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First official show of the Fall 2008 semester!

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I was really disappointed to see that we didn’t have the Adolescents’ as requested, but hey, I don’t know when the last time was I got a request for Bad Brains. Hopefully “Pay To Cum” wasn’t too too Top 40, but I haven’t played that in prolly a couple, three years, so I couldn’t resist the op.

In other news… can you believe the fucking balls on the National Weather Service!1/1?  Interrupting the astrological weather like that, for some flood warning for some county *outside* of WXYC’s official listening range?


Like *their* weather is better than *my* weather.


Bluidy bastids.

Anyways, thanks to all fer lissnin’! I think I kicked ass coming out of the gate tonight. I was having a blast, and the way the DJ Scotch Egg worked in after the Ossian… hell, I *wish* I’d planned that a day or two ahead… but maybe it’s even better lining up like that on the fly! =)



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The astrological “weather” report:

Remember: All times are EDT!

So we’ve got a little more than a week left to go through this somewhat difficult period that I told you about last week. September 8 is when things start to take a generally more positive turn: both Jupiter and Pluto resume direct movement come September 8, Venus finishes off the square with Jupiter on the 9th, and after the sun’s opposition to Uranus applies on the 12th, we’re looking at a month of primarily positive influences. Mercury does turn retrograde a little after 3am September 24, but I haven’t taken a good look at that just yet. Being in Libra, it will likely create some awkward social moments, but before I start thinking about that, I just want to get through this series of squares and oppositions we’ve got going.

Applying Sun Conjunct Saturn Wednesday, September 3, 2008 21:59
This transit is about making realistic judgments and locating responsibilities. It’s a transit of beginnings and endings, delays and obstacles, and cooling down. Patience and organization are favored.
“Applying” aspect text taken from alabe.com

Applying Moon Trine Pluto Friday, August 29, 2008 23:43
Strong emotions and urges move people now. It’s a time to let go of inhibitions and move with the energy of the moment. Be open to changes and rearrangements.
“Applying” aspect text taken from alabe.com

Now we’ve got this lunar trine coming up to Pluto, but that’s the last major aspect the moon makes before it enters Virgo, so the moon goes void in just a few hours—prime party-time, really—so be extra careful not to start anything new that you may ever want to do again between 11:43 and 2:18 this morning…

Moon void in Leo Saturday, August 29, 2008 02:18
Central leadership is not so effective now. Children and creative projects are causes for concern. Romantic moments are incomplete.
“Applying” aspect text taken from alabe.com

…also be aware that anyone you meet for the first time during this period will not be as they seem: If they seem super cool–well, they’re not. And if they seem like losers, ya might want to rethink that.

It’s gonna end up being kind of low key this weekend, ’cause Virgo tends towards practical and analytical pursuits, so it’s just as well to try and keep your head on straight. (Next void is early Monday morning, 05:01 – 07:44, less than 3 hours, and in the wee hours, so that’s not likely to put snags in anyone’s sweater… it enters Libra, so maybe Monday will be more social than usual; then another 3 hour void Wednesday afternoon, 13:08 – 16:01 which unfortunately is prime time for signing legal documents, or coming up with ideas in business meetings, so try to skip those thing if you can–do it Tuesday or Thursday instead.)

Then, there’s this stuff:

Applying Mercury Square Jupiter Monday, September 8, 2008 01:08
Important communications on matters of concern for many are at issue now. Moral, philosophical, or religious issues may be raised and debated. International meetings make news.
“Applying” aspect text taken from alabe.com

Applying Mercury Conjunct Mars Monday, September 8, 2008 13:44
Problem solving activities increase in intensity now. Communications are direct and honest, while transportation matters present challenges. It’s a time of transportation upsets, emergency actions, strikes, and executive decisions.
“Applying” aspect text taken from alabe.com

Venus enters Libra tomorrow morning (August 30 ) at 10:41.

