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WXYC Friday, October 31, 2008 7-9pm

The Einstürzende Bauhaus Show:

31/10/8 19:00-21:00
with special All Hallows’ Eve bonus Inside Track:
Orson Welle’s broadcast of War of the Worlds

I realized last Friday that this Friday’s festivities would coincide with the 70th anniversary (well, a day after) of the live 1938 broadcast that totally freaked the whole eastern seaboard and then some.  As listeners may know, 9pm Friday night it’s always a CD in its entirety of something recently released, but our Music Director graciously permitted me to slip WotW into our schedule this time, due to all the special circumstances. Thanks, Jon!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the many requests!  I think I only missed two.  One for the Talking Heads and another for Stormtroopers of Death.  FYI: Our library appears to be void of SOD.  I mean, there’s none that returns in the database, and I even checked under Anthrax for SOD titles that may have been listed as Anthrax instead, aber es gibt gar nichts. Ach!  Ich tippe nicht auf englisch… soll man noch dazu sterben, oder hat es nur mit sprachen zu tun?

Damn. Are my prepositions correct?  I should prolly be more concerned with the exclusivity of the “in-joke.”  Context comprehensible to German/English bi-lingual speakers familiar with SOD discography.  Sheesh.

I hope everyone had a fine Samhain, or Halloween, as your lifestyle permits.  I tried to get a few seasonally appropriate tunes in, in addition to the requests… I was really expecting a “Thriller” request, what with our wildly popular WXYC 80’s dance taking place tomorrow night at Cat’s Cradle and all, but nope.  I think I heard it this afternoon, so I reckon listeners got that out of their system earlier today, or maybe you’re all saving up for the Saturday night dance.

And as for in-jokes, if you were listening to the War of the Worlds, that Schaefer beer commercial was one I found in our library, it wasn’t on the album.

…of course you prolly knew that, since we all know albums have to be flipped in order to play the full selection, meaning I’d have to play something else while I was flipping and re-cueing.  More telling, though, I think that commercial aired in the 50’s or 60’s, not 1938. 

I found this version of the Schaefer commercial in a wav file,

Addendum — 11 November 2009: 

Geocities, as you may know, has shut fer us “freebie” types, so the link url above is defunct.  What sucks is that even tho’ I *was* able to salvage the file before geocities closed shop, the wav file became somehow corrupted during its archive at geocities.  Whatever has corrupted it, I can’t correct it.  I’ve tried to find the same wav at other sites with zero luck.  Until I either can repair the corrupted file (don’t hold your breath), or find the same file somewhere else in pristine condition, I’ve decided to just leave the bad link in place.  If you do a web search for the jingle, other versions *are* out there, but I’ve not found one that I deem worth linking.  When I’ve found the version I like, the quality of recording is not up to my minimum standard.  This blog entry gets a fair number of hits for the jingle, so if you find a good one, let me know, and if I like it, I’ll link it.

which I think is later than the version I played, but I got no clue.  It’s got the same lyrics and the same melody, in case you missed hearing the version I played last night, during the Inside Track, and you’re curious to have some idea wtf this jingle sounds like.  The lyrics are priceless. 

The version we have in the station is the first commercial recording of it I’d ever heard of in my life, and that was when I found it, I guess 5 years ago? 

There used to be this claw-hammer banjo picker, Bruce Roberts, who ran around Orange and Alamance Counties, with whom I used to play old-timey tunes back in 1985 to 88 or 89 or so.  “Uncle Penn,” Candy, Gail, all that lot; out at Buckhorn, if you ever knocked around any of the local old-time/Celtic folk crowd. …back in the days of the Tannahill Weavers, posing in front of the Blue Cross/Blue Shield building, and Zan MacLeod somehow talking them into letting him play electric guitar on their Green Linnet release… 



Anyway, Bruce drank Schaefer. 

From time to time I’d rag on him about it. 

That stuff was nasty.  IMO. 

(the one beer to have... when you're having more than one)


As it happened, way back then, I often went on reconnaissance missions to find sheet music for certain pipe and fiddle tunes in our music library, at the time located in the basement of Hill Hall. In one of these spelunking expeditions through the dimly lit stacks, I stumbled upon some music book of commercial jingles.  Standing there in the narrow passage between stacks (plus, in some spots the standing head clearance was <6′), leafing through this curious cache, I weighed the kitsch value of adding things like the Oscar Meyer tune to my repertoire.  Then, flipping through the pages, there it was.  My first exposure to the Schaefer beer jingle.  I’d had no idea such an enchanting song had ever existed. It was a “must have.”  And yes, I can read music, so even though I’d never heard it, I acquired a rather mediocre (yet melodically accurate) version of it for acoustic guitar.  Mediocre wasn’t important, though, as it was mainly a vehicle to crack on Bruce whenever the opportunity presented.

