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WXYC Friday, October 10, 2008 7-9pm

I hope you guys enjoyed this show, even if only half as much as I did:

10/10/8 19:00-21:00

Requests came in, early in the show, which pretty much guarantees they’ll get played if I can find ’em.  The requests really helped tie everything together.  I know I almost always convey that sentiment in this blog, but tonight, requests were 100% spot-on. 

The only thing I didn’t like about this show was that Eric Chenaux: a rotation requisite, and not where I wanted to go after Black Sabbath, for a fact. I may like it some other time, but “Sloppy Ground” = “crappy sound” in my tiny universe this night.

“Gimme Shelter” was the perfect get-away vehicle from the transpiring wallow, dropping me off at the doorstep of a rotation selection (Calypsoul 70) that I knew would bridge to the Sleater-Kinney request, which in turn paved the way to Ponytail, as well as prompting my recollection of Hot Snakes

Hot Snakes put on one of the best shows I’ve ever attended at the Cradle.  16 November, 2004, in support of their “Audit in Progress” release.  I haven’t thought about them in months… prolly wouldna had it not been for the Stones and the Sleater Kinney requests. Thanks for that.

I heard “Europe Endless” get played earlier this week.  If you listen to WXYC long enough, you may discover that we tend to eschew requests that seem to be from the same person requesting the same tune to multiple djs.  Further, I’ve been known to truncate requests that are 9 minutes long.  You see, two-hour shows are already short, then rotation takes up about half of that time, so dedicating 1/6 of the time I have remaining to a single request is not something I find alluring.  Tonight, however, I still hadn’t really hit on what I was gonna do to 1.) get in the Pete Townshend I came in wanting to play, *and* 2.) include my brief little anti-Columbus Day set. So when it’s all added, multiplied, derived, and done, this means the timing of that mighta-been “double-dip” request couldn’t have been better for the requester.  I didn’t have any particular Pete tune I wanted to play, I just wanted to play some, and the motif from the Kraftwerk would play well into “And I Moved.” I was gonna use T. Raumschmiere after Keak da Sneak, but it wasn’t clear how I was gonna come down from T. Raumschmiere, to get in the pro-Indigenous People stuff, or even the Pete, for that matter.  Kraftwerk request to the rescue! 

Ach!! Before I forget! VOTE for WXYC!!! (It’s a vote-for-best-college-radio-station thing by mtvU, and WXYC is one of the nominees.)
Two reasons to go there and vote for us:
1.) It’s easier than that other voting we gotta deal with, come November 4. 
2.) Just like the 1960 Kennedy/Nixon Election, you can “vote early, vote often”


Currently listening:
One-Way Conversation
By: Phantom Tollbooth
Release Date: 1987


The astrological “weather” report:

Speaking of sloppy ground, I am soooooo not in a mood to write any of what I had to say.  I am once again invoking the Mercury retrograde excuse.  Next Friday, the retrograde will be over, so if necessary, I will next invoke the “Mercury Square Jupiter” excuse!  =)

In the meantime, don’t brush off this Saturn opposition Uranus thing we’re entering. I just did a quick scroogle web search, and it’s disappointing the returns I got, so
maybe-maybe-maybe-maybe-maybe-maybe-maybe-maybe-maybe-maybe-maybe-maybe -maybe next week, I’ll come back and write up something.  Till then, if you’re in the mood for history, check out the stuff that was coming down around the globe between 1918 & 1920 and also 1967-1968.  We’re due up for some kind of major societal restructuring again.  As I type this, I can imagine, optimistically, that this is the beginning of the end of money… You know. Like, some sorta Star Trek end of money.

Till next week or whenever I come back and write up some astro info, for real,
if you need to know when the moon is void and what-not, click on over to the accessnewage/felissa page.  Here’s her table specifically for VoC moons October 2008.

And if you need up-to-the-minute astrological weather, go to alabe, already!  It continues to amaze me that they provide that site for free. 
/astrological “weather” report
(sif the preceding could count as an astrological “weather” report!)

…if you have specific questions about anything, whether astrology, or the stuff I played, or bands, or something you’ve read here, or something you’ve heard, whatever, I think you all know you can send email, direct.  If ya didn’t, ya do, now!  Here ya go:



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