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WXYC Friday, October 24, 2008 7-9pm

Yeppers. Hey I don’t think I mentioned it, during the show… look over to the right, there! I’ve got a page with links to information about our write-in candidates for the general election this November 4.  Because write-in protocols and laws vary greatly depending on your state, these are the write-in candidates that will be recognized and counted only in NC. They may be on the ballot in your state, or not.  Anyways, it’s that link on the right there that says “Qualified Write-in Candidates for NC (2008)” There’s really no other place I’ve found that has that information all in one place.

OK, on to the radio show:

24/10/8 19:00-21:00

Man, go to Local 506 tonight, for real:

WXYC Backyard Bar-B-Q Presents


and Reservoir all weekend afterwards, especially Sunday night!  I’m all psyched for a Scaries reunion gig, and I don’t know when the last time was I saw Amish Jihad

And since I played my political position tunage tonight (I really, really think that Living Colour tune is exactly the theme song for the Barack campaign, whether or not he’d have the courage to play it) if you’re voting for Barack, and you’re feeling like maybe you don’t like me so much, anymore, all I can say is [channeling my very best Ronnie Dean]: Jesus Christ!  Get a fucking grip, already. 

Feel free to enjoy that cult of personality riptide if you must, but experienced surfers know when to avoid dangerous currents.

Change.  Hah. 


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The astrological “weather” report:

…uh… : ) Well, I wrote all this, and lifted portions near the end from a previous show… the stuff about the Saturn/Uranus aspect came from a previous entry… being honest, I think this was pretty much a usual, as it went over the air.  Since I never came back to finish up last Friday’s, this one has all the aspects that would have been applying.

Anyways, here’s where things were, more or less at 20:00 EDT for 3 October, 2008:

Sun: 1° Scorpio
Moon: 15° 33′ Virgo
Mercury: 14° Libra
Venus: 7° Saggitarius
Mars: 14° Scorpio
Jupiter: 15° Capricorn
Saturn: 17° Virgo
Uranus: 19° Pisces, still retrograde, since the end of June
Neptune: 21° Aquarius, and it’s retrograde, too, since the end of May, and finally,
Pluto: 29° 02′ Sagittarius — woo-hoo! ever closer to entering Capricorn (that’s November 28, if you’re curious)

Here’s the prevailing stuff:

Applying Sun Sextile Jupiter Monday, November 10, 2008 04:54
This is a time for proposals, launchings, generosity, increases, travel, helpful actions, legalities, and educational matters. .
“Applying” aspect text taken from alabe.com

Applying Sun Trine Uranus Monday, November 10, 2008 17:21
This contact indicates news or an announcement of some importance from leaders is imminent. It’s a time of decision-making based on rules and regulations. Transportation related issues are active now and may require special attention.
“Applying” aspect text taken from alabe.com

Applying Moon Conjunct Saturn Saturday, October 25, 2008 00:25
People’s security needs are strong now. It’s a time to be serious, formal, conservative, thoughtful, shrewd, and find practical solutions to problems.
“Applying” aspect text taken from alabe.com

Once again we have a Friday night that doesn’t especially appear to be much for a party. The moon conjunct Saturn isn’t so much a negative aspect as one that’s exceedingly cool, calm, somber, and sober. That this is a conjunction in Virgo just adds to the “comfortable, quiet night at home” feel. With all the rain, I suppose that can be a good thing, but ya know we’ve got this awesome BBQ event going on down at Local 506 with a buncha kick-ass bands, so I recommend everyone make it out to this if you can. I’m not sure how it’s gonna go, tho’. Astrologically, it really doesn’t look like much for raucous. Let’s hope that’s wrong, at least for all the participants and spectators at Local 506. Did I mention that not only is the show free, but there’s also free food. Free BBQ. *Tasty* free BBQ. If nothing else, that would appeal to the more frugal nature of Virgo, and the business sense of Saturn! Another positive of this aspect and free food would be you’re much more likely to eat just enough to feel good. This is not an aspect of over-indulgence. Again, because they’re in the sign Virgo, it’s a focus on being healthy.

Be careful, tho’ cuz after the moon makes that conjunction, about 12:25, it next enters an opposition to Uranus that lasts till 02:42 Tension and excitement will be in the air, but this transit often coincides with stressful conditions, negative energy. Quick responses, competitive reactions, and a tendency for things to suddenly, quickly blow-up. It may be emotional, but the good news is, it’s not the kind of thing from which grudges result.
but then it’s in a square to Pluto up until it goes void at 21:02 tomorrow night:
Strong emotions and basic instincts like jealousy and territoriality may be aroused now. It’s a time for changes and cleanups. Sexuality and power are used strategically.
…watch out for this time, because *this* may cause you to get involved in things that lead to grudges!
Happily, less than 2 hours later it enters Libra, so once again, like last weekend, Saturday night looks like the night to go out and play and party. Not only is Libra one of those social signs, it’s next aspect, all night up until 17:15 Sunday is a very pleasant sextile with Venus.

After that, through Sunday night into Monday you need to beware overdoing things, with Libra…. uh… there’s romance, affairs, talking, and debating. Sunday night try to avoid doing any of those things in excess.

