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WXYC Friday, January 30, 2009 7-9pm

and the beat goes on…

30/1/9 19:00-21:00

I still haven’t adjusted from the three-hour-tours of winter break.  Two hours seems really, really short.  I mean, kein halbes Augenblick.

I was fairly happy with everything I played tonight.  In particular, I was delighted that I remembered to play Stickdog, given my winter-break-lagged mental state. 

No requests, but some friendly calls, *and* I gave away all three of our free passes to the Cradle for that Dylan tribute thing, The Last Waltz Band,

The Last Waltz Ensemble


The Last Waltz Ensemble music

Playing the music of BOB DYLAN and THE BAND

Doors: 8:00PM

Show: 9:00PM

$10 Advance

$12 Day of Show

and even better, all three winners were first time WXYC ticket winners.  When we got tickets to give away, I don’t care what kind of band is playing, where ever they’re playing: I feel like I’ve done a good turn if I can set a listener up with tickets.  I know I scrap—and I always will—when someone calls up with some fucked-up sense of ticket-entitlement, but when people play (whatever stupid game I’ve set-up) and win, it makes me happy.  Fun all around.  Yay! for new semesters!

Currently listening:

obscure as fuck
Songs From The Cross
By: Slap
Release Date: 1987


As for the astrological “weather” report, all week I tried to make time to write it up for tonight (nevermind I still haven’t data-entered the one I *did* write for last week), but it got away from me.  I even got up early this morning with the express intent to write tonight’s “weather” report, but for naught.  As Richard Thompson once asked, “Who knows where the time goes?” 

So, I shot straight from the hip. 

…with a little help from alabe.com, as always, but tonight that wasn’t so great, using that old reliable cheat, because the Mercury retrograde throws off their algorithm sometimes.  Like tonight.  It says Mercury is applying a trine to Saturn, but it’s not, because it will begin direct motion before the trine can technically apply, therefore, it’s *not* an occurring aspect; that is, it never can “apply”. Mercury *will* eventually trine Saturn in 2009, but not now, and not in Capricorn; it’ll be when Mercury rolls up in Taurus: Friday, April 17 20:51

OK, so the big, bad astro-weather news is the 2nd pass of the Saturn opposition to Uranus that takes place Thursday, February 5 at 5:56am EST, exacerbated by Venus’ square to Pluto that night at 11:24pm.  Trust me on this one.  It could be a *very* bad day… if you end up having a good/great/best-ever-in-your-whole-life day, then that’s awesome, but all this week heading up to, into, and through February 5, it would be wise to play it cool.  Low expectations, all that, and above all do *not* apply any assets that you want to keep towards any risky investments… in fact, risky or not, it’s not a good idea to invest even in secure ventures this week.  If you don’t mind losing something, then it’s not a big deal, but this is not a time to gamble with anything you want or need to keep.

NOTE: This cautionary dispatch is not limited to financial concerns.  Emotions, even intellectual thinking could be at stake.  There *is* a general lifting of hope, and alladat, due to the approaching solar conjunction with Neptune, but play it cool.

Valentine’s Day, things actually start to improve.  I know many people dread the social obligations of Valentine’s, but this year, it could be the fresh start of something good for everyone, despite and/or in spite of the greeting card industry’s holiday-legacy.  Starting 10:38 EST February 14, we’re looking at a full plate of highly constructive astrological aspects for several days.

As for the most immediate future, with the moon in Aries, overnight, through the weekend till Sunday afternoon 13:07, that provides for lively, fun for all…

Like last week, click da pale, pale pink if ya need to know when the moon’s void-of-course.

…while my derelict blogging continues.


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