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WXYC Friday, February 13, 2009 7-9pm

Five years ago, it was also Friday, 13 February.  I did a 7-9pm show that night, too.  Matt Danser (drummer for the Scaries) came up and visited during that show.

Tonight, it was just me, but we did get a fun call from a listener asking exactly what kind of music it was that WXYC played.  He called during the Jakob Kirkegaard piece, and I couldn’t resist putting the call on-air.  I know he was asking questions lots of listeners wonder about, and the Kirkegaard piece is characteristic of our weirder stuff, and very easy to talk over… so… impromptu call-in talkshow!

And there were other friendly calls, and an awesome request for Siouxsie and the Banshees for a bit of anti-V-day tunage.  It gave me a wonderful way to work in the final installment of my Stickdog/Human pledge, as the last tune on the Human album is “Bondage.”

Here’s the set list from tonight’s show:

13/2/9 19:00-21:00

I am more convinced than ever that it will be spring break before I’ve adjusted to the 2 hour show (vs. the 3 hour shows we do during breaks and over the summer).  I don’t know why I’m still struggling with this, this semester.  Regardless my current opinion, I have a tiny hope that next week I will be happily adjusted to the shorter shift… we’ll see.


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sleestakthe power of gemini a)
By: Sleestak
Release Date: August 26, 1997



I barely relied on alabe.com at all, tonight, so whaddaya know, I’m gonna go ahead and type in what I wrote up for our astrological weather report tonight!  First time in weeks, I know…

Here ’tis:

If you’re doing Valentine’s early for some reason—that is, tonight—you should have a wonderful evening. The moon finishes applying a sextile to Neptune at 22:40 (Applying moon sextile Neptune from alabe.com = “People display sensitivity and compassion now. Thoughts and conversation focus on the future. Feelings and intuition are behind choices and decisions.”), and then it applies a trine to the sun till 01:50 Saturday morning. The trine to the sun adds a lively vital, element to the end of the evening.

Tomorrow, from a lunar perspective, we’ll have a couple pitfalls to steer around.  There *is* a lunar void, as the moon transitions from Libra to Scorpio, but it’s only 4 minutes in duration, from 9:46 – 9:50am, so happily, we won’t have any real void-of-course complications on Valentine’s Day, because I think it should be pretty easy to steer around 4 minutes before 10am, ya know…

…after 3pm, however, and until nearly 2am Sunday morning, the moon in Scorpio applies a square to Mars in Aquarius, followed at 4am with a square to Jupiter (also in Aquarius). The moon square Mars, regardless the signs involved, ia always a time ripe for arguments.  Both of these planets are directly connected to some of our more primitive emotions: the moon to familial love, and sadness; Mars to sexual desire, and anger.  The square aspect connects them with friction and tension.  Just looking at the planets the moon is squaring—that is, Jupiter and Mars—arguments are more likely to stem from selfish acts and/or acts of over-indulgence.  Whether you’re on the giving or receiving end, try to keep that in mind.  The good news is that it’s temporal.  Sometimes moon-Mars events may feel like a huge deal in the moment, but within a day or two, they’re typically forgotten—unless it happens on a “special” day—so if you find yourself in such a situation on Valentine’s, take yourself out of the moment; remember the good things that brought you two together in the first place.  Since Mars is in Aquarius, there’s not so much danger of angry yelling as there is sad crying.  If you’re feeling your partner has somehow betrayed you, try to remember it may be more the rhythm of nature, in general, and not specifically your relationship, itself.

Like I said last week, we are in the midst of a very positive period, and if you adjust for the lunar stuff over this commercially-mandated day-of-romance, really, now is just a great time to participate in anything that involves love, partnership, law, beliefs, spirituality, medicine, communications… damned near any and everything.

Venus sextile Jupiter is an aspect during which love, art, beauty, and justice will grow and flourish.  Since it applies Monday, its effect is strong over the weekend.  Then Venus applies a sextile to Mars 4:30 Wednesday morning, so even if you *do* have a Valentine’s Day tiff, come Wednesday it’ll be resolved with warmth, a good kiss-and-make-up.

Regardless how Valentine’s goes, Sunday will be relaxed and calm.

For the rest of the week, if you’re seeking justice in a supreme court somewhere, or simply seeking justice, times couldn’t be better.  This is a great time for having ideas, communicating them clearly, and because of Mars’ activity over the next week or so (first conjunct Jupiter, then conjunct Neptune), things will actually get done.

By the time we get into March, things won’t be so fluid, so try to take advantage of this time while it’s here.  March won’t be awful, but the astrological aspects aren’t nearly as facile as they will be during this coming week.

(all times EST, given on a 24-hour clock):

Sun enters Pisces: Wednesday, February 18, 07:46
   Sun sextile Pluto: Saturday, February 21, 03:03

Mercury enters Aquarius: Saturday, February 14, 10:38
   Mercury conjunct Jupiter: Tuesday, February 24, 01:52

Venus sextile Jupiter: Monday, February 16, 23:46
   Venus sextile Mars: Wednesday, February 18, 04:31
      Venus retrograde: Friday, March 6, 12:16
         Venus sextile Jupiter: Wednesday, March 11, 08:34

Mars conjunct Jupiter: Tuesday, February 17, 11:27
   Mars conjunct Neptune: Sunday, March 8 08:50

Jupiter conjunct Neptune: Wednesday, May 27

Saturn opposition Uranus: Tuesday, September 15




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