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WXYC Friday, October 17, 2008 6-9pm

…fall break snuck up on me… but yep, it’s that time again. 
Because it’s fall break, this was a 3 hour dealie-do:

17/10/8 18:00-21:00

Requests poured in late, tonight, but despite this, I managed to get everything in, I think.  Except the Squirrel Nut Zippers.  It’s really best to call *before* 8pm if you want to hear your tune. 

(or, if you happen to know *before* I do the show, something you want to hear—especially if you think it may be weird or hard-to-find—send me email direct at the eternalreturn address, and I’ll do my best to find it before my show Friday)

Also, fyi, every Friday night from 9pm till 10pm we do this thing called “The Inside Track,” for which we play an entire CD (if it fits within the hour; it’s at the dj’s discretion if the CD would run into the 10pm hour); when it’s a CD you think totally sucks and are tired of hearing, it really is not us choosing to be slackers, nor some passive attempt to drum up requests.  The music director tells us what to play…

Oh, and speaking of that, we have a calendar which is often (but definitely not always!) up to date with whatever special things we might be putting on air… you can go here to check our calendar and find out ahead of time if it’s a CD you might wanna hear all of… I’m not sure what’s up with Monday, but Monday used to have an inside track every week… there’s only one showing this month…

Anyways, enough mundane protocol blabbing… back to blabbing about this show.

As for that SNZ request I didn’t have time to play, I was kinda happy to hear from the next dj it did come back after the Inside Track was finished:
                                    WXYC’s dedicated listeners rule!

Other notes about this evening’s tunage: 

1.) WXYC does not have *any* Pogues release featuring “Tuesday Morning” available in the library.  Unless they (record company/Pogue advocates/etc.) decide to send us one, we’re probably never going to have it.

2.) Frank Zappa has several missing entries, that are soooooo missing, they are recorded with [missing] typed after the album name in the database. In fact, here, check it:

…and this is not representative of all the missing entries; this was just the area of highest concentration. Zappa’s supposed to have 58 entries in our library. 12 are formally AWOL, marked as [missing]. I didn’t check to see if others have taken residence elsewhere, whether misfiled on our shelves somewhere, or transported into some remote, alternate universe.

I know. 

Lest this come off seeming as complaint, the fact is, I was pleased with *all* the requests. 

I was wondering how I was gonna get that Paxton via Guthrie tune worked in, and the Bad Religion sealed the deal, waaaay better than I had been planning on my own.  Thanks, especially, for that.


Currently listening:
This Is It and I Am It and You Are It and So Is That and He Is It and She Is It and It Is It and That Is That
By: Marnie Stern
Release Date: October 7, 2008

Holy Fuck! This new Marnie Stern is fucking amazing!


The astrological “weather” report:

This week, I had most of what I said pre-composed, aaaaand it’s original content that didn’t come from another website.  I know1!11!  wtf?/?!.  I even have stuff written I didn’t say (mainly because I lost the paper upon which it was written), so this is gonna be more words than what I said on-air:

OK, It’s that time again, so let’s start with where we find things on the solar ecliptic for tonight, Friday, October 17, 2008 at 20:00 EDT.

Sun 25° Libra
Moon 8° Gemini 20″
Mercury 8° Libra
Venus 29° Scorpio,
                and if you recall that each sign has 30°,
                you might be thinking it’s about to enter
                Sagittarius, and you’re exactly right. 
                Venus enters Sagittarius tomorrow (Saturday, October 18, 2008) at 14:30
Mars 9° Scorpio
Jupiter 14° Capricorn
Saturn 17° Virgo
Uranus 19° Pisces
Neptune 21° Aquarius
Pluto 28° Sagittarius, where it’s been since August.
                This weekend it finally rolls over to 29°, where it will be till November 28.
                (Oops! Actually, it won’t move into 29° until
                *next* Friday, not this weekend!
                …sif 1° of Pluto makes a big deal.)

Mercury ended its retrograde Wednesday afternoon, but the aspect it’s making with Jupiter, Mercury square Jupiter (which was the last aspect before it went retrograde, the only aspect it made while it was retrograde, and now, here it is coming ’round for its final pass, now in direct motion), persists until October 26 at 8:14AM. Therefore you can expect friction in communications, and issues with short distance travel—commuting and running errands, that kinda thing—for another 10 days, even though the retrograde has passed.  Because Mercury is making a square with *Jupiter*, the challenges are likely to involve the concept of “too much of a good thing.”  Like if you paint or draw, when you reach that moment of, “Hmmmm…. should I leave it like this? Or maybe I should try to bring out the background some more…” And when you try to bring out whatever it was that you wanted, you find that it’s not at all what you wanted.

