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!!!Vote for WXYC in mtvU’s “Woodie Awards”!!!

*[WXYC was up for voting through October 13. The website now (October 20, 2008) has other stations in other regions/categories up for voting. We (WXYC) may be in a run-off in the future…will post when I know something further, otherwise this is old news, and I still don’t know if KALX has come up for a vote or not, but they need votes, too. Unless we’re in teh same category. Then vote for us!]

Something for you to vote on that’ll be a helluva lot easier than what’s up for us all, come November 4.  Here’s the link:


In this case, the phrase, “vote early, vote often” applies.  You can click it for WXYC as many times as you want!  Scroll to the bottom of the page and you can add comments as well, if you feel like it.

WXYC has been nominated for an award for Best Campus Radio Station by MTVu. Here’s more info:

Best Campus Radio Station
For the first time ever, mtvU is honoring 20 pioneering college campus radio stations committed to bringing students the latest indie and emerging music. Lauded for championing artists before they achieve mainstream success, these student-run radio stations represent the new music vanguard long since abandoned by traditional FM radio. The top stations were chosen based off accolades from CMJ College Radio Awards, Princeton Review Nominations, and independent questionnaires completed by a cross-section of record labels. One station will bring home the inaugural Woodie for Best Campus Radio Station, as voted on by their peers.


The deal is, they’re setting stations up in regional groups, one set each week, and this is the WXYC week.  I forgot to post this Monday… I’m not sure whether voting ends Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, but if it’s Friday night, Saturday or Sunday, or if they leave the winner of the region in the group and allow us to collect more hits through till the end of the polling:  please oh please oh please go and vote for us, at least once.

You really can vote an unlimited number of times, tho’, so maybe vote for us a couple two or three times.

Click “VOTE” next to WXYC.  In fact you can literally sit at the computer and click vote over and over again if you want.  You don’t even have to move the mouse.  You don’t have to specifically click the “close” button to close the confirmation and vote again, but it does take an extra click that way.

You do have to point the cursor on the VOTE button, but the thing that pops up with the “close” button can be clicked anywhere.

Like, if you’re impatient waiting for someone or something to finish while you’re sitting at your computer, rolling your fingers across the top of your desk, go to that woodie site instead, set your cursor on WXYC’s big, blue VOTE button, and tap away, matey, tap away!  The movement will not go to waste! 🙂

Oh, and if KALX hasn’t already been listed, check back for when they do the West Coast, and vote for them, too!

…aaaaaaand if you’re still thinking voting more than once is cheating, according our station manager, it’s totally legit (so long as the multiple votes are not from an automated script):

Hey everyone,

I checked with mtvU and yes, you can vote multiple times.  In fact, they encourage it…

Happy clicking!

On Oct 6, 2008, at 8:12 PM:

Are we sure that they don’t log one’s IP address and simply count, say, 100 votes from a single user as 1 vote? Seems to me like “vote” would be the wrong word otherwise. This is obviously a job for an applause-o-meter anyway.
On Oct 6, 2008, at 7:59 PM:
also, you didn’t hear it from me, but… if you scroll down so that the “VOTE” button is approximately in the middle of the page, you don’t have to move your mouse at all to click “CLOSE” on the little confirmation thingy that pops up; you can just leave the cursor where it is and keep clicking as fast as possible. hint, hint.
– a
EC wrote:
If we want to win a couple of things might help:
– post the link on the wxyc homepage
– include the link in an announcement email


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