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WXYC Friday, December 19, 2008 15:00-21:00

Yowza, we’re in sign-ups, so you’ll be seeing more/different hours for radio shows I’m doing.

Tonight, it was a 6 hour dealy-doo that went by too quickly…  well, it went by too quickly for me…  maybe some listeners feel differently…  Anyways, I guess after the ~10 hour Xtravaganza that included the XMASsacre, 6 hours *is* kinda short! =)

19/12/8 15:00-21:00

We had many good requests, and for the ones I couldn’t find, pretty much everyone came up with alternates.  At least we had someone’s favorite Doc Watson tune to spin!  And of course, it’s always easy to work Thelonious in.

I am most disappointed by the absence of Terry Melcher from our library… if I read correctly, he does a reading !? of Roll In My Sweet Baby Arms… I’m imagining something Shatner-esque… I’ll see if we can’t score a copy of that.  If I’ve read the Allmusic.com review correctly, obviously Flatt & Scruggs’ version is a totally different bird, but at least the words are prolly (?close to?) the same.

Re: the nearly-15-minute-long Allman Brothers request (High Falls) I took and honored, in its entirety: Don’t go thinkin’ I’ll make a regular habit of that.  I, like many of my ‘xyc compatriots, don’t especially care for requests that run over 5 minutes, in general.  But sometimes, just sometimes, it does help fill the time, plus, this time, I got a very close friend who’s very ill, and while I know he couldn’t hear it (he’s far, far away from our signal), *if* he coulda heard it… he’d have been in 7th heaven.  I’d have played it for him, so I passed the pass on to the person who requested it.  A surrogate kinda thing.  As for my far-away friend, I’ve always considered his appreciation of the Allman Brothers as a personal shortcoming.  He feels the same about my appreciation of Bon Scott AC/DC.  What can I say?  There’s no accounting for taste.

The Singing Dogs *did* get the call of approval during the XMASsacre, but by someone new and different.  Despite this, the very person—who I know always wants to hear it—missed hearing it last week.  We can’t have that.  While we were talking about it tonight, there was some discussion about the age and origin of the tune, and now… I don’t know about the Scandinavian origin theory, *but* it’s from *1955*  !!!!  *I* was thinking 60’s…  Apparently the 1970’s theory comes from the fact that this 1955 recording was edited into the version we all now know and love back in 1971.

I was happy to get “2000 Miles” in tonight, since I apparently *did* miss that last week.  Very nearly as glaring an omission as my need for “Shouldn’t Have Given Him A Gun For Christmas.”  How *did* I miss that one???  I was literally thinking about that Wall of Voodoo tune from the time I walked out the door on the way to the station last Friday.  Go figure.  File ’em both under Besser Spät Als Nie™!

Regarding Xmas requests, I need to get over to the XMASsacre blog and do the full write-up for the show from last week, but not tonight.  Too late.  I really need to get outta here.  I think lots of people may be interested in the XMASsacre votes for Best All-Time Holiday Tune, mainly cuz there were lots of different votes, *and* I want to address all the missed requests: none were skipped over, they were all unfindable to me at the time.  I gots all da notes from the show, but my computer at home died a couple months ago, so that’s tossin’ a big ol’ wrench in the works of posting things on these here internets, ya know.

Yo.  So in the interest of honoring my need to get the hell out of here…


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Again, for the astrological weather report, I pretty much went straight by the alabe.com write-up, and in the process, as I sit to write this, now, I realize I totally forgot to tell you guys when the VOC moons were happening!  D’oh!  So, OK.  Sorry ’bout dat.  The good news is they’re pretty much all taking place outside the hours during which someone living in Eastern Standard Time might start something.  Also, we have none of that 12+ hour crap from a couple weeks ago. This week, it’s just a couple ~6 hour shots, and one very brief half-hour span, between 6:25 – 6:55pm, the day after Xmas.  Here they are, for the blog readers, at any rate:
(Void in Libra) Sunday, December 21, 11:57 – 18:36 (Enters Scorpio)
(Void in Scorpio) Wednesday, December 24, 00:29 – 06:12 (Enters Sagittarius)
(Void in Sagittarius) Friday, December 26, 18:25 – 18:55 (Enters Capricorn)


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