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WXYC Friday, January 9, 2009 6-9pm

This *will* go out tonight! This *will* go out tonight!

Observe, if you will, the set-list from this evening’s broadcast programme:

9/1/9 18:00-21:00

…arg… I have just realized that I have obligations for tomorrow, so I can’t really say anything, short of thanks for the requests, especially the Senor Coconut.  I know I need to be more familiar with him, and given he’s German… I have little in the way of support for my sub-par Coconut recognition, but hopefully tonight we’ve begun to chip away at the stone.

Also, no matter how the rest of the radio show may have gone, the 2 things I’d been planning on playing—since I’d first started thinking about doing the show tonight—went extremely well. 
1.) I feel my Stickdog/Human commitment (d.h., playing a different tune from the Human album by Stickdog each week till we’ve finished the album) really solidified one of the earlier sets, and shortly after this, just before 19:00,

2.) Zs—which I had been thinking about playing since last Sunday—was not only sweet in the set, but a listener IM’d appreciation for the “B Is For Burn” tune!  It came from their Arms CD and I’m linking it all up below. 

The deal is, few things can top getting a favorable call for a non-rotation tune that a dj’s thinking *needs* to have some air-time. 

At least from this dj’s perspective. 

Back in September, some may recall how I was all happy about getting remarks in reference to the White Octave I played : )  The ***only*** thing that tops *that* kinda thing is the random, off-the-cuff listener request which prompts additional (clearly unrelated) listener calls/IMS in approval for said requested tune.



Currently listening:
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….and yep, I *did* do an astrological weather report—complete w/cheesy “(There Are Twelve Signs Of The) Zodiac” tune, which I made sure I didn’t forget this week—but I simply read the stuff listed at alabe.com, again, and reported the void-of-course moons for the coming week as provided by Felissa.

Yo, dat’sAll fur now… more atcha when it’s atcha!


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