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Up all night

and I even missed the streakers.

It’s a UNC thing.

I’ve been in the Undergraduate Library all night, messing around with XMASsacre preparations.

Anyways, just a heads-up to anyone who likes the astrology weather report and who also reads this blog.

Once again, I’ve not written anything in preparation for tonight. In fact, I haven’t even thought about what I said or looked at last week, except to check the void moons for myself.

…except astronomically, if you’re up at sunset, you can see the (now passed, but still close together) Jupiter-Venus conjunction, and that’s a pretty thing to behold. It happens about once a year, but we often can’t see it due to planetary motion/positions. I think it’s gonna be 2012 before we can see another one, leastways up here in the Northern hemisphere. I haven’t had enough sleep to be able to think about the spatial implications of the Southern hemisphere at the moment. Right now, astronomically, both Venus and Jupiter are within the confines of the constellation Sagittarius.

Astrologically, they are described as being in the sign Capricorn because they are between 270° and 299° 59′ on the solar ecliptic. I explained this sign vs. constellation stuff back over the summer, and at the bottom of this post, you’ll find the way the signs lay along the ecliptic. Constellations are *not* astrological signs, even though they share names. In tropical astrology, signs are defined on the ecliptic, and *only* on the ecliptic, in 12 consecutive arcs of 30 degrees each. Constellations are defined by their visual location all across the sky. That’s why the wanna-be smarts will tell you astrology should have 13 or 14 or 21 signs, not 12. They don’t understand that the only way you can have equal arcs of 30° on a 360° circle is by dividing by 12. The planets *do* move through 21 different constellations, and technically there *are* 14 constellations that line up along the ecliptic, but astrology is about keeping time. Time wouldn’t work very well if some hours had 5 minutes and other hours had 135 minutes, and then, too, who’s to say how long a minute might be if we determined this based on constellations and not evenly divided measures?


I’ve said all this stuff before. Waste some time in the “Astrology How It Works How it Doesn’t” thing that’s listed up at the top right, *before* you send me email, if you think you know more about the way astrology works than I do.

And… Richard’s getting cranky! I think someone needs a nap before a radio show, if it can be managed…

And the show tonight is a 3 hour tour, starting at 6pm/18:00 EST — we’re on “sign-ups.”

Currently listening:
to people coughing, *alot*, in the UL…
everybody trying to get ready for finals.
No sneezing.
and there’s a sniffler down to my right.
Arg! and the air temp outside is 43°, so the cold front has come through :/

Oh well. If the show sucks tonight, you’ll know why! + )


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