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WXYC Friday, September 5, 2008 7-9pm

…it’s a hard…it’s a hard…it’s a hard rain’s gonna fall!
(aincha glad I didn’t play *that* one?):

5/9/8 19:00-21:00

Don’t mind me as I beam with self-satisfaction over my opening hurricane set.  I can’t help myself.  Especially when the dj before me ended her set with “Hurricane.” =)

Also, at least one person was happy I played Love Reign O’er Me.  I mean, one *other* person, who’s not me.  I think I’ve spaced it out enough…
Note I wrote “spaced IT out enough,” not “spaced out enough.”
…and “it” refers to my playing of “Love Reign O’er Me.”

Speaking of space outs…

The astrology report would have been shorter if I’d been organized enough to spare you all the rifling through papers, but then, after 7 years of this kind of thing, I imagine if you’re still listening to me, you’re at least slightly entertained with my studied unprofessionalism. It’s damned near academic.

Wie für immer, thanks fer lissnin’! And thanks for the requests, even more so. How could I have managed to work in Temple City Kazoo Orchestra’s Also Sprach Zarathustra without having the Skinny Puppy to segue into?   *How*?   I couldn’t have.

And ***now*** the final question is: Can I get this finished up and get out of here before the next rain band hits town?



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Electric Aborigines
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Released April 29, 2008


The astrological “weather” report:
For real, you should always go to alabe.com for your astrological weather needs.  The link is there in the column on the right, somewhere. or just type alabe.com into the url box.

Here are the paragraph fragments I brought in to read, which I *did* read, before I meandered off into semi-circular rambling:

We’ve made it to the final sprint of some of the more challenging astrological weather that we’ve been striding through these past couple weeks…  Monday is when things really start to take a turn for the better, and by next Friday, we’ still have the usual good day/bad day stuff that’s part of life all the time, but definitely (at least up until Mercury turns retrograde on the 24th!) we’ve got a solid couple weeks of more pleasant atmosphere (despite what the actual weather may be doing!)

Right now, however, the moon is void of course, and it will be void till 3:11AM. Even if you’ve inadvertently scheduled that most important first date for tonight, though, so long as you avoid making any important first moves—approach it as a more routine event—I know that can be difficult for a first date, but during a void moon, it’s the wisest approach, and things should be alright. This means you’ll need to also suspend any decisions about who you think the person is till you guys have another date, when the moon’s *not* void.


That was all I had written down.  Then I got all peripatetic talking about aspects, most of which you’ll find at alabe.com (I’ll add them here, later, but if you’re reading this before Sunday, the aspects at alabe haven’t changed (except for the info about the moon), so go there).

The big news is Jupiter begins direct motion Monday, September 8, and so does Pluto. That’s not mentioned at alabe.  they just give you weather of the moment there… Oops! I think I forgot to tell you Pluto begins direct movement at 11:13PM Monday night…  well, there you go, now you know!  Anyways, by Tuesday morning, things will definitely be on a more positive spin.

After the void moon tonight (over at 3:10am Saturday morning when it enters Sagittarius), it next goes void in the middle of the day, 12:42PM-1:44PM, Monday, just as Jupiter is finally getting going in the right direction.

Oh, and I noticed the last aspect the moon makes Monday before it goes void at 12:42PM (after lunch) is a conjunction to Pluto, and I commented that something was probably gonna blow up for somebody, somewhere, and if it happens to you, hopefully it’ll be a good explosion…  and then to give an example of something exploding in a positive way, yes…  I played Caltrop.

/astrological “weather” report


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