Applying Venus Square Jupiter Tuesday, September 9, 2008 04:12
An aspect that speaks of indulgence, self-centeredness. A time to be more disciplined and generous with others.
“Applying” aspect text taken from alabe.com

Applying Mars Square Jupiter Sunday, September 7, 2008 17:05
Ego energies need constructive areas of expression. Over-confidence in one’s beliefs and urges for action can create problems. There is a tendency now for people to impose their views on others with a high probability of conflict and disagreement.
“Applying” aspect text taken from alabe.com

Coming into the stretch, with the squares to Jupiter, it’s a time to try to avoid overindulgence, but it won’t be easy. Watch out for things that look like “the easy way out.” There’s likely to be some dreadful, unanticipated paybacks connected to them. Probably not life or death, but unpleasant, nevertheless, and in hindsight, they will have been eminently avoidable.

/astrological “weather” report


Astrology — How It Works, How It Doesn’t — Week 12: Void Of Course

Alright, so this week I present to you the 12th and final installment of my Astrology — How It Works, How It Doesn’t series.

For those who have missed it, the reason I’ve been presenting this information is because there were several listeners who requested I bring back the astrological weather report, which I gave weekly for one semester back in 2005. Astrology generally gets a pretty bad rap, mainly because very few people who talk about astrology actually know anything about it. Anyways, I have no problem doing a weekly astrological weather report, but if I’m going to do it, I need to provide listeners with the method by which astrology works, but more important, I wanted to make clear how it does not work.

Currently each installment is associated with the radio show during which I presented it, on my blog over at wordpress (Hey, you’re already here! Cool!). That’s eternalreturnradio.wordpress.com I’m leaving all those put, but I’ve also added a page there, in the column on the right, under the heading “Supplemental Reading,” called “Astrology: How It Works, How It Doesn’t” and you can go there to get to the list that’s linked directly to each installment so you won’t have to fish through the radio shows to find them. It’s written text of spoken word, so the written grammar reflects that. If you’ve read verbatim live transcripts, you know that’s different from written works, adjust accordingly. Anyways, you can go there and find out why questions like “What will this week be like for Libra?” …or cancer, or Aries, or whatever sign you choose—why these are not questions any legitimate astrologer can answer, and further, no legitimate astrologer would even try. Astrology doesn’t work like that.

After this installment tonight, I’ll have given you all the tools necessary for a rational approach to the weekly astrology report—and I assure you, if there weren’t a rational approach to astrology, Kepler would never have been an astrologer—so after tonight, through the rest of the semester, I’ll simply give a comparatively quick astro-weather report.

Now if you’ve heard any of these astro-weather reports from over the summer, you’ve heard me mention the void-of-course moon, so for the last “How It Works,” I’m gonna explain what that means, focusing on the mathematical meaning.

And remember, the only astrology I discuss here is traditional Western tropical astrology. This is what I know and understand, but also, since it is the system that’s most often bastardized and corrupted to con the gullible, a focus on traditional Western tropical astrology satisfies the old Star Trek canon: The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

So, disclaimers all in place, here we go:

To understand the mechanics of the notion “void of course,” you’ll need to understand 3 key concepts we’ve previously covered:
1.) The ecliptic (no surprise there!) = 360°
2.) A “sign” = 30° and…
3.) …you need to know what a major aspect is: a distance between bodies on the ecliptic that spans 0°, 60°, 90°, 120°, or 180°

The moon is considered “void-of-course,” that is, “void” as it moves along its path, after it makes its last major aspect and until it moves into the next sign in which it will make another major aspect. Usually, this is the next sign, but there are times when all the planets, as well as the sun and Pluto, are located so that the moon can neither conjunct them nor make any aspect of 60°, 90°, 120°, or 180° until it passes through the full 30°, and enters the 2nd next sign.

And once again you see we must think about how these heavenly bodies move along the solar ecliptic—the ecliptic being the line that traces the sun’s path across the sky as we see it here on earth, which is considered a circle, 360°.

