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WXYC Friday, November 7, 2008 7-9pm (+ 9-10pm)

What a busy little worker bee I’ve been tonight!
Ch-ch-ch-ch-check itsss:

7/11/8 19:00-21:00
with special bonus Inside Track:

7/11/8 21:00-21:41
and then some!

7/11/8 21:41-22:00

I really wish I hadn’t blown the cue after the Eno.  But whatever.  My god, I haven’t heard Third Uncle in too too long, and it was just too too good.  *I* was dancing.  You may not have been.  *I* was.

I almost feel guilty about not being more familiar with Matthew Sweet than I am, but I don’t.  Not really.  Anyways, I felt pretty good that I picked a tune that someone was quick to recognize, call in and win the tix for his Cradle show tonight (Friday night).  I was amused someone confused that Trekky release (Lost In The Trees – “Song For The Painter”) for Matthew Sweet.  I’m betting the caller figured out it was totally *not* Matthew Sweet shortly after he hung up.  (Since he only asked if it was a tune off some specific Sweet album, I didn’t have need to tell him the name of the performers… and if he was a fan, he may have been embarrassed.)

Except for that one miscue after the Eno, I really liked this whole show, including the Inside Track, and the minutes I filled up to 22:00. I was all happy the MD picked that Growing CD to follow, because, well, I like it.


Currently listening:
Take Refuge In Clean Living
By: Grails
Release Date: June 30, 2008



The astrological “weather” report:

The energy tonight is extremely positive.  There’s a brief period tomorrow afternoon—between 4 & 5pm, maybe as early as 3pm for some people—where things turn serious or you may feel a little down but by 11pm tomorrow night, all of that should have worked it’s way through and things brighten up again.  If you sleep from 3:30am – 12:30pm Sunday, you’ll miss the next couple of bumps in the road, though the moon may still be a source of tension till after 8pm Monday.

The thing is, Monday, the sun is sextile Jupiter at about 4am; then at 4:21pm it makes a trine with Uranus and I believe that’s gonna outshine any bristling the moon may bring on.  Heading into Thursday—except for that Saturn opposition Uranus that continues to loom over us until it returns February 5, and really on into 2010—the sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter make only positive aspects, and of these positive aspects, there are four made to Uranus which will most certainly ease, even completely mask difficulties that the opposition presents; the four of these aspects together could take sudden losses and turn them into even more unexpected gains.  Also during this time, the real bummer bugaboo in that opposition, Saturn, also receives positive aspects from the sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter.

It’s because the planets receiving the positive energy—Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus—together encompass big parts of life, that there will be a good feeling, good luck, and/or a pleasant mood prevailing for us this next week:
Jupiter is generosity, higher education, philosophy, benevolence, religion in it’s more venerable countenance, as sage…
Saturn is conservative, cautious, professional, the serious businessman, if you will…
Uranus is sudden, unexpected, radical change, but also your friendships through social connections: clubs, fraternities, charities, or yes, even Chapel Hill scenesterdom…

So right now, there’s a balance between Jupiter and Saturn.  Since they’re both getting positive energy there’s less likelihood of “giving till it hurts,” or alternately, regretting something you *didn’t* do, because you were overly cautious.

Tonight should be good, the whole weekend in general looks pretty good.

Because Pluto is past 29° 24′, and due to the position of the moon, two of the lunar voids are less than an hour in duration this week.  Here are the void periods between now and next Friday:

Sunday:   11:28 – 12:26
Tuesday:   14:17 – 15:05
Thursday:   12:12 – 15:11

…so those are the times you’d want to avoid starting something you’d like to do again, signing contracts, or buying things you need to last, like homes, cars, large appliances, electronics, that kind of thing…

/astrological “weather” report


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