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WXYC Thursday, January 1, 2009 12:15-18:00

Happy New Year!

This was the show during which I somewhat-suddenly realized I’ve been a dj at WXYC for more than 7 years. Sunn o))f a bitch. 2002’s T.Raumschmiere’s Great Rock’n’Roll Swindle brought it home for me:

1/1/9 12:15-18:00

I realized it during the talkset, backlisting T.R. 

Seriously, somehow I’ve been thinking it’s been going on 5 years.  Which doesn’t make sense when I just went through the whole process of doing XMASsacre VI, and I know I wasn’t allowed to do one twice, so there were 8 potential massacres of which I’ve committed 6.  And here I am always talking about how math is my friend.  I guess the number of years I’ve been here is more of an emotional memory than a mathematical one.

Request-wise, you fellers were fairly quiet today, but that’s OK.  I know you were out late last night.  Exactly 2 requests: one for Cale’s “Mercenaries,” and another for James Taylor.

Well damn.  Looking over the setlist, now I realize I didn’t put the Stickdog in the right place on the flow sheet.  I played Stickdog *after* the NNCK (No Neck Blues Band), not before.  It was the first thing I played at the top of the 16:00 hour.

…what is it with me today re:preoccupation with Townshend?  In the midst of writing this entry, I somehow started cruising HIWATT® pages, in hard need for a gear-porn fix.  If you’re ever in need for such a thing here are the best links:

Mark Huss’ site satisfying both for written content and images. Baby!

REEVES is the closest you can come, today, in terms of getting a brand new “HIWATT.”  Here’s the sweetest of the fresh:

Remember, if you’re wanting a HIWATT/SOUND CITY/Hylight Electronics amp, really, it should be pre-1981 if it’s not a modern day REEVES.  Mark’s site completely covers the history and explains the important events that make that so.

! *Now* I remember how that gear-porn sidebar happened!   I made that Sunn o)) reference, started thinking about tube amps…  I’ve never played through a Sunn o)) so that leaves me thinking about the tubes I know… and then naturally I quickly succumb to HIWATT

Glad I got *that* sorted.

OK, well, I’m back atcha in less than 24 hours, so I’m out for now.

As for what I was listening to as I wrote this, Montgomery’s show.  I recommend you *always* listen to Montgomery’s show, when you have the opportunity.

Bis morgen!

Edit: ! 31 January 2009 !
I found another HIWATT gearhead on wordpress!  Check it!


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