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WXYC Friday, December 5, 2008 18:00-21:00

Besser Spät Als Nie™ blog production here:

5/12/8 18:00-21:00

I’m all busy trying to get the XMASsacre together, so if you need astrological weather, just go to alabe.com
…of course, since I personally have that VOC superstition, I *will* list the voids for the rest of the week:
(Void in Aries) Monday, December 8, 16:34 – Tuesday, December 9, 01:52 (Enters Taurus)
(Void in Taurus) Wednesday, December 10, 17:23 – Thursday, December 11, 02:33 (Enters Gemini)
(Void in Gemini) Friday, December 12 13:00 – Saturday, December 13, 01:39 (Enters Cancer)


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