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Damned illegal immigrants, invading our land

With all the talk about “race issues,” due to Barack, what a paradox that this country recognizes Columbus Day as a holiday to celebrate. 

A good primer (for those who like to read real history) about the invasions Columbus spear-headed is Ian K. Steele’s Warpaths Invasions of North America

It’s astonishingly easy for both the northern European-derived progeny and those of African lineage to throw about the idea of “reparations.”  

Perhaps if there are to be “reparations,” the brokers of power might start with the those who populated this continent for tens of thousands of years before Columbus so stupidly thought he’d landed in India. 

Yes, yes.  Nevermind how he invaded and willfully destroyed the homes and lives of the people who lived here… I’ve heard some people say “If we celebrate Columbus Day, why not celebrate a Hitler Day, too?”

This block of text from ipdpowwow.org summarizes Columbus’ actions well:

Columbus openly stated that he planned to conquer and colonize the lands he “discovered”: first the Caribbean islands and then mainland America. On his second voyage he brought the Spanish army with him, and proceded to do just that. The islands were populated by over a million Taino Indians, peaceful farmers and fishermen. Unable to find enough gold there to finance his schemes, Columbus captured thousands of Tainos and shipped them to the slave markets of Spain. The Tainos resisted with fishbone-tipped spears, but those were no match for artillery. Columbus demanded that each Taino pay a tribute of gold dust every three months, under penalty of amputation of the hands. In two years over a hundred thousand Tainos were dead, and the survivors were slaves, mostly in mines and plantations. Columbus personally invented European imperialism in the Americas and the transatlantic slave trade. He took personal leadership in acts that would today be called genocide.

This question gets straight to the heart of it all:

“What ceremonies and activities would be appropriate to honor a man that is responsible for the annilihation of millions of native people that were already here when he made his “discovery” of our land?”   J.D.K. Chipps, A descendant of the survivors of the annilihation

…but let’s say, nevermind the slavery and ethnic cleansing Columbus brought to this land.

Consider how Columbus Day celebrates a man who wasn’t even bright enough to know he wasn’t in Asia.


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