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I recognized the voice of that last caller, but I can’t remember from where… ach, and I suddenly remember I didn’t credit it on the flow sheet, but he was asking about the background sounds… it was taken from that 4 disc set,
The Conet Project: Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations. If you enjoy crazy stuff like that, it looks as though the entire 4 CD set is available for free download here: http://irdial.hyperreal.org
Just scroll down to the line that says
59ird tcp1    The Conet Project    Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations
Even if you don’t want to download the sounds, you can peruse the 79 page booklet that comes with the 4 CD set that tells all about numbers stations:
I don’t know how long that’s been out there, free for the taking, but that’s pretty damned neat. I think.

Thanks gazillions for that Hüsker Dü request. I rarely think to play them on my own, and it seems like every time I do, I grab the “wrong” album, and find the one tune of theirs I’ve never heard and don’t like, and I don’t have time to find and cue another tune. Requests magically eliminate those kinds of play list problems. No doubt about it, listeners definitely know better which stuff I like from the 80’s to the 90’s, before I became a dj, especially when it involves things like the beginnings of structured noise rock. So thanks again.

Otherwise, I was admittedly self-indulgent tonight, largely because—I don’t know—my rhythm is off, or something. Definitely a timing problem, seeing as how I was late as fuck tonight. I have no idea how any of you fellers feel about Der Mann im Fahrstuhl,

but I positively love that album/CD, and tonight it was especially appropriate to let it run, if for no other reason than the topic of being late, running down the stairs “three steps at a time” (drei Stufe auf einmal…)

P.S. Art: You know I love R-O-O-T. Don’t even be that way.


Currently listening:
Free Kitten
Released 2008


The astrological “weather” report:
As always, the recommendation to check alabe.com for your astrological weather needs.  The link is there in the column on the right, somewhere. or just type alabe.

Here’s what I have to say about our current astrological weather:

This weekend, this whole week, really, is gonna be easy for pretty much everyone.

The sun is in Virgo, but we’ve got lots of Libra going on, and that’s what’s setting the tone.

Mercury, Venus, and Mars are all in Libra, and they’re pretty close together:

Mercury conjuncted Mars at 13° Libra last Monday afternoon, then
Venus conjuncted Mars at 15° Libra just last night (Thursday, September 11) about 9pm, and next
Mercury will conjunct Mars at 18° 55′ libra Sunday night about 9:30pm.

Aside from how these conjunctions affect us, it also means Mercury, Venus, and Mars will each be making the same aspects with other planets, and the main planet affected this week is Neptune, which is currently 22° 08′ Aquarius… and since the moon is currently approaching a conjunction to Neptune in the next hour or so, this will be as good a time as any to tell ya how Neptune can affect us.

Neptune affects spirituality, mysticism, religion, and what I consider the fuzzier modes of philosophical thought, e.g., questions about whether trees falling in the forest make any sound, or arguments about what constitutes reality. Also affected by Neptune are things like charity, voluntary self-sacrifice; incarceration, hospitalization; imagination, dreams; and issues of alcohol and substance abuse and dependence.

With Neptune currently in free-thinking, radical Aquarius, we expect to see radical changes take place in whatever the prevailing norm might be for these different realms—depending on the aspects—for better or worse. Perhaps you’ve noticed how the new wave of PSAs on TV point out how death from prescription drugs makes one just as dead as death from street drugs. Also in the new anti-tobacco campaigns of the past 4 years or so, they’ve begun presenting people who have directly suffered from tobacco use, c.f. “the woman with the hole in her throat,” whom you may have seen if you live here in NC. This new approach to substance abuse is radically different, more real, more in-your-face than that old “Just Say No” foolishness. The “this is your brain on drugs” frying pan ads can be thought of as the first new, radical attempts affected by Neptune in Aquarius (Neptune entered Aquarius in 1998), and now that it’s getting near the end of the sign, we see a sort of maturing into opting for the shock value of reality, as compared with the shock value of the egg and cast iron metaphor, which while perhaps more imaginative, was a caricature that begged to be openly mocked instead of being taken seriously.


This coming week Venus, Mars, and Mercury will be making trines to Neptune, so we can expect ourselves and the world to be more charitable, more insightful, better able to see, experience, and discuss the big picture of human existence, where we fit in. If you’re in a recovery or rehabilitation program, whether physical therapy or mental, you’ll likely make important progress. Arguments and debates will be constructive and maybe even epiphanous.

We do have a couple hard aspects with Uranus. Right now the sun is approaching an opposition to Uranus that passes in a couple hours, and next the sun applies a square to Pluto through Saturday, September 20. Hanging in the background, Saturn is applying an opposition to Uranus that’s with us till election day, November 4, about 9 or 10 am. nbsp;Usually, I may make a bigger deal of that, but these conjunctions in Libra with Mercury, Venus, and Mars, then the trines they each make to Neptune, all together combined are much more potent and positive, so that’s the deal fer now.

This is a very good week for just about everything.  

Of course, void moons are still the gadfly of timing, so with regards to the voids:
The moon is void tomorrow morning (Saturday, 13 September) from about 9 am till a bit after noon (12:04 to be exact), then it enters Aries.
It’s next void Monday afternoon, September 15, from about 3pm until about 5:45pm, then it enters Taurus.
Wednesday evening, it’s another quick 2 – 3 hour void from 6:26 till 8:56pm.
Next Friday, though, the 19th, *that’s* the tough day. It goes void 9:49am and stays void all day up until 11:16PM, when it enters Gemini. If you’re planning on a vacation that is in some way a first—first time to the place, or first time with the people with whom you’ll be traveling, etc.—if you can, ya might wanna leave Thursday night, or wait till Saturday morning.

And… that’s what I left ya with for this week.

Thanks, as always, for lissnin, and… reading!

/astrological “weather” report


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