It would be my luck that shortly after I acquired this fantastical tune of taunting, not only did Bruce move to Virginia, but Schaefer distribution was discontinued in this area. 

Therefore, as one might suspect, I was practically near-rapture tonight, having found another rare moment to spring it on an unsuspecting audience.


Currently listening:
Life… The Best Game In Town
By: Harvey Milk
Release Date: June 3, 2008


Can you believe how I totally just la-de-da’d my way through the astrology report?  I don’t even know what to put here for the astrology weather report… I guess I’ll cut-n-paste the stuff that’s on alabe.com and list the VOC moons.  Yeah.  That’ll work!

The astrological “weather” report:

First, here are the void moons for the coming week:

Moon in Sagittarius goes void Sunday November 2 @ 04:41
….enters Capricorn @ 06:13
YAY! All Hallows’ Eve free and clear of voids, into All Saints’ Day, completely through tomorrow night’s 80’s dance!  Weekends rarely have better timing than this!

Moon in Capricorn goes void Tuesday, November 4 @ 01:46
…enters Aquarius @ 19:01
Holy fuck. VOC elections.

Moon in Aquarius goes void Friday, November 7 @ 04:33
…enters Pisces @ 05:43
Who’s going to be starting anything important between 4 and 6 in the morning?  Like, no one.  Of course, if you’re on the west coast, that’s between 1 and 3 in the morning, which could potentially be more problematic, but still it’s less than 2 hours.

Now, here is what alabe.com has to say for this fine evening of All Hallows’:

October 31, 2008
08:30 PM Time Zone is EDT
Chapel Hill, NC

Applying Sun Sextile Jupiter
This is a time for proposals, launchings, generosity, increases, travel, helpful actions, legalities, and educational matters.

Applying Moon Conjunct Venus
Relations with others, particularly females, are emotionally enhanced now. People are attracted to each other and feelings are shared. Public events move along more or less smoothly.

Applying Mercury Sextile Pluto
Agendas for change are announced now. There may be news about investigations and private matters.

Applying Venus Square Saturn
Feelings (and maybe the weather) are cooling down. Diplomacy is necessary as differences between people become more apparent. Feelings may be bitter, making agreements difficult. Shortages, delays, obstacles, and terminations are possible now.

Applying Mars Square Neptune
The motivations, actions, and initiatives of some people may seem questionable now. People tend to be driven more by ideology or beliefs than by reality. At worst, there is name calling, confusion over remarks, weak or deceptive leadership, and sometimes fires or other disasters. Often there is more smoke than fire.

Applying Jupiter Trine Saturn
This transit brings positive developments in political and economic matters. In general, leaders and the public move toward more traditional ways of handling problems and making decisions. Leaders are sworn in now, courts and panels give their approval, and reputations are cleared.

Applying Saturn Opposite Uranus
This transit emphasizes inequalities in society, the conflicts between the “haves” and the “have-nots.” This may also be a time of severe socio-economic stress and even financial recession. Changes of rule and authority in many fields leave people feeling unstable and insecure. It is a time of frustration, accidents, rigid resistance to change, and attacks on authorities.

…for anyone who knows how to read astrological glyphs,
check November 4, 2008:

(all times given are EST; times in blue font are AM, times shown in black font are PM)
Clipped from a calendar at the amazingly free
and magnificently comprehensive Khaldea site.

If you need a little help reading it,  >>  indicates the last aspect the moon makes, and as shown here for November 4, being a sextile (one of the major aspects), that means the moon goes void when it makes contact with Mars at 01:46 (and because the font for the time is blue, that’s AM, so if you’re out partying or something Monday night, you know, 1:46… a few minutes before last call in Chapel Hill, NC).  Then, you’ll notice 7:01, in black font, underneath the moon glyph located underneath the 4; this means 19:01.  A minute after 7pm.  Those jagged lines next to the moon there represent the sign Aquarius.  This is read as “the moon enters Aquarius at 7:01pm.”  As is usually the case, this also marks the end of the void. 

Some polls close at 7pm on the east coast: for some areas, all votes cast will take place under a void moon.  Some of you might know, or maybe recall me mentioning, that the inauguration takes place under a void moon.

This is an election rife with VOC; even before the election, Barack declared his candidacy right in the middle of an extended void.  he was spared a VOC nomination, as the Democrats altered the typical convention schedule, placing the roll call earlier in the day, and also, Clinton’s motion for acclamation insured it would take place well before the moon went void at 20:13 (8:13PM) EDT/ 18:13 (6:13PM) MDT that day.


Ya know what?

I think I’m gonna break down and make a separate astrology blog here at wordpress.  No doubt there are countless other professional astrologers where you’ll find more in-depth info than I’m ever gonna worry with, but it’s looking like if I want to really discuss some of this stuff, it’d be better served in a special place set aside on its own.


I think I’m gonna do it.

Details to come… probably in the next week or two.

/astrological “weather” report


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