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WXYC Friday, November 14, 2008 7-9pm

Also, bin ich nochmal unbedingt spät… es gibt mehr, aber noch später. Bis dann, besser als nichts?:

14/11/8 19:00-21:00


Naja! Nach Zwo Wochen…
(28 November, 2008 23:10 EST, Friday)

I hate it when I don’t write this stuff within a day of doing the show, but sometimes, that’s the way it goes, and as I said above, better late than nothing…

My favorite part of this show was the first 30 minutes with my “Son-of-a-bitch, I forgot to bring my diet Coke, and holy fuck!!! I left all my money in my other pants, damn, I even cleaned out all my change from my backpack, good god almighty, so I can’t even trip downstairs and purchase one of those nasty-ass diet Pepsis from the vending machine! How will I make it through the next 2 hours????” set.  (The “fat” sub-theme ties in with the notion of “diet” foods.  A caffeine sub-theme would have been better, but I couldn’t think of anything on the fly.  Probably because I didn’t have caffeine taking its usual role in my synaptic clefts.)

Anyways, that’s what I recall most about this show…  the Coltrane request was appreciated. Thanks fer dat.


Currently listening:
The Robot’s Guide To Freedom
By: Ten East
Release Date: August 5, 2008



The astrological “weather” report:
Tonight you want to be wary of arguments.

First, we have the moon in Gemini which promotes social interaction so you’re more likely to find yourself in chatty situations.  If you think back to October 17, it’s pretty much the same lunar situation:

Unpleasant social consequences from something said.

In October, though, it was overnight, aggravated with a negative aspect to Venus.  Tonight, it’s triggered at 20:59 (8:59pm) and finishes up around a quarter till eleven (pm), at which point things get happier, and it’s safer to chat it up.  If you drink or use other methods to alter your perception/mood, and this includes non-chemical methods, there’s a possibility that what starts out as all good fun—or perhaps you’re doing something that leads you to believe you are surely approaching a new level of enlightment—takes a decidedly untoward turn.  Have fun, enjoy yourself, but don’t skip good sense measures—definitely make sure, for example, you reserve enough cash to get a safe ride home.  Risky behavior tonight seems more likely to be rewarded with a most unwelcome outcome.

After 01:30, the moon applies an opposition to Pluto before it goes void at a quarter after 2… it’s only void 36 minutes, so before 3 am the moon enters Cancer, *but* even though it’s no longer void, it enters an opposition to Venus that applies through till 21:32 (9:32pm) tomorrow night.  Lunar oppositions to Venus are times when you are much more likely to have ugly disagreements with your friends and partners, so keep all this in mind over the next 24 hours, because it all passes Saturday night.

Honestly, when we look at the signs involved: Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio, Pisces, and Virgo, it has all the ingredients of the textbook misunderstanding->quarrel->subsequent make-up.  The thing is, you’ll get the make-up time regardless of any argument, so why not skip the argument part all together, if you can avoid it?  Again, except for the Saturn opposition to Uranus, the difficult aspects are coming only from the moon—ephemeral by all definitions—so if you can tap into the earthy stability of the Jupiter trine to Saturn that’s also going on now through 7am next Friday, that would be a reliable source for keeping a level head.

All day Sunday is a great time to talk and hang out with friends, with positive aspects coming from Mercury and Venus: Mercury sextile Jupiter in the morning, then sextile Saturn (splitting the distance between the trine) at 19:27 (7:27pm) Sunday night, and Venus applying the sextile to Uranus through till November 28.

As for our lunar void-of-course periods for the coming week, here ya go:

Saturday, November 15 (Gemini) 02:16 – 02:52 enters Cancer (about 36 minutes)
Monday November 17 (Cancer) 08:42 – 16:07 enters Leo (about 7 hours, 25 minutes)
Wednesday, November 19 (Leo) 19:47 – 20:12 enters Virgo (about 25 minutes)
Saturday, November 22 (Virgo) 03:01 – 03:19 enters Libra (about 18 minutes)

/astrological “weather” report

Sometimes I think, “Ya know, I really need to put together a style sheet (not a css, but a writing protocol) so the way I present voids and stuff is consistent from week-to-week.”  I may do that, yet.  Till then, yes, I do think about it, for those wondering, but I don’t know whether or not I’m ever gonna take action on it.  I still haven’t made the separate astrology blog thing I mentioned a couple weeks ago.


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