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Hey, Eugene, pass me that *scalpel*!

I’m gonna cut out my SOS/BAU rant from yesterday’s radio show entry, and add the rest of the astrology stuff, even tho’ I didn’t read it all on the air—actually—exactly because I didn’t read it all on the air, I need to enter that astrology stuff there…

(So if you’re reading this, for the first time, some time after October 20, 2008, it won’t have meaning.  Unless you just like to read words.  This entry does serve up one of my old-school, signature, prolix epigrams.)

Anyways, I don’t want my Undecision 2008 rant tucked up in what’s supposed to recap a radio show, completely unrelated to the proximate election. 

That is, in my tenacious strivance for qualification as “plenipotentiary of sleep deprivation” via an xyc-prod-room-all-nighter affray that vaulted from my unminced remarks addressing Barack Obama’s provisional integrity—a lively altercation which derailed me from last night’s mission of blog-data-entry—now, having had 3.5 hours sleep im Interim, I find my deviated post-fracas summary surprisingly lucid, and worthy of its own peculiar speck of cyberdust.

That is, it merits its own entry.

Anyways. Yeah.

Currently listening:
In Sarah, Mencken, Christ and Beethoven There Were Men and Women
By: Robert Ashley & Paul DeMarinis
Release Date: 1973




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