand is that of becoming pregnant.

We all know there’s no such thing as being “a little bit” pregnant.

When a human egg is fertilized, in vivo, as it begins implantation, the woman is on the cusp of pregnancy.

If there is no implantation, there is no pregnancy, and once implantation takes place, no matter where it takes place, a woman’s body is in a state of pregnancy.

At no time is a woman’s body a “blend” of pregnancy and non-pregnancy; at no time is she both pregnant and not pregnant; and at no time can she “pick” being pregnant or not pregnant—at least, not without some sort of surgical intervention. That is, after a woman has had what we call unprotected heterosexual sex, if she immediately proclaims, “I feel like I’m pregnant, so that’s what I must be,” that doesn’t make it so. Or likewise if she decides that she can not be pregnant from that act. It just doesn’t work like that. If it worked like that, there’d be zero need for fertility clinics, and even better, women would never have had to suffer through all this pro-life/pro-choice crap that we have to deal with…

So, thinking about such an either/or situation, now let’s take a look specifically at today, in astrological terms of “the cusp.”

The sun entered the 150° of the ecliptic at 2:02 am EDT, which is true both in astrological terms and astronomical terms. Now the 150° of the ecliptic in traditional Western tropical astrology is the beginning degree of the sixth astrological sign, which is called Virgo, so we say the sun is in Virgo.

Now immediately before 2:02am, the sun was 29° 59′ 59″ of Leo. It was not in Virgo. Once it entered 150°, it was at 0° of Virgo, and it was no longer in Leo. No blending, and definitely not in both signs. It’s in one or the other, and it’s not something that can be determined by how one “feels,” or how well you may personally know someone. That is not how astrology works.

To try to help everyone understand the “blending” confusion, the “both” confusion, I discovered that 40 years ago today provides an ideal example. I’m not personally aware of this being anyone’s birthday, but if it’s yours, Happy 40th Birthday!

On August 22, 1968, the sun entered Virgo at 10:03pm EDT, so if you were born before this time on this day in 1968, your sun is in Leo. But maybe you’ve always felt like Virgo descriptions fit you
better. Well, that’s no surprise, but it has *nothing* to do with the sun approaching the cusp. On the day you were born, in fact since the 15th of August 1968, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto were all in Virgo. When you have that many planets in a sign, chances are you’re gonna feel qualities associated with it, no matter what your sun sign might be.

Now if you were born after 10:03pm EDT August 22, 1968, your sun is in Virgo, but maybe you feel like Leo describes you better… That would be more unusual, but it’s not freakish, nor inexplicable. On this day and through the 23rd, both the moon and Mars were in Leo. If you were born between about 9:15 and 10:15pm on August 22, 1968, your rising sign would be Aries. This imparts fiery qualities to a personality, similar to Leo, but more significant, it places the moon and Mars in your 5th house, which emphasizes Leo qualities, because the sun rules Leo and the 5th house is ruled by the sun. In other words, Leo is in it’s regular house, and it’s got two strong planets there. If you were born closer to 10:00/10:30 that places your Virgo sun in the 5th house, which further imparts Leo qualities–even to the Virgo sun. Between 4:25 and 5:10 am on August 23, 1968 Leo was rising, and that places both the moon and Mars in the first house, which would also provide a strong Leo focus, even though one’s sun was in Virgo.

And this takes us back to the astrological fact we covered several weeks ago, back on July 4th:

It is impossible to understand who someone is or what an event may mean by looking at the sun’s location alone.

So being born on the cusp does not make you a more beautiful and more unique snowflake than anyone else. You have to do that on your own.

For real, next week will be the last How It Works/How It Doesn’t Work installment, and it will be about the void-of-course moon.

/astrology report’s supporting commentary


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