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WXYC Friday, September 19, 2008 7-9pm

M’setlist frummda show:

19/9/8  19:00-21:00

No misconstrued Root cues this week.  That’s always a bonus.  Not 15 minutes late, either.  Even better!

Got calls about that new CD from The Bug, which *is* a fine, fine piece of work. It’s called “London Zoo,” and it looks like this:

Also, to whoever called about White Octave:  

I *know* we have to know each other. 

Therefore you *know* I was at damned near all their shows.
      well, at least from 2000 till…
        including the last one, before Steve took off for Nebraska…
          you know, the one where he actually did go 100% emo on us all, cried on stage… it was a fun night, ‘cept for it bein’ the last White Octave show, ever.


Therefore hells yeah I get a hankerin’ for White Octave every now and then, and when it’s during a radio show

!!! I can make everyone else listen to it too!  !!!

And nevermind it stands on its own, but tonight I think it was the perfect thing to fit into that set at that place, nicht wahr?  Doch!  

…ya know, there’s this one White Octave show that, for some undefinable reason, leavened my limbic system… 2000? 2001? It was at King’s.  Steve said they weren’t going to play until everybody in the house came up to the stage, and what I really, really remember is Linc playing bass that night.  It was a good show… and for some reason, every time I think of White Octave, I flashback to that show.  I think it was that time they played with Her Flyaway Manner.
Not completely sure. But kinda sure.



Currently listening:
The People’s Choice: Music
Komar & Melamid and Dave Soldier
Released 2001



The astrological “weather” report:
…contrary to how it may appear from the copious characters above, I’m not in much of a mood to write tonight…I also made some significant ad lib changes as I read my pre-written script to which I don’t care to be beholden tonight, and then…for the actual astrological weather… well, it’s always best to go to alabe.com for the up-to-the-minute stuff.

I blame everything that didn’t flow well tonight on the void-of-course moon!

OK, that said, I do feel an obligation to put at least half an effort into presenting the report, regardless how much I may babble it, so here’s what I had pre-written:

Since we’re so close to the equinox, I want to talk about that for a few minutes tonight.

Some listeners already know that the first day of Fall is this Monday, and some may know that the first day of fall is also called the equinox, and some may even know the reason it’s called the “equinox” is because the amount of time the sun is below the horizon is exactly equal to the amount of time it’s above the horizon. And if ya didn’t already know, our daylight hours have been getting shorter since Summer Solstice; now, this Monday through Tuesday, day and night will be equal, and of course, the nights continue to grow longer up until Winter Solstice.  That’s more astronomy than astrology, but those facts fit into both systems.

Now, in strictly astroLogical terms, the Fall equinox *always* marks the sun’s entrance into the sign, Libra. If you listened over the summer, by now you know astrological signs are defined by 30° arcs across the solar ecliptic; the zero degree marks both Spring equinox and the beginning of the astrological sign, Aries… when the sun enters 30° on the ecliptic, then it’s in Taurus; 60° marks the start of Gemini… and so on…Here’s the ecliptic degrees/astrological signs list, if you’re interested. You know. Click the sentence.

It doesn’t matter what constellation it appears to be in when you look up to the sky.

Constellations shift due to this thing called precession, but the solar ecliptic is constant—at least as long as we have the sun as it is now, and we’re orbiting around it like we’re doing!

Astrological signs are defined by the ecliptic in exactly the same way astronomy uses the ecliptic to define the solstices and equinoxes, and exactly in the way we make calendar adjustments to accommodate the offsets: you know that extra day in February every 4 years? It might not have a significant effect on us in our lifetimes, but if we suddenly stopped adding that extra day, in 720 years, here in Chapel Hill, come September 19, a person would be seeing the trees just starting to turn green, the dogwoods getting set to bloom…

So, if you go check your astroNomical star charts, you’ll see that at 11:44am this Monday, the sun will be sitting smack-dab at the 180° on the ecliptic—exactly opposite where it was on the spring equinox—and since 180° – 209°59’59” is assigned to the astrological sign, Libra, we say the sun enters Libra. It doesn’t matter where the constellations are. It’s determined by position on the ecliptic.

…alright… and that’s all I had written. For the astro-weather, I say check alabe.com.

I will, however, mention that Mercury begins retrograde movement this coming Wednesday about 3am, and so at that point… communication is likely to go awry… kinda like this talkset, tonight… and it’ll be retrograde for 21 days…

…I may be taking a risk, but I’m saying I’ll talk about *that* next Friday in the astro-weather, hoping the retrograde doesn’t wreak even more havoc on the report… counter-intuitive, but wtf. Let’s give it a shot.

The only people who really need to be worried about the retrograde Mercury this time around, I say, are all the people running for office.  I think the extreme shift in focus—primarily how the communication of those being closely scrutinized in the media is at the forefront—will make the effects of this retrograde period less noticeable to us average proles than usual.  

We’ll see.  

I am, however, betting heavy that there’s gonna be some awesomely awkward missteps by *all* the candidates over the 3 weeks. It’ll make it fun to see how they run once it starts…

/the astrological “weather” report


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