Another example of things typical during Mercury square Jupiter, would be over-thinking things, thinking “too much” about something.

During this same time—up till Monday the 27th—Mars in Scorpio makes a sextile with Jupiter in Capricorn, and this makes for a good time to engage in debate, to argue one’s point; while that may seem to contradict what I said about Mercury square Jupiter, there’s a difference.  This has to do with legitimate arguments, formal debates, presenting the case for something you believe in.  If you get your midterm back, for example, if you have a legitimate argument for a higher grade, now is definitely the time to take it up with the instructor; it will have a positive outcome. 

But be careful, because of that Mercury square Jupiter aspect.  Make sure you have a legitimate argument going into it. 

Now, because Mars is in Scorpio, it should be easy to know if your argument is legit: it’ll be something that involves a gut feeling, something about which you’re impassioned.  It’s like, you get the midterm back, see what you got, and instantly know the professor missed your point.  It’ll have an emotional feel to it.  It’s *not* the kind of situation where you get it back, and you’re horrified because you needed a better grade, so you start trying to pick through it and invent arguments for things you really weren’t too sure about as you were working on the midterm.  *That* would be the problematic situation of thinking “too much,” related to the Mercury square Jupiter: if you pursue *that* particular necro-yeti, you may find yourself waist-deep in a most lukewarm (ungrim) peat bog.

Now specifically for tonight, honestly, it doesn’t look like much fun.  Even tho’ the moon is in Gemini, which is associated with being social, good for parties and such, tonight it’s lining up as a pivot point in a T-square with that impending Saturn opposition Uranus that I’ve been mentioning the last couple weeks. The thing I believe may be somehow marking the upheaval in our global economy.  Anyways, this T-square goes overnight till tomorrow morning at 10AM when the moon first makes a square with Saturn, then finishes by making a square to Uranus about 2pm or so.  If anything could bring a body down, this configuration could.  If you’re running from the repo man, this is an aspect that will have you accidentally turning around in his driveway (and prolly when he’s coming out the door to start his repo rounds!) because you got your directions mixed up.  The moon in Gemini square [Saturn in Virgo opposite Uranus in Pisces] square the moon in Gemini couls also create unpleasant social situations, likely due to something spoken that raises bristling points between conservative discipline and unbridled liberty. Think William F. Buckley vs. Noam Chomsky.

Now ***tomorrow*** night, that’s the fun night. Once the moon finishes that square with Uranus about 2PM, then until 5:30PM, it makes a trine with Neptune, which lifts our spirits, and can ease us out of whatever funk that T-square might have created. Then, from 5:30PM till 1:21AM Sunday morning, the moon makes a trine with the sun. This is an invigorating, enlivening, lively aspect. It exudes a lot of positive energy, so it shapes a fine night, no matter what one chooses to do throughout the evening; but especially if we somehow involve creativity, it should be a very happy, shiny evening.

…but *then*, early Sunday morning, after the moon finishes that trine with the sun, *then* it enters an opposition with Pluto, so if *I* were planning on being out somewhere Saturday night, I’d do my best to be home, or *some* safe place by 1:20 Sunday morning, because after the dreaded opposition to Pluto–which *could* be the disaster I’m implying, or maybe merely some overblown misunderstanding–*then* the moon goes void at 5:45AM, and *then*(!) after it enters Cancer at 7:40AM (which ends the void), *then* it enters an applying square to Mercury, and that bad boy lasts up till 11PM Sunday night. All day Sunday into Sunday night. This means Sunday, *all* day and *all* night, will be prime time for any trouble that’s been rigged up by that Mercury square Jupiter thing I was talking about at the start. And while it’s making all these “malignant” aspects, the moon will be in Cancer, too, so any conflicts that develop are likely to further embody the extra flavor of a depressing, emotional ambience.

…and that’s pretty much everything I said on the air, except, of course I gave you your weekly lunar VOC periods:

Sunday October 19: (void in Gemini) 05:52 — 07:40 (enters Cancer)

Tuesday October 21: (void in Cancer) 07:54 — 10:34 (enters Leo)

Thursday October 23: (void in Leo) 13:52 — 15:39 (enters Virgo)

…and then, at this point… well, I do have some more to add here… astrologically, that is…

/astrological “weather” report


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