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WXYC Friday, January 2, 2009 6-9pm

Yet *another*
Besser Spät Als Nie™ blog production here:

Man.  It started out well enough.  But sometime during that Chris McGregor Trio stuff, every nanogram of inspiration I had evaporated.  I don’t remember anything like this ever happening before, and especially during sign-ups. 

I came in anticipating fun, but once the muse-dessicant spilled into the control room, “that’s all she wrote” transmogrified well beyond its metaphorical context.  Fortunately for me, WXYC has dedicated, loyal listeners ready to spring into action if a modulative disaster threatens our broadcast. Sometimes EMT stands for our “Emergency Modulative Technician” listeners, ever on the stand-by:

2/1/9 18:00-21:00



Thanks!  Any radio show that includes T.O.N.T.O, the Marx Brothers, and The Cramps by request counts in the win column, and listeners get credit for the save.

…now, ya see, I thought I was gonna come back and finish this sometime last weekend, but seein’ as how it’s now 9 January 9, we all know I didn’t, the entry has been languishing in the saved drafts section for a week, so by *now*, I can’t remember what else was happening last week… I can’t even remember what I did about the astrology weather report.  I only remember that around 19:45 I discovered that I’d forgotten to bring the “theme song.”

Well, that but more importantly, I *also* recall the success of the Request Recovery Project, and I am eternally grateful to our listeners who help make this station sound like WXYC is supposed to sound…

Hell’s yeah, buddy! 

…and now on to *this* week’s show…














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