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WXYC Friday, January 16, 2009 6-9pm

The last of this winter break’s 3-hour-tours:

16/1/9 18:00-21:00

Honestly, this started out pretty good, I thought. I was in a good mood n stuff. And then I got that call from that dude who thought
1.) I should just give him tickets to the Cradle because he wanted them
2.) if he would call back and berate me, I would eventually give him the tickets,
and apparently (!) he may also have had this misconception that
3.) if he harassed Derek at the door of the Cradle, he could get in as a guest of xyc.


He had that Bronxian/Jerseyite-esque type accent, so obviously he didn’t grow up anywhere within 100 miles of here. In his process of trying to coerce me to give him the tickets, he said he was from out-of-town, just here for a couple days.

Maybe that kind of pushy, rude, entitled demeanor scores stuff for him where ever it was that he grew up, but that ain’t the way it works around here. Actually, I did a show up in Hartford, Connecticut for a left-end station, and the dude who was their rock director, who managed that station’s ticket give-aways, also expressed extreme disdain for pushy assholes, so it’s not like it’s a North/South thing.

Does anyone know?

I mean, when WFMU does ticket give-aways, do *they* fold up like accordions if some abrasive jerk-off calls them and tells them they have mainstream taste in music, so they should give (the caller) tickets because he knows what’s good? Somehow, I don’t think so.

Anyways, the dj before me was hanging out in the control room after his show, and the-seeker-of-the-tickets really really pissed me off, so I decided it was time for a massive dose of Robert Ashley/Paul De Marinis, and as many of you know, there are important “names” that roll by in that piece; the dj before me is studying philosophy, and he thought it was great piece, and he’d never heard it before, so the massive dose went down with direct, massive approval. I very nearly (very titanically) played the whole thing, at least more than half of the 40-odd minutes of it. I think some of you may have hung with me through that, but then I put in the new No Neck Blues Band, and let that go on and on and on… now I know we were enjoying it in the control room, but then we were discussing Nietzsche and stuff… in particular

this book was coming to me highly recommended, in case any of you were wondering what the fuck I was doing during that 50 minute “sound-scape.” We also briefly discussed how a woman might appreciate Nietzsche given his seeming misogyny. Actually, we should have gone deeper into that, but I’d already been distracted for rather a long time, and I felt I’d more than made my point to the ignernt bunhead, who told me I took my music cues from NPR and some dude named “Bob Boilen.” So if you heard us reading from that NPR website—I can’t remember if that was during the Ashley/deMarinis or the NNCK—we were both trying to figure out who the fuck Bob Boilen was, and we decided to broadcast our conversation as we were searching around trying to figure out who Boilen was, and more to the point, what sort of musical preferences I was being accused of retaining.

By 19:45 I think I was back on some kind of reasonable track—for me, at any rate—yet that was after nearly 2 hours of borderline-effete music nerdery. I didn’t mean to alienate anyone… you know, except for the guy trying to goad me to surrender our tickets to him. I’ll never understand how some people seem to think they’ll get rewards for directing personal attacks and insults at the people who control the rewards. Obviously, it *does* work that way somewhere; otherwise, we’d never get that kind of call. To that end, djs together agree that if you wanted me to play something else, you’d have called, at least once, but no one called at all during the anti-listenable set, so I guess it may have been listenable in spite of it all.

Anyways, knowing that guy likely will never stumble upon this blog, having just tonight (January 23, that is; we’re dealing with pre-dated blog entries here to maintain show-entry continuity), having only just tonight wandered over to the Los Campesinos! website and listened to their stuff, I can’t believe that dude was berating me as a middle-of-the-road kiss-up to NPR programmers! No doubt I have my flaws in taste, flaws that include run-of-the-mill indie-rock. Hell, I’ll even admit to liking the 7″ we had from Wolfmother, although having made the mistake of attending their show at the Cradle, I immediately saw the light on that one. Los Campesinos! doesn’t suck in the same way Wolfmother does, but it really is highly polished, extremely formulaic, garden variety, (but high-energy) indie rock. I had a couple people tell me Los Campesinos! are “punk.” No. Los Campesinos! are *not* punk. The Sex Pistols, The Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, and The Ramones define punk. ‘taint no hinta nunna dem in dat Los Campesinos! stuff. That’s pretty much “indie rock,” and nothing more.

The nerve of that dilettante fucker telling *me* I wasn’t capable of making my own musical choices.

La la la la la la la la alienate the listeners and the readers as well!

Now that *that* is outta my system, I do wanna thank the couple guys who called in requests. The challenge of finding the first request for “The Pastels” via our new “search archives” page was not only thoroughly met, but it was fun in the process. The Ramones at the end was timely, since there was no designated inside track and I needed to do something else instead of choose different tunes till the next dj showed up. I played the request, and I swear I’d never heard that Ramones’ cover CD before—I stumbled across that trying to find the specifically requested tune—so why not play a CD of the Ramones doing covers of 60’s rock standards?

…and another week of sloppy astrological weather reporting went down about 20:30… there’s a link to alabe.com over there in that column on the right.

current word count = 1059?  good god.


Anyways.  Yeah.

Currently listening:
Burn Or Bury
By: Milk Cult
Release Date: 1994


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