The Other lunar voids for this week:

Tuesday, October 28 06:05 — 07:47 it enters Scorpio

Thursday, October 30 01:44 — 18:41 (6:41) it enters Sagittarius
! that’s hours of void !

Meanwhile, the rest of the planets bring these things to the table:

Applying Mercury Square Jupiter Sunday, October 26, 2008 08:14
Important communications on matters of concern for many are at issue now. Moral, philosophical, or religious issues may be raised and debated. International meetings make news.
“Applying” aspect text taken from alabe.com

Applying Mercury Trine Neptune Thursday, October 30, 2008 02:11
Important communications on matters of concern for many are at issue now. Moral, philosophical, or religious issues may be raised and debated. International meetings make news.
“Applying” aspect text taken from alabe.com

…and over Hallowe’en, it continues positive energy with a sextile to Pluto, in case you’re wondering. I’ll talk about that next week. The sextile is one of a buncha things happening on election day.

Applying Venus Square Saturn Monday, November 3, 2008 04:41
Feelings (and perhaps the weather) are cooling down. Diplomacy is necessary as differences between people become more apparent. Feelings may be bitter, making agreements difficult. Shortages, delays, obstacles, and terminations are possible now.
“Applying” aspect text taken from alabe.com

Applying Venus Square Uranus Monday, November 3, 2008 07:18
Surprises and sudden or unusual social events may be the norm now. Meetings may be canceled or postponed, or become awkward and uncomfortable. Radicals challenge authorities now.
“Applying” aspect text taken from alabe.com

Applying Mars Sextile Jupiter Monday, October 27, 2008 16:29
This is a good time for outdoor activities, initiatives, enterprise, and quick decisions, all likely to turn out positive.

“Applying” aspect text taken from alabe.com

Applying Mars Sextile Saturn Thursday, October 30, 2008 23:51
This is a time for formalities. Set guidelines for cooperation in construction projects or competitive situations now.

“Applying” aspect text taken from alabe.com

Applying Mars Trine Uranus Friday, October 31, 2008 16:32
This is a time for bold initiatives and for breaking with the past. Forceful, charismatic persons dominate events, new leaders are chosen and campaigns reach full swing. Plans for the future are made now and some technological firsts may be implemented.

“Applying” aspect text taken from alabe.com

Applying Mars Square Neptune Tuesday, November 4, 2008 03:44
The motivations, actions, and initiatives of some people may seem questionable now. People tend to be driven more by ideology or beliefs than by reality. At worst, there is name calling, confusion over remarks, weak or deceptive leadership, and sometimes fires or other disasters. Often there is more smoke than fire.

“Applying” aspect text taken from alabe.com

And these are long-term conditions; think of them in terms of “summer is hot,” but regardless the overall season, days may be rainy or sunny, and of course will be hotter than others…

Applying Jupiter Sextile Uranus Thursday, November 13, 2008 01:39
This is a time when mostly positive developments, changes, and innovations are happening in many fields, including religion, law, and transportation.
“Applying” aspect text taken from alabe.com

Applying Saturn Opposite Uranus Tuesday, November 4, 2008 09:35
This transit emphasizes inequalities in society, the conflicts between the “haves” and the “have-nots.” This may also be a time of severe socio-economic stress and even financial recession. Changes of rule and authority in many fields leave people feeling unstable and insecure. It is a time of frustration, accidents, rigid resistance to change, and attacks on authorities.
“Applying” aspect text taken from alabe.com

This was what I originally wrote about this Saturn/Uranus aspect:

This aspect has been applying since August 2007, although there was a period in May when Saturn came within a few minutes of a trine with Pluto, that somewhat deflected or delayed the energy of the opposition. Through the next year, however, nothing comes close enough to interrupt it, so we’ve arrived at the point of no return.

Saturn rules investments and career, and also things like death from old age, endings and closures.
In Virgo, it’s more analytical and careful than Scrooge-like. (The unenlightened Scrooge represents negative qualities of Capricorn and Saturn.)

Uranus represents revolution, the unconventional, disruption, and upheaval.
In Pisces, Uranus can be creative and selflessly humanitarian.

Saturn making this opposition to Uranus is no doubt the key player in the current economic shakedown. Saturn finally applies the opposition to Uranus on… Election day!

…but because of retrograde motion between both Saturn and Uranus, it continues to affect us until July 27, 2010.

The November 4 opposition is the first in a series of five:
November 4 is the first pass, at 18°, with Saturn in Virgo, Uranus in Pisces.
It takes place again on
February 5 (@ 20°),
September 15, 2009 (@ 24°), and
April 27, 2010 (@ 28°), which are all Virgo/Pisces oppositions.
The last one, on July 27, 2010, Saturn and Uranus have moved into the next sign: 0° Libra/0° Aries.

This is a rather rare aspect, and the last two times it’s taken place, each time it has made five passes before it’s completed.
The last time it took place was between April 1, 1965 and January 7, 1967. At that time, *Saturn* was in Pisces, and Uranus was in Virgo, the mirror image of this one.
Before then, we have to go back to October 1, 1918 – June 6, 1920. It began with Saturn in Leo/Uranus in Aquarius, but the 3rd-5th passes between August 15, 1919 and June 6, 1920, Saturn was in Virgo, Uranus was in Pisces, like now (though at different degrees).

/astrological “weather” report


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