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A comment on the target audience that enjoys prog rock…

I was trying to see if anyone had posted an old album review from CREEM magazine about Gong’s Expresso album from 1976 (it’s a priceless review… I think it’s by Bangs), and again I was on with doing Gag-gle searches, when I landed on the above page.  Clearly it was *not* what I was looking for (on the 1st count, it’s simply “Expresso,” not Expresso II), but that fucking AARP advert totally knocked me for a loop.

So chances are, if you’re interested in Gong’s Expresso, you may also be interested in the bulletin for the American Association for Retired Persons…

I believe Lester would pleased with this ad pairing…

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Definitely not to Gong’s Expresso II !!!1!


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