It takes the sun about 365 and a quarter days to travel that 360°, so the sun’s average movement is slightly less than 1° a day, however, the earth is not a perfectly round sphere, and our orbit is not a perfect circle, so some days the sun travels a little more than 1°, and others it travels less.

Remember this is being measured in apparent motion. Also remember that signs are NOT defined by constellations—not even in Babylonian times—but by 30° arcs marked off along the ecliptic, beginning at zero on the moment of the vernal equinox.

Now thanks to newspaper and popular media publishing that popular astrology that I typically openly disparage, we’re mostly familiar with the 12 signs each lasting about 30 days, and now you know why. Signs defined by 30° arcs on the ecliptic, and the sun moves about 1° a day… and the reason it starts around the 20th, is because the vernal equinox begins around the 20th – 22nd of March, depending on the year.

Next, let’s think about the moon, and nearly all of us know that it takes about 28 days for the moon to make a full circuit, and that this circuit is roughly parallel to the solar ecliptic. So, if it takes 28 days to move through 360°, this translates to nearly 13° a day, but again, it’s not a perfect circle, so sometimes the moon moves nearly 15° a day, other times it’s nearly down to 11°, but most of the time it’s somewhere between 12° and 14° a day. This means the moon is traveling through the ecliptic nearly 13 times faster than the sun, so while the sun is in a sign for about 30 days, the moon is in a sign for 2 or 3 days.

If the moon is considered void of course after it makes its last major aspect in one sign, till it enters the next sign in which it makes an aspect, generally this means the moon will be void every two or three days for some certain period of time, usually a few hours, but sometimes less than a second and other times as much as three days, depending on where all the other planets are hanging on the ecliptic.

These last couple of months, we’ve had mostly very brief periods of void because Pluto, often the slowest moving planet—or plutoid, or whatever you wanna call it—is moving retrograde through the end degrees of Sagittarius. Like tonight, it’s at 28:31 Sagittarius. Since there are 30° in each sign, this leaves only 1°29′ before the next sign begins. Because the moon moves about 13° each day, this means it takes a little less than 2 hours to travel through one degree, so about 3 hours to travel through a degree and a half. Now once Pluto begins direct movement on September 8th, soon it’ll roll over into Capricorn—November 26, if you’re curious—and at that point, we’ll generally start having longer periods of void, but it’s not just Pluto, nor the slow-moving planets. If mercurial Mercury is at 29°59′ Aries when the moon is changing from Aries to Taurus, let’s say, the moon will be void only a few seconds… unless *all* the planets are in Aries at that time (as one very quick simple, example), and then it will be void at least 2 full days and some change… but having *all* the planets, the sun, and Pluto located along the ecliptic outside a major aspect with the moon for each sign is rare.


…and somewhere here near the end of this, the damned National Weather Service wanted to warn you guys about floods in Cabarrus county, or somewhere totally outside our listening range (unless you use the internet, but our webcast is *not* what’s supposed to determine our official listening range…), so I don’t know how much of the “How It Works, How It Doesn’t” report got cut off, but I said fuck it. I wasn’t gonna re-read all that stuff… if you’re here, we’re all good! You got it all, sho’ nuff.

Anyways, after that interruption, I essentially read this offering from an online source to explain why one might care if the moon is void, what the interpretive meaning is… and here are a few more good sources that explain the implications of a void-of-course moon:

Felissa’s awesome, concise VOC explanation.

Another page discussing what VOC means in astrological interpretive terms, also at accessnewage.

…aaaannnnd just one more site about the void-of-course moon, you know, to make it that magic number, 3 : )

Oh, yeah, and I also pointed out that Obama almost seems to be *intentionally* choosing to start things during the void of course moon.

I mean, whatever floats yr boat man. I already chased *that* dragon up until 2003. No more. I know how it impacted me. But Obama—and any/everyone else—is free to test those waters as each one may see fit. …and uh, good luck with that.

/astrology report’s supporting commentary


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