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WXYC Friday, November 21, 2008 7-9pm

The classic, “dude, it’s gettin’ cold and they’re sayin’ it’s gonna drop to 21°F (w/o windchill, thankfully!) tonight, so I’m gettin’ the fuck on for now” drop’n’go:

21/11/8 19:00-21:00

I’ll type at you cats l8r!

(28 November, 2008 23:34)

Anyone curious about the cold that night who doesn’t live here, yes indeedy, it did drop down to 20°F in some parts of Chapel Hill, although officially at Horace Williams it was only 24°F.  Still.  Word to the weather:    It’s *November*.  Get a grip, already!

So let’s see, as I look over the setlist, mainly I remember liking how the whole thng sounded.  The Rasputina request was damned sweet.  I seem to recall slightly blowing the segue into John Cale, but not in any catastrophic way.  That being neither here, nor perhaps not even there, what’s important is Cello = heart.

And check the links to the “Currently listening” thing, down there.  I not only think this is like way-cool sounds, but I really like the semi-retrosurreal album cover, which you can see way better if you have a look at Sublime Frequencies’ webpage for the album, so click it already, why doncha, please, thank you!


Currently listening:
1970’s Algerian Proto-Rai Underground
By: Various Artists
Release Date: 2008



The astrological “weather” report:

’round about 19:00 EST Friday, 21 November 2008, the planets were on the ecliptic at these astrological points:

Sun:  0° Sagittarius
Moon:  23° Virgo
Mercury:  27° Scorpio
Venus:  11° Capricorn
Mars:  4° Sagittarius
Jupiter:  20° Capricorn
Saturn:  20° Virgo
Uranus:  18° Pisces
Neptune:  21° Aquarius
Pluto:  29° Sagittarius 49′

The sun enters Sagittarius at 17:44, so any children born exactly today, 21/11/8, before 17:44 EST are Scorpio; those born at or after 17:44 are Sagittarius.  This timing doesn’t apply to everyone born on the 21st of November: only today.  You’re considered Sagittarius if you were born when the sun was anywhere between 240° and 269°59’59” on the solar ecliptic, and because of our planetary motion, the day and time the sun begins this arc changes from year to year.

A little after 7am, the Jupiter trine Saturn finally applied.  This is the aspect that has been keeping us safe from flood and famine, at least figuratively; It’s been the ballast that’s kept us from veering completely off course, or slipping into the abyss.  With Jupiter in Capricorn and Saturn in Virgo, both earth signs, this has given us a very stable, steadying effect as we’ve been dealing with the chaos that Saturn’s opposition to Uranus has been dishing up, and that bad boy (Saturn opposition Uranus) is gonna be a source of tribulation for us through 2010. 

The Saturn opposition to Uranus takes place about once each 45 years. <<< (Click that sentence to open an earlier blog entry where I give the previous and current dates of this aspect, as well as a smidgen of backstory.) 

Back in 1919, when it took place with both planets in the same astrological signs that they currently occupy, we had the post-WWI German Revolution, things were still rumbling amidst the Bolsheviks and counter-Bolsheviks, and on a more positive note, women finally got the right to vote.  There *will* be major global changes these next 2 years.

With the passing of the Jupiter trine Saturn, we will become more vulnerable to the disruptions of the ups and downs Saturn’s opposition to Uranus brings.  Jupiter doesn’t make another aspect till it enters Aquarius on 6 January, 2009, at which point it applies a conjunction to Neptune through May.  This will usher in a very spiritual/philosophical time, and since this is a conjunction in Aquarius, a sign known for its objective humanitarianism, you can expect a more detached enlightment.  Definitely *not* the fanatical brand of religiousity…

Now that’s all long term stuff, and we’ve got this Thanksgiving thing staring us in the face, least ways if we’re U.S.-oriented. The Scots have St. Andrews Feast coming up the same weekend, though, so at least a couple nationalities may be concerned with aspects of more immediate impact.

The sun entering Sagittarius brings a more lively tempo to fore; Mercury also enters Sagittarius Sunday, so if you’re into the math, you know that spells imminent conjunction.  The sun is a vital, if temporal, source of energy.  Mercury is… well, mercurial.  Both planets are extraverted, as is the sign Sagittarius, so as we approach the coming week, all systems are go, and people are likely to feel optimistic. 

Tuesday, the sun conjuncts Mercury, then over the week, they both apply a conjunction to Mars; it is a very high energy time.

We’ll need to keep our egos in check, otherwise we may find ourselves in arguments that could get LOUD, though even that could end up being positive, because this is *not* a time of holding things in.  Wildfires may be destructive, but they clear away the old and make way for new, stronger growth.  Open expression will give people opportunites to grow, whether it’s purely the bright, shining, exuberant expression, or if it turns to a bit of thunder and lightning.

The other stuff affecting us through next Friday is nearly all positive.  Shortly after 11am on Turkey Day, Uranus resumes direct motion, which makes unconventional ideas and acts progress more fluid, and Venus sextile Uranus applies 4:20am Friday, so, that means the planet of harmony, partners, love and such joins with the planet of revolution, friends, radical change and humanitarianism in a positive aspect of 60 degrees, which will surely add insurance to the notion that free expression will be a rewarding experience this Thanksgiving.  Venus will next make a trine with Saturn 23:36 (11:36pm) Saturday night, which is “sobering” and conservative, but in a comforting, comfortable way (not oppressive or confining).

The negatives are the Saturn opposition to Uranus, which I’ve already covered, but also we have Mars applying a square to Uranus.  This Martian aspect isn’t exact until December 12, so for this coming week, for most of us, all the positive aspects should dominate the scene.

The only real danger would be getting lost in our own self-importance, blustery ego-driven stuff.  Just remember to temper desires for purely selfish acts at the gross expense of others, and things look good.

Pluto enters Capricorn on Wednesday at 20:02, so while our void moons are nearly lightning quick the first part of the week, come Wednesday and Friday they run about 17 hours long, after Pluto changes:

Saturday, November 22:   03:01 – 03:19
Monday, November 24:   12:44 – 12:54
Wednesday, November 26  07:32 – Thursday, November 27  00:13
Friday, November 28  19:53 – Saturday, November 29  12:47 (PM!!!)

If you’re wont to subscribe to superstition, given that next Friday is a huge “shopping” day all across America, you definitely want to get out and get your shopping done before the void starts at 7:53pm; at least, don’t make any major purchases for items that you want or expect to last a long time.  If you can’t get such items purchased before 7:53 Friday night, wait till *after* 12:47 Saturday before you take that plunge… the little things that don’t cost much, stocking stuffers and such, that’s all cool.  The void superstition holds that cheap things bought with low expectation often have surprisingly long lives and uses one never considered at the time of purchase.  It’s the things that matter most that are supposedly subject to the “jinx.”  Since the moon is void in Sagittarius, you’d especially want to avoid expensive play items—computer games, video consoles, your X-box type stuff—just wait till, say, after 1pm Saturday if you miss the 7:45pm deadline.

Also, FWIW, some people may want to know that the New Moon officially takes place at 11:54 (AM) Turkey Day, and at 05 Sagittarius 50, if you need to know that.  Some people feel that the New Moon signals a new cycle of life, so right around noon on the day of U.S. feasting, we find ourselves at a sort of beginning, which I see as further support of an overall positive holiday period.

/astrological “weather” report


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